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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Cisco represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Cisco equipment, including Cisco routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 1138 Cisco MIB downloads in this section, containing over 87920 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Cisco subtree. Some of the latest updated Cisco MIBs include CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB, CISCO-ENTITY-VENDORTYPE-OID-MIB, CISCO-ENHANCED-IPSEC-FLOW-MIB, CISCO-GTP-MIB, CISCO-WBX-MEETING-MIB

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MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
ATM-RMON-MIB 148 1/24/1997  (atmRmon)
The MIB module for managing remote monitoring device implementations for ATM networks.
CISCO-5800-HEALTH-MON-MIB 48 8/26/1997  (cisco5800HealthMonMIB)
This MIB provides a means to monitor the status of a systems health.
CISCO-6200-MIB 132 7/28/1998  (cisco6200MIB)
This MIB provides CISCO 6200 product information It is structured as following groups: system - not part of indices, defines system, slot and port level scalars.
CISCO-6400-CHASSIS-MIB 97 1/8/1998  (cisco6400ChassisMIB)
6400 Chassis MIB.
CISCO-802-TAP-MIB 21 3/11/2004  (cisco802TapMIB)
CISCO-AAA-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 3 2/3/2004  (ciscoAaaClientCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-AAA-CLIENT-MIB.
CISCO-AAA-CLIENT-MIB 31 11/19/2001  (ciscoAAAClientMIB)
This MIB module provides data for authentication method priority based on Authentication, Authorization, Accounting AAA) protocols. References: The TACACS+ Protocol Version 1.78, Internet Draft RFC 1411 Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 4. RFC 1964
CISCO-AAA-SERVER-CAPABILITY 5 7/21/2008  (ciscoAAAServerCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-AAA-SERVER-MIB
CISCO-AAA-SERVER-EXT-CAPABILITY 5 6/16/2008  (ciscoAAAServerExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-AAA-SERVER-EXT-MIB
CISCO-AAA-SERVER-EXT-MIB 79 5/23/2005  (ciscoAAAServerExtMIB)
CISCO-AAA-SERVER-MIB 60 11/17/2003  (ciscoAAAServerMIB)
The MIB module for monitoring communications and status of AAA Server operation
CISCO-AAA-SESSION-MIB 31 3/21/2006  (ciscoAAASessionMIB)
This MIB module provides data for accounting sessions based on Authentication, Authorization, Accounting AAA) protocols. References: RFC 2139 RADIUS Accounting The TACACS+ Protocol Version 1.78, Internet Draft
CISCO-AAL5-EXT-MIB 20 11/5/2001  (ciscoAal5ExtMIB)
This MIB is the RFC 1695 extension for Cisco product. It provides the additional AAL5 performance statistics of a VCC from RFC 1695.
CISCO-AAL5-MIB 27 9/22/2003  (ciscoAal5MIB)
Cisco Enterprise AAL5 MIB file that provide AAL5 specific information that are either excluded by RFC 1695 or specific to Cisco product.
CISCO-ACCESS-ENVMON-MIB 15 8/5/1998  (ciscoAccessEnvMonMIB)
The MIB module to describe the additional status of the Environmental Monitor on those Cisco Access devices which support one.
CISCO-ADMISSION-POLICY-MIB 42 6/11/2008  (ciscoAdmissionPolicyMIB)
CISCO-ADSL-CAP-LINE-MIB 54 3/1/2001  (ciscoAdslLineCapMIB)
CISCO-ADSL-DMT-LINE-MIB 81 5/17/2001  (ciscoAdslDmtLineMIB)
CISCO-ALPS-MIB 232 2/14/2008  (ciscoAlpsMIB)
CISCO-ANNOUNCEMENT-MIB 38 3/25/2003  (ciscoAnnouncementMIB)
CISCO-AON-STATUS-MIB 67 3/6/2008  (ciscoAonStatusMIB)
CISCO-APPLIANCE-REDUNDANCY-MIB 44 12/23/2004  (ciscoApplianceRedundancyMIB)
The capabilities description of CISCO-APPLICATION-ACCELERATION-MIB.
