Quality Of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) classifies traffic and assigns priority to different users, applications, or data flows, to guarantee a certain level of performance. Quality of Service is used to offer the best service and/or performance possible, especially when specific service-level-agreements (SLAs), need to be maintained. Also, technologies such as voice over IP (VOIP), and IP-TV benefit as they are delay sensitive.

Monitoring QoS is not simple, but at ByteSphere we believe that being able to monitor and report on how traffic is flowing in your QoS-enabled network is critical. Our QoS solution has a leg up on the competition, as we are able to slice and dice the collected data in several interesting ways. Contrast and compare QoS traffic per interface and per service policy, as well as class utilization distributions per service policy and per device. We fully support both Cisco CLASS-BASED-QOS and Juniper QoS (both J and E-Series routers). For QoS support on other devices, please submit a certification request.

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