ByteSphere’s New MIB Browser to Support IPv6 with SNMP Traps

October 31, 2008 (Cambridge, MA) -- ByteSphere Technologies, LLC has championed the market again with its latest OidView SNMP MIB Browser release. OidView has set the industry standard in network fault management. In this latest release compatibility with IPv6 has been integrated to lead the transition to this new standard. Companies large and small are facing the problem of increased IP usage under IPv4 making the transition to IPv6 a technological certainty.

"Without question, we are confident that the transition to IPv6 is imminent," says ByteSphere CEO Nick Saparoff. "We want to make sure that users of OidView are empowered to begin testing and troubleshooting as IPv6 is being transitioned. The new OidView platform allows users to send SNMP Traps and accurately detect network faults and configuration problems over IPv6."

OidView also allows network administrators to perform administrative tasks securely on windows servers using windows management instrumentation (WMI). This allows for a far greater reach in monitoring and error correction. As a result more system can be monitored by a single admin reducing overall IT management costs. OidView is one of the first MIB Browsers and IT toolsets to bring this technology to the mass market.

The recent impetus to migrate over to IPv6 should come as no surprise to the market. With the increased use of internet enabled devices and the surge in the demand for IP addresses, IPv6 brings about wider numbering parameters to enlarge the pool of IP numbers for use.

"Providers are likely to deal with both technologies simultaneously," remarked Saparoff. "OidView will allow users to talk to the same host using IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously. When network fault management is critical we wanted to make sure that we developed a product versatile enough to transition with the user." OidView’s tool kit allow for multiple protocol support including DNS (host resolutions), SNMP, ICMP, HTTP, and more all over both IPv6 and IPv4, making it one of the most resourceful tools on the market.

This is one in a series of several network fault management breakthroughs that have been lead by the OidView MIB Browser. ByteSphere has continued to raise the bar with recent software updates, IT monitoring tools such as Jaguar SX IT Management Platform, and their GREEN IT solutions.

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