IT monitoring platform helps companies to cut project deployment time by months, even years

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Jaguar SX opens new possibilities... right now.

For immediate release, Boston, MA., September 19, 2012 --
Consider what the Jaguar SX ultra-scalable and extensible Monitor Engine (SXME) can do for your business. With the most advanced, fastest and most scalable automated data collection software framework, SXME can be used by itself or integrated with any 3d party NMS, BI, reporting or dashboard system to provide efficient data collection, sorting and delivery to your data and reporting sources. Your engineering team can readily customize and extend these metrics to meet your specific requirements. (Our technical staff can help, too, if necessary). Data sampling can be done with any of a variety of protocols and polling frequency can go down to 100 millisecond intervals. Information and data can be displayed, automatically exported or shared with 3rd party applications for MBTF reporting, capacity planning, and other functions limited only by your needs and imagination. Key to Jaguar SXME performance is a patented architecture – utilizing a very small, configurable footprint -- that permits polling of millions of network elements on the same server, in a 5 minute window.

Key features of the Jaguar SX Monitor engine include:
  • Ultra-scalable multi-threaded architecture
  • 3rd party integration via XML or Web services API
  • Push and pull data collection models supported
  • More than 100 API method calls supported
  • Multiple Database support (MySQL, SQL server, and more)
  • Supports a variety of transport mechanisms
  • Extensible via XML, DB, API or custom Java classes
  • Unlimited polling frequencies and schedules
  • Northbound and southbound interfaces
  • Wide range of protocols (SNMPv3, WBEM etc.)
  • Runs on all common platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
  • Embedded or external database
  • Embedded or external web interface
  • Full documentation and code samples

To learn more about Jaguar, visit or call +1 (617) 475-5209.

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OiDViEW is network management software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The tech company provides a holistic approach to IT monitoring, addressing NMS consolidation and removing the need for an organization to use multiple network management tools from more than one vendor. The IT management company focuses on building product that are simple, flexible, and powerful. For more information visit or call +1 (617) 475-5209.