OiDViEW launches public BETA program

Jaguar 4.5 public BETA Released by Boston Tech Startup OiDViEW

We are seeking Beta Testers for our new Realtime Desktop UI designed for Network Management, IT and BIG Data Gurus

Boston, MA., September 10, 2012 -- You will surely agree that IT Monitoring should be simple, flexible, and powerful. Our hope is that you find our software to be just that; simple yet absolute. We truly value your business, and hope that you will continue to rely on Bytesphere for all of your IT needs. The latest version of Jaguar SX, v. 4.5- the most cost-effective, ultra-scalable and easily customized NMS of its kind -- is about to be released. It is based on a novel software engine able to provide unparalleled scalability, speed, a highly flexible and easily customized reporting UI, plus a host of other features designed for your convenience, all within a surprisingly small footprint. To that end, before making a general product announcements, we have decided to offer a public beta test to assist us in confirming the performance of this latest version of Jaguar by offering a 30 day beta site evaluation (it may be extended if necessary). We will provide all install information, license keys and full technical support to the participants.

At the end of the evaluation period, the beta participants will own a full license for 100 hosts* for JaguarSX v. 4.5 (a $3500 value), or if you already have a license of Jaguar v. 4, will be given an additional 100 host license for FREE. If you are willing to join us in our beta, please call us at 617-475-5209 or contact us here.

The beta-test starts this week -- so please reply at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your time and consideration, hope we'll be hearing from you soon!

Nick Saparoff,
Chief Technical Officer

* The license will be for 100 hosts and does not include annual maintenance or upgrades after the first 12 months. For more information please see our website Jaguar Sales

About OiDViEW
OiDViEW is network management software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The tech company provides a holistic approach to IT monitoring, addressing NMS consolidation and removing the need for an organization to use multiple network management tools from more than one vendor. The IT management company focuses on building product that are simple, flexible, and powerful. For more information visit www.oidview.com or call +1 (617) 475-5209.