Top Financial institutions pick ByteSphere for
Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Fault Management - One of the largest financial institutions in the United States is using ByteSphere's Fault Management solution to receive and direct SNMP traffic for their entire Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) network. The choice was based primarily on ByteSphere's speed of processing, multiple forwarding capability, and ability to overcome DNS changes on the fly. It was critical that the system be able to handle tens of thousands of traps each second - not an easy task. Each time a network communication must be sent from an ATM, it is sent to a set of core ByteSphere Trap Manager servers (one acting as primary and another as a secondary, or backup, in case the primary goes down). The Trap Manager processes the SNMP Trap and then forwards it out to awaiting network management collectors, that then in turn correlate the data and make predictions or alerts based on the types of events.

Performance Management - A top public-sector financial institution in Australia has chosen JaguarSX to monitor critical links and response times. Jaguar is polling these links at intervals of 15 to 60 seconds. In addition, during market open and close Jaguar's real-time polling engines are used to collect critical performance metrics. Data is collected into a database and also displayed live on several large-screen monitors, giving IT managers a real-time and historical view into the network traffic and response times.