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How To: Send SNMP Traps with OidView

March 2nd, 2009


Very often we get asked how to send SNMP Traps with OidView or Trap Manager. There are a couple of different ways.


Method 1: Build a trap.

From the SNMP MIB Browser: If the MIB is loaded, you can find the trap in the browser, then right-click on it in the tree and choose “Send SNMP TRAP”. If it is a NOTIFICATION-TYPE then chances are it will ask you for the index values. Then the SNMP Dialog will come up and you can modify the trap accordingly.

From the Trap Manager: Click “Build Trap” on the Navigation Bar. Use the SNMP Dialog to create your custom trap.

Method 2: Simulate using a trap log

Capture some traps with Trap Manager from your device, but make sure the “LOG” button is checked. Then, click “Replay Log” and choose the log that was just written. Point it at any NMS you wish by typing in the IP address in the “Destination Address” dialog box that will pop up.

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How To: Fix a corrupt MySQL database

December 24th, 2008

Occassionally one or more tables in the database becomes corrupt. Fixing it is usually simple. Always be sure to make periodic backups of your database, just in case these tools do not work.

To test your database for corruption, issue the following command. You can include a table name at the end to just check a specific table, if desired:

mysqlcheck -u {USERNAME} {DATABASE} [TABLE]


C:\mysql5.0.45\bin>mysqlcheck -u root bytesphere alerts
warning  : 19 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
error    : Found key at page 339968 that points to record outside datafile
error    : Corrupt

To fix it, make sure the system is shut down and not connected to it, then issue the following command including the -r switch to repair:

mysqlcheck -r -u {USERNAME} {DATABASE} [TABLE]


C:\mysql5.0.45\bin>mysqlcheck -r -u root bytesphere alerts
bytesphere.alerts                                  OK

Here we see that the mysql tool has fixed the alerts table. Now you can start up your application and attend to business as usual.

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