Broadband and End of Line IT Management

As the explosion of broadband continues, the need to monitor the "end-of-line" grows.
The key is to know when the service starts to decline, BEFORE faults occur and subscribers are out of service.

With the number of providers growing who offer triple play and some starting to offer quadruple play it has become necessary to monitor the device providing this service at the home or office. Having visibility from the core part of the network out to where the service is terminated allows providers to see the end to end (ETE) view of the network. It is with this ETE view providers are able to pinpoint where the cause of service degradation or outage has occurred as well as see who is affected by this change in service. In today’s world of voice, video, and data all being delivered on the same connection have different characteristics as they travel through a network. Each places its own hardship on the network which provides these services. Voice for instance is mostly affected by jitter, when there is too much jitter in the network a call will sound choppy and incomplete. On the other hand packet loss will have an affect on the video and data services. Having a performance solution which can pin point which of these services is having issues before the end user and then identify the node causing the problem is key for any provider. JaguarSX uses a combination of thresholds, alerts, and reporting to help you to determine the cause of the issue in your network. Having the ability to monitor the end of line devices will save money on technical support, troubleshooting, service calls. This is done by correlating the data collected from these end of line devices with the core part of the network to identify issues before customers do. The number of monitoring solutions that can actively and accurately monitor and alert on millions of end of line devices is limited to one.

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