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SNMP MIB Browser is a core system module and comes installed with OiDViEW Professional.

SNMP MIB Browser Overview

OiDViEW SNMP MIB Browser is a network management analysis tool that uses SNMP communication to talk to various agents and devices on a computer network. OiDViEW MIB Browser will run on any Windows operating system. It uses standard SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3, protocols to manage any SNMP capable device on the network (e.g. routers, switches, printers, servers, probes, etc).

Using OiDViEW's SNMP MIB Browser, field, network or support engineers and analysts can easily load standard and proprietary MIB files, view and manipulate data available in an SNMP agent by browsing MIBs and performing other SNMP management operations. MIB Browser can also analyze SNMP mibwalk files from multiple vendors! No other MIB Browser can do this!
ByteSphere's patented MIBSenseTM and MIBAcquireTM technologies revolutionize the MIB Browsing experience! Our agent recognition code will automatically determine the correct vendor for the SNMP agent, and then download and install any available enterprise MIBs for that vendor. OiDViEW will then determine which MIBs are needed to manage the SNMP agent, and load them at will. Enterprise MIBs are precompiled and reside on ByteSphere's website. With over 500,000 MIB objects in our online library, it gives OiDViEW automatic access to the largest commercial MIB database in the world!

Have it all at your fingertips!
MIB Tree representation, Agent OID/Value responses, searchable MIB variable grids, and MIB variable definition detail windows are all readily available on the same screen (unlike most other MIB browsers)! View layout can be modified to fit any user's needs. Clicking on a MIB variable or OID in any section of the screen automatically causes all other sections to update. MIB definitions are automatically parsed and presented in the MIB Info panel, while values are translated according to the MIB definition and presented in the LiveGrid. The data output in the LiveGrid can be sorted, grouped, and manipulated in many different ways, making OiDViEW MIB Browser the most powerful and versatile analysis tool in the industry in it's class.

MIB Variable Memory - OiDViEW remembers which MIB variables were present and which were missing (or not yet queried), for each distinct session, until a MIB Browsing session is "unloaded". A session stays "loaded" in the database until you remove it from the list of open sessions - regardless of whether you exit OiDViEW MIB Browser or restart your computer! This includes all MIBs that were loaded for that particular MIB Browsing session as well. OiDViEW also remembers where the analysis session last left off, and how the screen was configured. No other MIB Browser has these capabilities!