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How To: Forward SNMP Traps to multiple hosts with OidView/TMS

July 29th, 2009

Sometimes you will need to forward a trap to multiple hosts. This is very easy to do with Trap Manager. You can configure it through the OidView UI.

You can do this on a global or a per-filter level.

Global Forwarding (forward all traps that come in):

1. Start OidView and make sure it is connected to Trap Manager Service (TMS) by looking at the lower right hand corner for the green light.

2. Once OidView is connected go to Tools -> Options -> Trap Manager -> Forwarding -> Forward IP Address or Hostname. Specify the hosts using IP addresses or hostnames, with “,” in between each one.3. Then, to turn on forwarding, MAKE SURE the “Forward Traps” option is checked!

Per Filter Forwarding (forward traps that match a certain filter):

1. Right-click on the Trap, and click “Modify Filter”.

2. Once in the filter, click the “Forwarding” checkbox, and click the button to enter the hosts.

3. Enter up to four hosts to forward the trap to.

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How To: Send SNMP Traps with OidView

March 2nd, 2009


Very often we get asked how to send SNMP Traps with OidView or Trap Manager. There are a couple of different ways.


Method 1: Build a trap.

From the SNMP MIB Browser: If the MIB is loaded, you can find the trap in the browser, then right-click on it in the tree and choose “Send SNMP TRAP”. If it is a NOTIFICATION-TYPE then chances are it will ask you for the index values. Then the SNMP Dialog will come up and you can modify the trap accordingly.

From the Trap Manager: Click “Build Trap” on the Navigation Bar. Use the SNMP Dialog to create your custom trap.

Method 2: Simulate using a trap log

Capture some traps with Trap Manager from your device, but make sure the “LOG” button is checked. Then, click “Replay Log” and choose the log that was just written. Point it at any NMS you wish by typing in the IP address in the “Destination Address” dialog box that will pop up.

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