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Hello! We're the OiDViEW team.

We stick to the belief that IT Monitoring should be simple, flexible, and powerful.

Our products enable IT managers, developers and CIOs to overcome their network monitoring challenges using tools that are as intuitive as they are functional. We specialize in Global IT Management and Network Monitoring solutions, and we are proud to be the world's leading provider of SNMP-enabled network administration and testing tools. From our OiDViEW SaaS product offering automatically updated MIB browser in the cloud, to our JaguarSX Console - a state of the art enterprise-level IT monitoring, alerting and reporting system - we cover all of your IT management needs.

Furthermore, our monitoring solutions provide a holistic approach to IT management, addressing NMS consolidation. This removes the need for an organization to use multiple network management toolsets from more than one vendor, which in turn, translates into huge cost savings benefits and an immediate ROI.

Taking a look at JaguarSX, our next-generation network monitoring solution - it can easily, quickly, and affordably address customer needs for IT management and monitoring. Jaguar's monitoring and polling technology is years ahead of the competition with several patents pending, allowing it to easily scale from a SMB installation all the way to the largest telecom - on one server! The system is also easy to extend allowing quick adaptation to new environments and easy ROI for resellers and integrators.


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