CISCO-APPLICATION-ACCELERATION-MIB 39 10/30/2006  (ciscoApplicationAccelerationMIB)
CISCO-APPNAV-CAPABILITY 2  (ciscoAppnavCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-APPNAV-MIB.
CISCO-APS-EXT-MIB 61 1/31/2003  (cApsExtMIB)
CISCO-APS-MIB 83 12/26/2001  (cApsMIB)
CISCO-ASN-GATEWAY-MIB 311 5/26/2009  (ciscoAgwMIB)
CISCO-ASPP-MIB 32 2/10/2003  (ciscoAsppMIB)
CISCO-ATM2-MIB 53 3/4/1998  (ciscoAtm2MIB)
This MIB Module is a supplement to the ATM-MIB [1]. It is an adaptation of a portion of the ATOMMIB supplemental MIB.
CISCO-ATM-ACCESS-LIST-MIB 45 11/10/1996  (ciscoAtmAccessListMIB)
A cisco ATM access list mib module.
CISCO-ATM-ADDR-MIB 13 5/6/1996  (ciscoAtmAddrMIB)
ATM address MIB
CISCO-ATM-CAPABILITY 3 6/12/2002  (ciscoAtmCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for ATM-MIB.
CISCO-ATM-CELL-LAYER-CAPABILITY 5 1/30/2003  (ciscoAtmCellLayerCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-ATM-CELL-LAYER-MIB. - cacLayerCapabilityAxsmV2R00 is for ATM Switch Service ModuleAXSM). - cacLayerCapabilityAxsmeV2R0160 is for Enhanced AXSMAXSM-E). - cacLayerCapabilityAxsmxgV4R00 is for 10 Gig. AXSMAXSM-XG).
CISCO-ATM-CELL-LAYER-MIB 145 6/28/2002  (ciscoAtmCellLayerMIB)
The MIB module to describe ATM cell layer objects and statistics of a physical line.
CISCO-ATM-CONN-INFO-MIB 61 6/16/2003  (caciGeneralConnEPCategory)
CISCO-ATM-CONN-MIB 183 7/12/2002  (ciscoAtmConnMIB)
This MIB module is a cisco extension to VPL/VCL table defined in rfc1695 for ATM switch connection management.
CISCO-ATM-DUAL-PHY-MIB 26 8/30/1996  (ciscoAtmDualPhyMIB)
CISCO-ATM-EXT-MIB 47 1/6/2003  (ciscoAtmExtMIB)
CISCO-ATM-IF-MIB 78 2/13/2002  (ciscoAtmIfMIB)
A MIB module for an ATM interface configuration.
CISCO-ATM-IF-PHYS-MIB 41 9/19/1996  (ciscoAtmIfPhysMIB)
A minimal set of managed objects for tracking the status of DS3/E3/DS1/E1 and SONET interfaces.
CISCO-ATM-NETWORK-CLOCK-MIB 50 2/18/2008  (ciscoAtmNetworkClockMIB)
CISCO-ATM-PVC-MIB 21 4/11/2002  (ciscoAtmPvcMIB)
PVCs Permanent Virtual Channel) can carry bridged PDUs BPDUs) using the encapsulation method detailed in RFC1483. This is an alternative to using LAN Emulation to transfer BPDUs. This MIB allows users to configure a PVC on an ATM uplink card of a Catalys
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-ATM-PVCTRAP-EXTN-MIB.
CISCO-ATM-PVCTRAP-EXTN-MIB 167 1/20/2003  (ciscoAtmPvcTrapExtnMIB)
This MIB Module is a supplement to the CISCO-IETF-ATM2-PVCTRAP-MIB.
