Activation Key Center - Transfer License

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Use this form to reissue a OidView 4.0 license to another computer.

Make sure you have installed the latest version of OidView (currently 4.x),
before you attempt to transfer your license.

If your request is for an upgrade please use the upgrade request form.
If your request is for an older version, please use the archive request form.

Original Order#:
Email Address:

Transfer Information:
e.g. 945F-3DDF
e.g. A33F-22DD

HELP! What if I don't remember my OLD HARDWARE-ID?

Don't worry, you can quickly retrieve it from our servers by entering the original email address and ORDER# above, clicking on the checkbox below, and then pressing SUBMIT. We will send any HARDWARE-IDs currently registered to the email address and ORDER# specified. You can then use it on this form to transfer your license to your new computer.


Send KEY in ZIP file:
Default is YES. Uncheck to send KEY as a raw, unzipped attachment if your company's mailserver blocks mail with ZIP attachments.