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SNMP Trap Manager Overview

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OiDViEW SNMP Trap Manager is a fault management and SNMP TRAP Receiver and analysis tool that captures SNMP information such as Traps, Notifications, and Informs sent from various agents and devices on a computer network. Trap Manager is capable of handling thousands of traps each second, logging and storing millions of alarms. For more information on why SNMP Traps are important, please see our article on Fault Management.

Following are some of the more popular uses for Trap Manager:

  • Trap Noise Reduction for 3rd-party NMS like HPOV, Spectrum, NetCool, etc.
  • Trap Forwarding (Single Host) - TMS only, OiDViEW Pro/Ent not supported
  • Trap Exploding (Multiple Hosts) - TMS only, OiDViEW Pro/Ent not supported
  • Trap De-duplication and Filtering
  • Trap Collection, Analysis and Storage
  • Comprehensive Fault Management System
  • Debugging of SNMP Traps

OiDViEW Trap Manager is based on a client-server architecture and consists of a SERVICE (Trap Manager Service) and a CLIENT (Trap Console). The applications will run on most Microsoft Windows operating systems. ByteSphere additionally has the core Trap Manager technology built into the JaguarSX IT Monitoring platform, which runs on nearly any operating system, including Linux, Solaris, OSX and Windows.

The OiDViEW Trap Management Service (TMS) is incredibly powerful, versatile fault manager and de-duplication engine and offers many features not found in even the top Fault Management solutions. TMS uses standard SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 protocols to decode packets from devices on the network (e.g. routers, switches, printers, servers, probes).

The OiDViEW Trap Console offers an easy way to view traps, alarms, and faults on local or remote machines. Because TMS can run as a service, there is no need to administer the console locally, so an engineer can make changes or review alams remotely using OiDViEW Trap Manager Console. Additionally, the console uses our patented MIBAcquire technology to download and install MIBs when an Alarm is not known by the system.

Following are just some of Trap Manager's features:

  • Out of the box support for over 11,000 different events
  • Monitor and administer local or remote TMS installations
  • Runs as a windows service, maximizing uptime
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Powerful Deduplication of Alarms
  • Accepts Secure SNMPv3 Notifications
  • Alerting and Notification through the Notifier
  • Automatic clearing of traps using condition matching
  • Customization of Trap Filters
  • Dynamic assignment of severities
  • One-Touch administration via OiDViEW UI
  • Forwarding of Traps to Multiple Managers (globally or per filter)
  • Log all incoming alarms to text files
  • Variety of display options
  • AutoStatus daemon
  • Highly Customizable
Trap Manager allows complete filter customization, showing the available filters loaded into memory in a hierarchical tree-like structure, with the filter object represented by the top-level node and Conditions nested underneath. Filters allow alarms to be classified and acted upon in numerous ways. Alarms can be categorized into buckets, assigned severities, notification profiles, etc. OiDViEW comes with a pre-loaded trap filter configuration file "out of the box" with pre-set filters for generic events, as well as alarms from both Cisco and Juniper network gear.