CISCO-ATM-QOS-MIB 75 6/10/2002  (ciscoAtmQosMIB)
CISCO-ATM-RM-MIB 231 6/3/2002  (ciscoAtmRmMIB)
The MIB module which complements standard ATM MIBs for Cisco devices, for Resource Management.
CISCO-ATM-SERVICE-REGISTRY-MIB 18 2/21/1996  (ciscoAtmServiceRegistryMIB)
A MIB module to allow an NMS to monitor and configure the information which an ATM switch makes available via the ILMIs Service Registry Table.
CISCO-ATM-SIG-DIAG-MIB 62 7/28/1997  (ciscoAtmSigDiagMIB)
The MIB module to facilitate the diagnosis of failures of ATM Signalling requests. Through this MIB, an ATM device retains information for one, or possibly more, connection setup failure records. Each record stores information about those connection setup
CISCO-ATM-SWITCH-ADDR-MIB 14 1/10/1996  (ciscoAtmSwAddrMIB)
ATM Switch address MIB
CISCO-ATM-SWITCH-CUG-MIB 30 7/7/1997  (csCugMIB)
This MIB module is for closed user group support virtual private networks).
CISCO-ATM-SWITCH-FR-IWF-MIB 123 5/20/2001  (ciscoAtmSwitchFrIwfMIB)
A MIB module for managing Frame Relay to ATM interworking connections, and Frame Relay to Frame Relay switched connections via an ATM switching fabric, on a Cisco ATM switch.
CISCO-ATM-SWITCH-FR-RM-MIB 36 7/20/1998  (ciscoAtmSwitchFrRmMIB)
CISCO-ATM-TRAFFIC-MIB 23 8/26/2002  (ciscoAtmTrafficExtMIB)
This MIB module is an extension to traffic OIDs and variables defined in rfc1695.
CISCO-ATM-TRUNK-MIB 111 7/18/2003  (ciscoAtmTrunkMIB)
CISCO-ATM-TRUNK-STAT-CAPABILITY 3 9/19/2005  (ciscoAtmTrunkStatCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-ATM-TRUNK-STAT-MIB.
CISCO-ATM-TRUNK-STAT-MIB 106 8/10/2005  (ciscoAtmTrunkStatMIB)
CISCO-ATM-VIRTUAL-IF-CAPABILITY 6 11/14/2005  (ciscoAtmVirtualIfCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-ATM-VIRTUAL-IF-MIB. - cavIfCapmVirtualIfCapabilityV2R00 is for AXSM module in Release 2.0. - cavIfCapabilityAxsmV2R0010 is for AXSM Service Module in Release 2.0.10. - cavIfCapabilityAxsmeV2R0160 is for AXSM-E Service Modu
CISCO-ATM-VIRTUAL-IF-MIB 146 10/11/2002  (ciscoAtmVirtualIfMIB)
The MIB module to manage ATM Virtual interface objects. ATM virtual interfaces are configured on a physical line.
CISCO-AUTH-FRAMEWORK-CAPABILITY 10 9/4/2012  (ciscoAuthFrameworkCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-AUTH-FRAMEWORK-MIB.
CISCO-AUTH-FRAMEWORK-MIB 112 4/1/2010  (ciscoAuthFrameworkMIB)
MIB module for Authentication Framework in the system. Authentication Framework provides generic configurations for authentication methods in the system and manage the failover sequence of these methods in a flexible manner.
CISCO-AUTHORIZATION-STATS-MIB 27 11/8/2006  (ciscoAuthorizationStatsMibModule)
The Cisco User Authorization Statistics MIB models counters and objects that are of management interest.
CISCO-BBSM-MIB 17 4/3/2004  (ciscoBbsmMIB)
CISCO-BCP-MIB 28 8/31/2004  (ciscoBcpMIB)
This MIB module describes the Managed Objects for of Bridge Control Protocol RFC2878). This MIB is influenced by RFC1474.
