ByteSphere Partners

ByteSphere recognizes the following partners in the IT Management and Services Community

Technology Partners

Symphion, Inc A Dallas Texas based commercial software development firm manufacturing standards based tools that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of information technology. The tools are based on standards such as ITIL, CMDB, SNMP and WMI in the areas of CMDB automatic population of configuration and asset management information. IT Made Easier with Symphion.

Solutions Partners

Lecentra delivers the full range of application outsourcing, technical support, quality assurance, and enterprise consulting services. Lecentra combines technical excellence and business consulting experience to create technology solutions that achieve challenging business goals.

HanoverSoft is a leading provider of consulting and monitoring technology assessment services for CIO and Enterprise Architecture groups. Their consultants review and ensure compliance with respect to FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) management disciplines. Use their online assessment needs checker to see if you need a monitoring technology assessment.

Orbis Integrated Solutions is a business consulting and technology services firm that plans, designs, implements, and manages information technology to improve business performance for our clients. Orbis' principal drive is to work closely with our global clients to collaboratively deliver the best possible solutions to our customers. Orbis' collaborative model combined with industry, design, technology, and process expertise, allow clients to arrive at higher quality solutions faster and more cost-effectively. More information about Orbis can be found at