Real-time SNMP MIB Poller

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SNMP MIB Poller is a core system module and comes installed with OiDViEW Professional.

PLEASE NOTE: This module is designed to look at a small number of devices in detail for debugging or troubleshooting purposes. In the case of large scale SNMP MIB Polling, Monitoring for use in Alerting, Reporting, and/or Management, please see JaguarSX.

MIB Poller Overview

Poll, Chart, Log OID Values in Real Time. Designed to zero-in on problems and aberrant data, the OiDViEW SNMP MIB Poller can capture and view data values at any interval ranging from split second polling (as many polls as the agent will handle), to one poll a minute. This is a fantastic tool for Engineers, Network Admins and Ops trying to find and document SNMP Agent issues.

Some SNMP MIB Poller highlights include:

  • Polls Counters, Gauges, Strings
  • Chart raw values or deltas
  • Bandwidth utilization charts - get an instant display of utilization.
  • Log polled data to a CSV file, view in a spreadsheet
  • Trace polled PDUs and analyze later
  • Normalized Distribution - quickly determine which OID values are
    increasing or decreasing compared to their counterparts, and how much.
  • Counter Wrap/Decrement - visual and logged alerts when counters are
    going backwards! This is useful in testing SNMP agent implementations.

Customizable Charting Display

OiDViEW supports 27 different types of 2D or 3D graphs and charts, and will graph data over any interval from 15 seconds to a five minute time period. In addition, the system will graph data from different variables over multiple axes and display combinations of different series types (e.g. area and line and bar), on the same graph! Use markers to pinpoint specific data points, and choose manual or automatic axis ranges. There is also a chart wizard that will help you to create your charts. After you are happy with your chart configuration, you can save it to a file and load it later. Complete control over data display is attainable - no other SNMP Tool out there can provide this level of flexibility.

Interactive Display

Cells are highlighted when values change to provide easy update recognition. Easily select which variables should be graphed, logged, and PDU traced. Manually select the Units by double-clicking in the cell and selecting OCTETS, CELLS or FRAMES. Manually select Frame Size as well if desired. Calculations are adjusted accordingly.

Real Time Statistics

For you propellerheads out there, OiDViEW can poll variables and not only plot instant values but also several statistics associated with those values. All statistics are automatically calculated on the fly. Graph the Maximum, Minimum, Mean, Standard Deviation, Regression for each individual variable using a variety of line styles and colors.