CISCO-BERT-CAPABILITY 5 8/7/2004  (ciscoBertCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-BERT-MIB for Cisco Products Series. - ciscoBertAxsmeCapabilityV3R00 is for Enhanced ATM Switch Service ModuleAXSM-E), and Enhanced Processor Switch Module 1PXM1E) uplink.
CISCO-BERT-MIB 51 5/5/2002  (ciscoBertMIB)
CISCO-BGP4-MIB 147 9/30/2010  (ciscoBgp4MIB)
CISCO-BGP-POLICY-ACCOUNTING-MIB 18 7/26/2002  (ciscoBgpPolAcctMIB)
BGP policy based accounting information
CISCO-BGP-POLICY-ACCOUNTING-MIB-CAPABILITY 2 12/30/2005  (cbpAcctCapabilitity)
The capabilities description of CISCO-BGP-POLICY-ACCOUNTING-MIB.
CISCO-BITS-CLOCK-CAPABILITY 2 3/8/2005  (ciscoBitsClockCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-BITS-CLOCK-MIB.
CISCO-BITS-CLOCK-MIB 22 1/21/2005  (ciscoBitsClockMIB)
This MIB provides information on Building Integrated Timing SupplyBITS) clocking sources and modes of operations. It is used to generate notifications to indicate when clocking sources change roles or become unavailable. GR-1233CORE sections 8.1.2 Major A
CISCO-BOOT-HWDIAGS-MIB 24 5/12/2009  (ciscoBootHwDiagsMIB)
CISCO-BRIDGE-CAPABILITY 9 7/26/2011  (ciscoBridgeCapability)
The capabilities description of BRIDGE-MIB.
CISCO-BRIDGE-DOMAIN-MIB 26 12/29/2007  (ciscoBridgeDomainMIB)
CISCO-BRIDGE-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 7/24/2009  (ciscoBridgeExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-BRIDGE-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-BRIDGE-EXT-MIB 30 4/7/2005  (ciscoBridgeExtMIB)
A MIB module for extending BRIDGE-MIB specified in RFC 1493.
CISCO-BSC-MIB 51 8/25/2004  (ciscoBscMIB)
CISCO-BSTUN-MIB 72 2/10/2003  (ciscoBstunMIB)
CISCO-BULK-FILE-CAPABILITY 5 2/6/2006  (ciscoBulkFileCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-BULK-FILE-MIB
CISCO-BULK-FILE-MIB 56 6/10/2002  (ciscoBulkFileMIB)
The MIB module for creating and deleting bulk files of SNMP data for file transfer.
CISCO-BUS-MIB 42 9/15/1995  (ciscoBusMIB)
The MIB module for the management of LANE broadcast and unknown servers.
CISCO-C12000-IF-HC-COUNTERS-MIB 19 5/27/1998  (ciscoC12000IfHcCountersMIB)
A MIB module to describe and store IF-MIB High Capacity ie 64 bit) Counters as two 32 bit objects. This mib will ONLY be supported in the 11.2GS version of IOS and will NOT be ported to any later versions.
CISCO-C2900-MIB 121 5/30/2002  (ciscoC2900MIB)
The MIB module for Catalyst 2900 enterprise specific information
CISCO-C8500-REDUNDANCY-MIB 44 5/4/2003  (ciscoC8500RedundancyMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-ADM-C-CAPABILITY 2 12/11/2004  (ciscoCableAdmCtrlCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CABLE-ADMISSION-CTR-MIB
CISCO-CABLE-ADMISSION-CTRL-MIB 140 10/25/2006  (ciscoCableAdmCtrlMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-AVAILABILITY-MIB 65 2/20/2003  (ciscoCableAvailabilityMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-DIAG-CAPABILITY 3 2/3/2004  (ciscoCableDiagCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-CABLE-DIAG-MIB.
