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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module Cisco90Series-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module Cisco90Series-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module Cisco90Series-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB Cisco90Series-MIB:
Objects: 183 OIDS: 172 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 5 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 9 Tabulars: 114 Scalars/Other: 44
Object NameObject Identifier
ciscoTelesend ciscoTelesend
frMux frMux
frxSys frxSys
frxDownloadTrap frxDownloadTrap
frxSysDescr frxSysDescr
frxUPerfTrapEnable frxUPerfTrapEnable
frxAgtLinkErrors frxAgtLinkErrors
frxAgtProtErrors frxAgtProtErrors
frxAgtChInactive frxAgtChInactive
frxAgtChStatus frxAgtChStatus
frxClockHour frxClockHour
frxClockMin frxClockMin
frxClockSec frxClockSec
frxUpTime frxUpTime
frxAdminContact frxAdminContact
frxSysName frxSysName
frxSysLoc frxSysLoc
frxSysVersion frxSysVersion
frxUPerfTrap frxUPerfTrap
frxDefault frxDefault
frxDefaultEnable frxDefaultEnable
frxDPortProtocol frxDPortProtocol
frxDCktCIR frxDCktCIR
frxDCktBc frxDCktBc
frxDCktBe frxDCktBe
frxDefaultTrap frxDefaultTrap
frxDConfigSrc frxDConfigSrc
frxDMgtT391 frxDMgtT391
frxDMgtT392 frxDMgtT392
frxDMgtN391 frxDMgtN391
frxDMgtN392 frxDMgtN392
frxDMgtN393 frxDMgtN393
frxDPortSpeed frxDPortSpeed
frxBank frxBank
frxInsertChUTrap frxInsertChUTrap
frxBankTable frxBankTable
frxBankEntry frxBankEntry
frxBankIndex frxBankIndex
frxBankType frxBankType
frxRemoveChUTrap frxRemoveChUTrap
frxChUnit frxChUnit
frxChUTable frxChUTable
frxChUEntry frxChUEntry
frxChUIndex frxChUIndex
frxNetHDLCEs frxNetHDLCEs
frxNetCRCEs frxNetCRCEs
frxNetLinkEs frxNetLinkEs
frxNetFrShEs frxNetFrShEs
frxNetFrLgEs frxNetFrLgEs
frxNetPPPEs frxNetPPPEs
frxNetBufEs frxNetBufEs
frxChUType frxChUType
frxChUVersion frxChUVersion
frxSigProtocol frxSigProtocol
frxConfigSrc frxConfigSrc
frxDLCIAdLen frxDLCIAdLen
frxNetInOctets frxNetInOctets
frxNetOutOctets frxNetOutOctets
frxNetBadFrames frxNetBadFrames
frxMgt frxMgt
frxDConfigFailed frxDConfigFailed
frxMgtTable frxMgtTable
frxMgtEntry frxMgtEntry
frxPortsInSvc frxPortsInSvc
frxNetChStatus frxNetChStatus
frxMgtT391 frxMgtT391
frxMgtT392 frxMgtT392
frxMgtN391 frxMgtN391
frxMgtN392 frxMgtN392
frxMgtN393 frxMgtN393
frxNetLinkErrors frxNetLinkErrors
frxNetProtErrors frxNetProtErrors
frxNetChInactive frxNetChInactive
frxMgtPortTable frxMgtPortTable
frxMgtPortEntry frxMgtPortEntry
frxPortIndex frxPortIndex
frxPortLinkErrors frxPortLinkErrors
frxPortProtErrors frxPortProtErrors
frxPortChInactive frxPortChInactive
frxPort frxPort
frxPortTable frxPortTable
frxPortEntry frxPortEntry
frxPortSpeed frxPortSpeed
frxT1OutOctets frxT1OutOctets
frxDSLBadFrames frxDSLBadFrames
frxDSLLinkEs frxDSLLinkEs
frxDSLFrShEs frxDSLFrShEs
frxDSLFrLgEs frxDSLFrLgEs
frxTxBuf frxTxBuf
frxRxBuf frxRxBuf
frxPortProtocol frxPortProtocol
frxPortNetEs frxPortNetEs
frxDSLStatus frxDSLStatus
frxPVCAssigned frxPVCAssigned
frxLastChange frxLastChange
frxBrite frxBrite
frxDSLInOctets frxDSLInOctets
frxDSLOutOctets frxDSLOutOctets
frxT1InOctets frxT1InOctets
frxCircuitTable frxCircuitTable
frxCircuitEntry frxCircuitEntry
frxPvcIndex frxPvcIndex
frxCktDiscards frxCktDiscards
frxCktCIR frxCktCIR
frxCktBc frxCktBc
frxCktBe frxCktBe
frxFarEndOpStat frxFarEndOpStat
frxCktInOctets frxCktInOctets
frxCktOutOctets frxCktOutOctets
frxCktInFrames frxCktInFrames
frxCktOutFrames frxCktOutFrames
frxUEocTable frxUEocTable
frxUEocEntry frxUEocEntry
frxTestPort frxTestPort
frxTestType frxTestType
frxLoopLoc frxLoopLoc
frxLoopCh frxLoopCh
frxStartTest frxStartTest
frxBertRst frxBertRst
frxBertBE frxBertBE
frxBertTestTime frxBertTestTime
frxTestInProg frxTestInProg
frxUThrTable frxUThrTable
frxUThrEntry frxUThrEntry
frxPAddrIndex frxPAddrIndex
frxChEsTh frxChEsTh
frxCdEsTh frxCdEsTh
frxChSesTh frxChSesTh
frxCdSesTh frxCdSesTh
frxAlertMask frxAlertMask
frxThCond frxThCond
frxUPerfTable frxUPerfTable
frxUPerfEntry frxUPerfEntry
frxResetPM frxResetPM
frxH3EsRx frxH3EsRx
frxH4EsTx frxH4EsTx
frxH4EsRx frxH4EsRx
frxH5EsTx frxH5EsTx
frxH5EsRx frxH5EsRx
frxH6EsTx frxH6EsTx
frxH6EsRx frxH6EsRx
frxH7EsTx frxH7EsTx
frxH7EsRx frxH7EsRx
frxH8EsTx frxH8EsTx
frxPMtype frxPMtype
frxH8EsRx frxH8EsRx
frxCdEsTx frxCdEsTx
frxCdEsRx frxCdEsRx
frxPdEsTx frxPdEsTx
frxPdEsRx frxPdEsRx
frxChSesTx frxChSesTx
frxChSesRx frxChSesRx
frxPhSesTx frxPhSesTx
frxPhSesRx frxPhSesRx
frxCdSesTx frxCdSesTx
frxChEsTx frxChEsTx
frxCdSesRx frxCdSesRx
frxPdSesTx frxPdSesTx
frxPdSesRx frxPdSesRx
frxChBeTx frxChBeTx
frxChBeRx frxChBeRx
frxPhBeTx frxPhBeTx
frxPhBeRx frxPhBeRx
frxChEsRx frxChEsRx
frxPhEsTx frxPhEsTx
frxPhEsRx frxPhEsRx
frxH2EsTx frxH2EsTx
frxH2EsRx frxH2EsRx
frxH3EsTx frxH3EsTx