Fault Management Tools

            One of the most powerful, versatile Fault Management tools offered today is just a few clicks away, downloadable from ByteSphere’s website. They recently released an easy to use SNMP Trap console that is capable of acting like a central fault management system, a trap forwarding node, or even as a development tool. Traps, notifications, and informs can be processed and recorded with ease as it supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. The system is capable of receiving thousands of traps each second, as well as recording millions of events. These events are stored in a database, allowing the user to manage them at any time. For display, events are listed in a grid, easily sorted by many different parameters like source IP address, severity, acknowledged or cleared status, community string, SNMP version, generic and specific type, Trap OID, etc.

            OidView Trap Manager has powerful de-duplication technology, silencing excess noise generated by a single device or from a specific set of events; in some instances thousands of traps can be displayed as a single event (the receive count will be incremented and displayed in the grid). This type of technology previously could only be found on incredibly expensive fault management solutions but now it is available in an affordable, “off the shelf”, easy to use software package.

            OidView has hundreds of pre-defined filters based on generic traps and custom traps from several large, popular vendors. These “out-of-the-box” vendor definitions include Cisco, Juniper, and some IBM devices. OidView Trap Manager also comes with an intuitive tree-based GUI that allows the user to easily create custom filters based on a variety of different values that can be pulled out of the SNMP trap (e.g. trap address, variable bindings, community string, etc.). Each filter can be defined with a default severity (i.e. is this a minor, major, critical event?), and a default bucket (e.g. is this trap from my edge routers or from the core?). The system allows multiple “conditions” to be created for each filter, allowing for incredibly complex trap matching. In addition, each condition has the ability to change the severity of a trap or even clear it altogether.

            Overall, the OidView Trap Manager is a feature-rich, powerful and cost-effective fault management solution, with an affordable licensing model based on the number of IPs in the network to be monitored. Check out OidView today.