CISCO-CABLE-DIAG-MIB 37 9/13/2004  (ciscoCableDiagMIB)
This MIB module defines objects for managing cable diagnostic test capabilites supported by the Cisco devices. Cable diagnostic tests are tests intended to exercise the functional integrity of the cable attached to a physical interface. Examples of cable
CISCO-CABLE-DSG-IF-MIB 34 3/29/2004  (ccdsgIfCaVendorEntry)
CISCO-CABLE-L2VPN-MIB 33 6/17/2009  (ciscoCableL2vpnMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-METERING-MIB 42 10/13/2009  (ciscoCableMeteringMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-QOS-MONITOR-MIB 61 2/20/2004  (ciscoCableQosMonitorMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-SPECTRUM-CAPABILITY 3 12/18/2002  (ciscoCableSpectrumCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CABLE-SPECTRUM-MIB
CISCO-CABLE-SPECTRUM-MIB 167 10/10/2006  (ciscoCableSpectrumMIB)
CISCO-CABLE-WIDEBAND-CAPABILITY 3 6/9/2010  (ciscoCableWidebandCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CABLE-WIDEBAND-MIB
CISCO-CABLE-WIDEBAND-MIB 78 7/16/2010  (ciscoCableWidebandMIB)
CISCO-CACHE-ENGINE-MIB 259 11/4/1998  (ciscoCacheEngineMIB)
The MIB module for the Cisco Cache Engine from Cisco Systems, Inc.
CISCO-CAC-SYSTEM-MIB 69 4/24/2003  (ccacSysMIB)
This MIB module provides provisioning and monitoring Call Admission Control CAC).
CISCO-CALL-APPLICATION-MIB 447 5/13/2003 12:01:00 AM  (ciscoCallApplicationMIB)
This MIB allows management of call applications on a network device. A call application is a software module that processes calls, such as data, voice, video, or fax calls.
CISCO-CALL-HISTORY-MIB 40 11/19/1996  (ciscoCallHistoryMib)
The MIB module to describe and store the call information of the routers for accounting purposes.
CISCO-CALLHOME-CAPABILITY 11 12/5/2012  (ciscoCallHomeCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-CALLHOME-MIB.
CISCO-CALLHOME-MIB 285 4/27/2012  (ciscoCallHomeMIB)
CISCO-CALL-RESOURCE-POOL-MIB 126 11/18/2005  (ciscoCallResourcePoolMIB)
The MIB module for call resource pool management. This MIB supports the resource pool manager feature of CISCO IOS. This feature provides the ability to accept or reject calls based on DNIS numbers, resources required, user DNS domains, and counts of curr
CISCO-CALL-TRACKER-MIB 101 4/12/2005  (ciscoCallTrackerMIB)
CISCO-CALL-TRACKER-MODEM-MIB 104 12/6/2005  (ciscoCallTrackerModemMIB)
This MIB module provides modem call related data for tracking the progress and status of a call. This module extends tables defined in the MIB module ciscoCallTrackerMIB in CISCO-CALL-TRACKER-MIB.
CISCO-CALL-TRACKER-TCP-MIB 28 12/6/2005  (ciscoCallTrackerTCPMIB)
This MIB module provides TCP service connection related data for tracking the progress and status of a call. This module extends tables defined in the MIB module ciscoCallTrackerMIB in CISCO-CALL-TRACKER-MIB.
CISCO-CAR-MIB 43 2/18/2000  (ciscoCarMIB)
Cisco CAR MIB - Overview Cisco Weighted Rate-limit, known as Commited Access Rate CAR), is a traffic control method which uses a set of rate limits to be applied to an interface for packet switching purpose. Each rate limit has a configurable action to be
CISCO-CASA-FA-CAPABILITY 3 12/1/2000  (ciscoCasaFaCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CASA-FA-MIB
CISCO-CASA-FA-MIB 76 9/18/2002  (ciscoCasaFaMIB)
CISCO-CASA-MIB 88 9/18/2002  (ciscoCasaMIB)
CISCO-CAS-IF-CAPABILITY 4 12/4/2009  (ciscoCasIfCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-CAS-IF-MIB.
