This is the MIB module MAU-MIB from Standards / RFCs. This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module MAU-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module MAU-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module MAU-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB MAU-MIB:
Objects: 125 OIDS: 117 Object Groups: 15
Traps: 0 Notifications: 2 Notification Groups: 2
Tables: 6 Tabulars: 44 Scalars/Other: 48
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Object NameObject Identifier
snmpDot3MauMgt snmpDot3MauMgt
snmpDot3MauTraps snmpDot3MauTraps
rpMauJabberTrap rpMauJabberTrap
ifMauJabberTrap ifMauJabberTrap
dot3RpMauBasicGroup dot3RpMauBasicGroup
rpMauTable rpMauTable
rpMauEntry rpMauEntry
rpMauGroupIndex rpMauGroupIndex
rpMauFalseCarriers rpMauFalseCarriers
rpMauPortIndex rpMauPortIndex
rpMauIndex rpMauIndex
rpMauType rpMauType
rpMauStatus rpMauStatus
rpMauMediaAvailable rpMauMediaAvailable
rpMauMediaAvailableStateExits rpMauMediaAvailableStateExits
rpMauJabberState rpMauJabberState
rpMauJabberingStateEnters rpMauJabberingStateEnters
rpJackTable rpJackTable
rpJackEntry rpJackEntry
rpJackIndex rpJackIndex
rpJackType rpJackType
dot3IfMauBasicGroup dot3IfMauBasicGroup
ifMauTable ifMauTable
ifMauEntry ifMauEntry
ifMauIfIndex ifMauIfIndex
ifMauTypeList ifMauTypeList
ifMauDefaultType ifMauDefaultType
ifMauAutoNegSupported ifMauAutoNegSupported
ifMauTypeListBits ifMauTypeListBits
ifMauIndex ifMauIndex
ifMauType ifMauType
ifMauStatus ifMauStatus
ifMauMediaAvailable ifMauMediaAvailable
ifMauMediaAvailableStateExits ifMauMediaAvailableStateExits
ifMauJabberState ifMauJabberState
ifMauJabberingStateEnters ifMauJabberingStateEnters
ifMauFalseCarriers ifMauFalseCarriers
ifJackTable ifJackTable
ifJackEntry ifJackEntry
ifJackIndex ifJackIndex
ifJackType ifJackType
dot3BroadMauBasicGroup dot3BroadMauBasicGroup
broadMauBasicTable broadMauBasicTable
broadMauBasicEntry broadMauBasicEntry
broadMauIfIndex broadMauIfIndex
broadMauIndex broadMauIndex
broadMauXmtRcvSplitType broadMauXmtRcvSplitType
broadMauXmtCarrierFreq broadMauXmtCarrierFreq
broadMauTranslationFreq broadMauTranslationFreq
dot3MauType dot3MauType
dot3MauTypeAUI dot3MauTypeAUI
dot3MauType10BaseTHD dot3MauType10BaseTHD
dot3MauType10BaseTFD dot3MauType10BaseTFD
dot3MauType10BaseFLHD dot3MauType10BaseFLHD
dot3MauType10BaseFLFD dot3MauType10BaseFLFD
dot3MauType100BaseT4 dot3MauType100BaseT4
dot3MauType100BaseTXHD dot3MauType100BaseTXHD
dot3MauType100BaseTXFD dot3MauType100BaseTXFD
dot3MauType100BaseFXHD dot3MauType100BaseFXHD
dot3MauType100BaseFXFD dot3MauType100BaseFXFD
dot3MauType100BaseT2HD dot3MauType100BaseT2HD
dot3MauType10Base5 dot3MauType10Base5
dot3MauType100BaseT2FD dot3MauType100BaseT2FD
dot3MauType1000BaseXHD dot3MauType1000BaseXHD
dot3MauType1000BaseXFD dot3MauType1000BaseXFD
dot3MauType1000BaseLXHD dot3MauType1000BaseLXHD
dot3MauType1000BaseLXFD dot3MauType1000BaseLXFD
dot3MauType1000BaseSXHD dot3MauType1000BaseSXHD
dot3MauType1000BaseSXFD dot3MauType1000BaseSXFD
dot3MauType1000BaseCXHD dot3MauType1000BaseCXHD
dot3MauType1000BaseCXFD dot3MauType1000BaseCXFD
dot3MauType1000BaseTHD dot3MauType1000BaseTHD
dot3MauTypeFoirl dot3MauTypeFoirl
dot3MauType1000BaseTFD dot3MauType1000BaseTFD
dot3MauType10Base2 dot3MauType10Base2
dot3MauType10BaseT dot3MauType10BaseT
dot3MauType10BaseFP dot3MauType10BaseFP
dot3MauType10BaseFB dot3MauType10BaseFB
dot3MauType10BaseFL dot3MauType10BaseFL
dot3MauType10Broad36 dot3MauType10Broad36
dot3IfMauAutoNegGroup dot3IfMauAutoNegGroup
ifMauAutoNegTable ifMauAutoNegTable
ifMauAutoNegEntry ifMauAutoNegEntry
ifMauAutoNegAdminStatus ifMauAutoNegAdminStatus
ifMauAutoNegCapAdvertisedBits ifMauAutoNegCapAdvertisedBits
ifMauAutoNegCapReceivedBits ifMauAutoNegCapReceivedBits
ifMauAutoNegRemoteFaultAdvertised ifMauAutoNegRemoteFaultAdvertised
ifMauAutoNegRemoteFaultReceived ifMauAutoNegRemoteFaultReceived
ifMauAutoNegRemoteSignaling ifMauAutoNegRemoteSignaling
ifMauAutoNegConfig ifMauAutoNegConfig
ifMauAutoNegCapability ifMauAutoNegCapability
ifMauAutoNegCapAdvertised ifMauAutoNegCapAdvertised
ifMauAutoNegCapReceived ifMauAutoNegCapReceived
ifMauAutoNegRestart ifMauAutoNegRestart
ifMauAutoNegCapabilityBits ifMauAutoNegCapabilityBits
mauMod mauMod
mauModConf mauModConf
mauModCompls mauModCompls
mauModRpCompl mauModRpCompl
mauModIfCompl mauModIfCompl
mauModIfCompl2 mauModIfCompl2
mauModRpCompl2 mauModRpCompl2
mauModObjGrps mauModObjGrps
mauRpGrpBasic mauRpGrpBasic
mauIfGrpAutoNeg2 mauIfGrpAutoNeg2
mauIfGrpAutoNeg1000Mbps mauIfGrpAutoNeg1000Mbps
mauRpGrp100Mbs mauRpGrp100Mbs
mauRpGrpJack mauRpGrpJack
mauIfGrpBasic mauIfGrpBasic
mauIfGrp100Mbs mauIfGrp100Mbs
mauIfGrpJack mauIfGrpJack
mauIfGrpAutoNeg mauIfGrpAutoNeg
mauBroadBasic mauBroadBasic
mauIfGrpHighCapacity mauIfGrpHighCapacity
mauModNotGrps mauModNotGrps
rpMauNotifications rpMauNotifications
ifMauNotifications ifMauNotifications
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