SOLUTION SHEET: OiDViEW® TrapManager NRS (Noise Reduction System) for Large Enterprises, Telcos, and DataCenters.


Network noise unbearable ?

Is your notification system overloaded? Your inbox full?
Tired of staring at thousands of useless alarms on a screen?
Does it take too much time to find the most important events?

Let’s fix it! OiDViEW TrapManager NRS

can help by implementing Reduction and Smart Filtering of Excessive Network and
Alarm Noise BEFORE it gets to your main NOC tools and ticketing systems.

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Here’s how it works...

OiDViEW’s TrapManager NRS Technology

Enables Enterprises and Telcos to facilitate alarm monitoring, mediation, accumulation from multiple systems through a unique intermediary system utilizing proprietary filtering and deduplication techniques. The end result is that the target systems get higher quality information - thus minimizing the time for trouble ticket resolution, reducing OpEx for network operations and maintenance centers, and increasing customer satisfaction.

OiDViEW Trap Manager NRS Solution - Features and Benefits Summary
  • Incredibly fast trap deduplication engine capable of handling thousands of raw events each second
  • Collection, storage, and smart forwarding of alarms to single or multiple FCAPS, BSS, OSS, NMS, EMS systems
  • Ability to listen on multiple networks and apply advanced filtering and de-duplication methodologies
  • Increases customer satisfaction through improved service quality and availability
  • Can run as stand-alone or on the same system as management framework
  • Reduces OpEx for network operations and maintenance centers
  • Minimizes the time for trouble ticket resolution
Works With ...
  1. FCAPS frameworks
  2. NMS/ BSM / EMS
  3. BSS / OSS / DCIM
  1. HP OpenView
  2. CA Spectrum
  3. IBM Tivoli
  4. NetCool
  5. Entuity
  6. Solarwinds
  7. NCR Gasper
  8. ...and many more!