Trap Manager - Getting Started

What is Trap Manager?
Simple. Flexible. Powerful.
Components of Trap manager
The Trap Manager console is made up of five important pieces that make it easy
for you to create traps, filters, and notifications.
Set up a notifier profile
Notification profiles allow you to customize how and when you want to be notified in a specific event
(for example, if a filter is matched or a severity is matched).
Manage Notification Profiles
Create unlimited profiles in Trap Manager, with up to 5 different methods of notification for each profile (including email, SMS, and sending an SNMP trap).
How to use the notifier
Once set up, the Notifier gives a summary of the number/types of events that have been sent, plus a high-level listing of events-sent details.
Set and Manage Trap Filters
Trap Manager comes preloaded with over 11,000 Trap Filters! No more hours wasted customizing traps. Customers who wish to add their own filter can do so simply by compiling SNMP MIBs or manually creating them inside the Trap Filter Manager.
Filter Manager
Traps are identified, with severity and description is assigned to traps that matches those filter conditions when they come into the system. You can send an alert based on these filters after you have created a notification profile.
Managing Alarms
Clearing an alarm alerts personnel that this alarm is not valid anymore. Once alarms are deleted they are purged by the system on a set schedule.
With these easy tips, you can get started using Trap Manager
Simple. Flexible. Powerful.
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