CISCO-CAS-IF-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 1/19/2004  (ciscoCasIfExtCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-CAS-IF-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-CAS-IF-EXT-MIB 241 11/28/2005  (ciscoCasIfExtMIB)
The MIB module is an extension of CISCO-CAS-IF-MIB. It defines the attributes of a voice interface.
CISCO-CAS-IF-MIB 133 10/13/2004  (ciscoCasIfMIB)
Channel Associated Signal Interface MIB module. This MIB manages the generic CAS Channel Associated Signal)or DS0 clear channel Interfaces in the router.
CISCO-CAT6K-CROSSBAR-CAPABILITY 27 3/11/2010  (ciscoCat6kCrossbarCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-CAT6K-CROSSBAR-MIB.
CISCO-CAT6K-CROSSBAR-MIB 180 2/15/2009  (ciscoCat6kCrossbarMIB)
The Catalyst 6000 Crossbar MIB provides instrumentation for configuration and operation of the crossbar switching fabric module, and additional functionalities for switching bus and internal bus, etc.
CISCO-CATOS-ACL-QOS-CAPABILITY 24 3/17/2008  (ciscoCatOSAclQosCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-CATOS-ACL-QOS-MIB.
CISCO-CATOS-ACL-QOS-MIB 479 11/2/2007  (ciscoCatOSAclQosMIB)
CISCO-CBP-TARGET-MIB 25 5/24/2006  (ciscoCbpTargetMIB)
This MIB module defines the managed objects for representing targets which have class-based policy mappings. A target can be any logical interface to which a class-based policy is able to be associated.
CISCO-CBP-TARGET-TC-MIB 13 3/24/2006  (ciscoCbpTargetTCMIB)
This MIB module defines Textual Conventions for representing targets which have class based policy mappings. A target can be any logical interface or entity to which a class based policy is able to be associated.
CISCO-CBP-TC-MIB 8 6/24/2008  (ciscoCbpTcMIB)
This MIB module defines textual conventions used by the CISCO-CBP-BASE-CFG-MIB, CISCO-CBP-BASE-MON-MIB, and any MIB modules extending these MIB modules.
CISCO-CCM-CAPABILITY 10 12/15/2009  (ciscoCCMCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CCM-MIB
CISCO-CCME-MIB 301 10/13/2010  (ciscoCcmeMIB)
This MIB allows management of Cisco CallManager Express CCME) feature in Cisco IOS. CCME is optional software feature that enables Cisco routers to deliver Key System or Hybrid PBX functionality for enterprise branch offices or small businesses.
CISCO-CCM-MIB 452 7/7/2010  (ciscoCcmMIB)
CISCO-CDL-MIB 61 10/2/2002  (ciscoCdlMIB)
CISCO-CDMA-AHDLC-MIB 45 11/14/2005  (cCdmaAhdlcMIB)
CISCO-CDMA-PDSN-CRP-MIB 29 7/27/2004  (ciscoCdmaPdsnCrpMIB)
CISCO-CDMA-PDSN-EXT-MIB 130 7/20/2010  (ciscoCdmaPdsnExtMIB)
CISCO-CDMA-PDSN-MIB 638 2/2/2005  (ciscoCdmaPdsnMIB)
CISCO-CDP-CAPABILITY 10 7/18/2007  (ciscoCdpCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-CDP-MIB.
CISCO-CDP-MIB 76 3/21/2005  (ciscoCdpMIB)
The MIB module for management of the Cisco Discovery Protocol in Cisco devices.
CISCO-CDS-SERVICE-ROUTING-MIB 120 11/9/2012  (ciscoCdsServiceRoutingMIB)
Added Statistics for snapshot counter reports received from the Service Engine.
