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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module HLSTS-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module HLSTS-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module HLSTS-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB HLSTS-MIB:
Objects: 150 OIDS: 138 Object Groups: 2
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 11 Tabulars: 86 Scalars/Other: 39
Object NameObject Identifier
hls hls
hlsSystem hlsSystem
hlsTsPlus hlsTsPlus
tsModel tsModel
tsPortControlTable tsPortControlTable
tsPortControlEntry tsPortControlEntry
controlIndex controlIndex
dsrControl dsrControl
dsrTimer dsrTimer
dtrControl dtrControl
dcdControl dcdControl
portReset portReset
listen listen
portIp portIp
cmdPrivTable cmdPrivTable
cmdPrivEntry cmdPrivEntry
cmdPrivIndex cmdPrivIndex
cmdPriv cmdPriv
memSize memSize
tsMessage tsMessage
resetButton resetButton
localDomain localDomain
primaryDnServer primaryDnServer
secondDnServer secondDnServer
netFilter netFilter
tsSlot tsSlot
v2UnitId v2UnitId
tsAliasTable tsAliasTable
tsAliasEntry tsAliasEntry
aliasCommand aliasCommand
commandString commandString
aliasType aliasType
secondaryRouter secondaryRouter
primTftpServer primTftpServer
secondTftpServer secondTftpServer
primTftpFileName primTftpFileName
secondTftpFileName secondTftpFileName
tftpRetranTimer tftpRetranTimer
portNumber portNumber
latServiceGroups latServiceGroups
tsSoftwareType tsSoftwareType
latKeepAliveTimer latKeepAliveTimer
latAnnounce latAnnounce
latRetranLimit latRetranLimit
latCircuitTimer latCircuitTimer
latMcastTimer latMcastTimer
tsLatServiceTable tsLatServiceTable
tsLatServiceEntry tsLatServiceEntry
latServiceName latServiceName
latServicePorts latServicePorts
latServiceDesc latServiceDesc
latServicePassword latServicePassword
latServiceQueue latServiceQueue
latServiceRating latServiceRating
latServiceType latServiceType
tsLatPrintQueueTable tsLatPrintQueueTable
tsLatPrintQueueEntry tsLatPrintQueueEntry
printQueueIndex printQueueIndex
printRequestedService printRequestedService
printRequestingNode printRequestingNode
printQueueType printQueueType
tsUserDirectoryTable tsUserDirectoryTable
tsUserDirectoryEntry tsUserDirectoryEntry
dirHostName dirHostName
dirEntryNumber dirEntryNumber
dirProtocolType dirProtocolType
dirHostAddress dirHostAddress
dirPortNumber dirPortNumber
dirType dirType
dirUserName dirUserName
tsDownloadProtocol tsDownloadProtocol
tsUserProfileTable tsUserProfileTable
tsUserProfileEntry tsUserProfileEntry
tsUserName tsUserName
tsUserPassword tsUserPassword
tsUserPfx tsUserPfx
tsUserPrivilege tsUserPrivilege
tsUserAuthGroup tsUserAuthGroup
tsUserEntryType tsUserEntryType
tsUserDirEntries tsUserDirEntries
tsDlpImage tsDlpImage
tsDipSwitch tsDipSwitch
tsPortCharTable tsPortCharTable
tsPortCharEntry tsPortCharEntry
charIndex charIndex
inputSpeed inputSpeed
outputSpeed outputSpeed
dataLength dataLength
parity parity
stopBits stopBits
inputFlowControl inputFlowControl
outputFlowControl outputFlowControl
tsPortIoTable tsPortIoTable
tsPortIoEntry tsPortIoEntry
ioIndex ioIndex
expand expand
eomCount eomCount
outputNewline outputNewline
newline newline
binary binary
echo echo
quiet quiet
autoBaud autoBaud
message message
eomChar eomChar
idleTimer idleTimer
tsPortSpecialTable tsPortSpecialTable
tsPortSpecialEntry tsPortSpecialEntry
specialIndex specialIndex
commandEscType commandEscType
commandSequence commandSequence
forward forward
backward backward
delete delete
ayt ayt
ao ao
interrupt interrupt
break break
inXon inXon
inXoff inXoff
outXon outXon
outXoff outXoff
tsPortAccessTable tsPortAccessTable
tsPortAccessEntry tsPortAccessEntry
accessIndex accessIndex
portPrompt portPrompt
termType termType
useage useage
authGroup authGroup
portName portName
localLogin localLogin
netLogin netLogin
autoConnect autoConnect
maxSession maxSession
defaultPriv defaultPriv
inactTimer inactTimer
preferred preferred
portDescription portDescription