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Lastest MIB Updates

Cisco Systems12/27/11
Juniper Networks/Unisphere11/09/11
Juniper Systems11/09/11

Most Popular MIBs

1. ciscoSystems
2. Hewlett-Packard
3. net-snmp
4. U.C. Davis, ECE Dept. Tom
5. Microsoft
6. LAN Manager
7. Foundry Networks, Inc.
8. Compaq
9. Dell Inc.
10. Lannet Company
11. Printer Working Group
12. Fortinet, Inc.
13. VMware Inc.
14. 3Com
15. NetScreen Technologies, Inc.
17. Lexmark International
18. IBM
19. Novell
20. Linksys
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Most Wanted MIBs!

If you have any of the following MIBs please take the time to contribute and upload them to our database

  • Printer MIBS (All vendors)
  • Energy/Power related MIBS (All vendors)

MIB Uploads

Are you a vendor that wants us to post your MIBs? Are you a user that wants us to post MIBs that are either updated or not on our site at all? Well, you've come to the right place! Feel free to upload your MIBs, as long as they are not already on our website.

Please note that we do not publish confidential or proprietary MIBs (those with such notices at the top of the ASN.1 file), nor do we guarantee to publish all MIBs that are uploaded to us. Unlike other MIB repositories, all MIBs must be compiled completely and successfully with OidView before being posted. Also, please wait at least one week before expecting to see your MIBs posted. We do major postings once a month, but often post on a weekly basis if we receive enough submissions. Our Registered Customers have precedence over all other users. Become a Registered Customer Now!

Please ZIP all MIBs and make sure that the size of the ZIP file is less than 4 MEGS.

Product(s) MIBs are designed for
Vendor Name for MIBS
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