JaguarSX Screenshots

JaguarSX has a background monitoring process, an easy-to-use native console application (versions available for all operating systems) - and a fully customizable web-based user interface, allowing one to create custom views, create custom reports, and monitor the IT infrastructure all with just a couple of clicks. Here are just a couple examples of the things you can do with Jaguar SX.
Login Screen

Web-UI Login Screen - Jaguar's WEB-based UI handles not only multiple users, but multiple languages as well. Proxy logins supported for admins.
Jaguar Desktop

Jaguar Desktop - Your WEB desktop is your working space where you configure the system, launch dashboards,
and view status displays.
Create Custom Dashboards

Create Custom Dashboards - Create as many customized dashboards as you need, clone for other users or user profiles.
Mixed Dashboard Content

Mixed Dashboard Content - Your dashboard can show mixed content, including Events, Charts, Maps, and more.
Navigator Events

Navigator Events View - Shows overall events in the system. Also available are customized views for Traps, Syslog, etc.
Navigator Hosts

Navigator Hosts View - Shows a list of hosts discovered and being monitored. Also available by Group, Subnet, Vendor.
Host Monitors

Host Monitors View - Shows a list of monitored elements for the selected Host Device.
Host Events

Host Events View - Shows a list of alert events trigged by the selected Host Device.
Host Monitors

Realtime Quickview - Drilling down on an element gives you a historical or realtime quickview of monitored objects.
Host Events

Customized Alerting - Alert on any object over any threshold or time period. Visual, Email, and Audio alerts.
Jaguar Console

Jaguar API - If you prefer working from command line,
work from the CLI using the API interface
Discover Progress

Discover Progress Manager - Monitor the discovery progress or cancel the running job. Queue, review and delete scheduled discovery jobs.
Jaguar Console

Jaguar Native Console UI - Jaguar's easy to use native console UI, where you can tell at a glance how everything is running.
Discover Profiles

Discover Profiles Manager - Save multiple profiles for discovering your network including different protocols, IP ranges, community strings, passwords, etc.