Sometimes when debugging issues it will be necessary to determine which queries are being sent to the database from the Web UI. Since the Jaguar web UI is completely written in PHP, you will have to modify a PHP text file located in the web directory. Lectmichaboleaz Here are some simple steps you can use to turn on logging.

1. Delete the www/bytesphere/logs/queries.log.

Deleting this file will allow us to focus on any newly logged queries and will remove the old ones.

2. Edit the www/bytesphere/includes/dbFunctions.php file

Inside this file is a function called mysql_query_wrapper. In there you must change the debug_on flag to 1.

Change the line:

 $debug_on = 0;

to the following:

 $debug_on = 1;

3. Save dbFunctions.php

Make sure after you save the file it has truly been updated. Especially double-check this on unix systems, as the file may be read-only.

4. Reproduce the issue!

Now that we have logging enabled, you can go ahead and reproduce the issue, so the queries will be logged into the queries.log file.

5. Retrieve the www/bytesphere/logs/queries.log file

Once you have sufficiently reproduced the problem, ZIP up the log file and email it to support.