Returns information about this specific MIB Object


key The API key of the API consumer.
vid The enterprise number
name The object name


Each response contains the following attributes:
Response Attributes
Name Description
status A status code, useful for determining success of the call. See status codes table.
versionApi An versionApi (Attribute), informing the caller which version of the API is being used
versionBuild An versionBuild (Attribute), informing the caller which build of the API is being used
reqId The reqId identifies the request (reserved for later use)
rspId The rspId identifies the response (reserved for later use)
name The name of the api call
mibName The name of the MIB
OID The OID (Object Identifier) for this object
objectDescription A description for the object
objectName The name of the object
objectType The integer type of object (ENUM)

Status codes

Code Description
0 Operation was successfull
1 General Error (Unknown)
2 Parameter not provided or in incorrect format
3 No account exists
4 No account exists for session
5 An API Key is required
6 API Key does not match caller domain.
7 API Key does not exist.
8 API called too many times.


XML Output:
JSON Output: