Sometimes we will need to get a log file to determine what is going on with Trap Manager. Since this is a windows application, we will need to modify a windows environment variable in order to activate the debugging process. To learn how to create environment variables, please see the “How To” post for environment variables or

1. Create the following environment variables

In the Environment variables section, create the following SYSTEM variables with the following values:


Remember with Trap Manager you must create SYSTEM variables, not USER because the Trap Manager process runs as a windows service and assumes the system role.

2. Restart the Computer

Remember with Trap Manager that you must restart the computer, so when the service restarts it will be able to come up in debug mode. Only then does it take effect. Now, make the problem happen. At this point, a log should have been created in the OidView main directory, named trapmanager.debug.log.

3. Turn off debugging

To turn off debugging, simply remove the variables that you created or set the values to OFF and 0, respectively.