IT Monitoring Network Monitoring JaguarSX is a revolutionary next-generation IT Monitoring and Network Reporting platform that uses a combination of patent-pending software engines to collect, analyze, correlate, and report on current, historical and even predicted events in your network. JaguarSX comes in several editions.

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Realtime & Historical Reporting - With Jaguar you can look at realtime, live and historical charts, side by side, from any time period or dataset.

Realtime Network Monitoring Intelligence - Jaguar tells you what's going on in your IT infrastructure, in realtime! Other systems will only alert after some pre-defined waiting period and may miss brown-outs or simply report too late after your service or network is already down!

Thresholding and Alerting - Jaguar can alert you when something is not performing properly according to custom defined thresholds, for literally any metric, value, and baseline.

Trending and Capacity Planning - Run historical reports on elements in your network to determine how things have changed over time... then easily determine how you will need to plan going forward.

IT Monitoring

Jaguar Realtime Web UI - Create custom pages for any user including realtime and historical charts, map and event widgets. For more screenshots please click here.

Runs on any platform - Since Jaguar is based on open-source technologies and the engine is 100% Java, it can basically run anywhere, no matter what your environment..

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