SNMP PDU Sniffer

SNMP PDU Sniffer is a system module and comes with OiDViEW Enterprise.

PDU Sniffer Overview

No sniffer compares for SNMP PDUs*. Designed solely with SNMP in mind, the PDUtrace module decodes the PDUs and displays them according to the BER (Basic Encoding Rules). Simultaneously see the PDU down to any detail in decoded, HEX, and ASCII format. Click on any area in any window (for example, HEX or ASCII), and OiDViEW will automatically find the corresponding area in the decode tree.

PDU Sniffer Screenshot
  • Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3
  • See ALL levels of the PDU and Varbinds
  • Capture any SNMP PDU sent or received
  • Extensive PDU searching functionality
  • Save PDU traces to capture files or detail files
  • Load PDU traces from capture files

Search within captured PDUs

Searching for a Needle in a Haystack? OiDViEW's PDUtrace module can search for specific ASN.1 BER Tags, OIDs, Values, even abberant behavior in the PDU and encoded Varbinds (e.g. decrementing counters). Perform multi-faceted, sequential searches with different search criteria to narrow down desired result sets. If searching for specific values, use simple arithmetic comparison operators like less than, greater than, and equal to.

  • Multi-TAG search (supports all valid BER TAGs for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c)
  • Search for any OID in the Varbinds
  • Zero-in on Values by using comparison operators
  • Color PDUs that match or hide PDUs that do not match
  • Choose to match ALL or ANY of the selected search criteria
  • Apply filter to selected packets or all packets
  • Search for version mismatches (v2c TAGs in v1 PDUs)
  • Search for Type/Value discrepancies (e.g. Counters decrementing)