CISCO-CDSTV-AUTHMGR-MIB 17 7/20/2010  (ciscoCdstvAuthmgrMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-BWMGR-MIB 15 6/24/2010  (ciscoCdstvBwmgrMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-CS-STATS-MIB 54 5/17/2012  (ciscoCdstvCsStatsMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-FSI-MIB 17 5/10/2010  (ciscoCdstvFsiMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-INGESTMGR-MIB 47 5/27/2010  (ciscoCdstvIngestmgrMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-INGEST-TUNING-MIB 17 6/24/2010  (ciscoCdstvIngestTuningMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-ISA-MIB 94 3/13/2012  (ciscoCdstvIsaMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-SERVER-MIB 53 12/12/2012  (ciscoCdstvServerMIB)
CISCO-CDSTV-SERVICES-MIB 21 3/29/2010  (ciscoCdstvServicesMIB)
CISCO-CEF-MIB 201 1/30/2006  (ciscoCefMIB)
CISCO-CEF-TC 14 9/30/2005  (ciscoCefTextualConventions)
This MIB module defines Textual Conventions and OBJECT-IDENTITIES for use in documents defining management information base MIBs) modules for managing Cisco Express Forwarding CEF).
CISCO-CFS-MIB 108 6/13/2006  (ciscoCFSMIB)
CISCO-CHANNEL-MIB 111 3/26/1997  (channel)
This is the MIB module for objects used to manage the Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection CMCC) cards.
CISCO-CIDS-MIB 71 12/18/2003  (ciscoCidsMIB)
Cisco Intrusion Detection System MIB. Provides trap definitions for the evAlert and evError elements of the IDIOM Intrusion Detection and Operations Messages) document and read support for the Intrusion Detection System sensor) health information, such as
CISCO-CIPCMPC-MIB 51 1/25/1999  (ciscoCipCmpcMIB)
CISCO-CIPCSNA-MIB 76 8/21/1995  (cipCsnaObjects)
CISCO-CIPLAN-MIB 27 4/28/1995  (ciscoCipLanMIB)
CISCO-CIPTCPIP-MIB 95 8/21/1995  (ciscoCipTcpIpMIB)
CISCO-CIPTG-MIB 108 1/25/1999  (ciscoCipTgMIB)
CISCO-CIRCUIT-INTERFACE-MIB 13 5/9/2000  (ciscoCircuitInterfaceMIB)
The MIB module to configure the circuit description for an interface. The circuit description can be used to describe and identify circuits on interfaces like ATM, frame-relay etc.
CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB 582 7/24/2012  (ciscoCBQosMIB)
CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB-CAPABILITY 15 7/17/2007  (ciscoCBQosMibCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB.
CISCO-CLUSTER-MIB 41 11/18/2005  (ciscoClusterMIB)
CISCO-CNO-SWITCH-MIB 43 10/23/1998  (ciscoCNOSwitchMIB)
The MIB module for the management of Cisco Network Office CNO) switch products.
CISCO-COMMON-MGMT-CAPABILITY 2 8/27/2005  (ciscoCommonMgmtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-COMMON-MGMT-MIB
CISCO-COMMON-MGMT-MIB 35 6/13/2008  (ciscoCommonMgmtMIB)
CISCO-COMMON-ROLES-EXT-MIB 44 2/15/2008  (ciscoCommonRolesExtMIB)
CISCO-COMMON-ROLES-MIB 44 2/15/2008  (ciscoCommonRolesMIB)
CISCO-COMPRESSION-SERVICE-ADAPTER-MIB 21 8/15/1996  (ciscoCompressionServiceAdapterMIB)
Used to manage the compression service adapter.
CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-CAPABILITY 8 2/8/2006  (ciscoConfigCopyCapability)
This is the Agent Capabilities for CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB.
CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB 33 12/17/2002  (ciscoConfigCopyMIB)
This MIB facilitates writing of configuration files of an SNMP Agent running Ciscos IOS in the following ways: to and from the net, copying running configurations to startup configurations and vice-versa, and copying a configuration running or startup) to
CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-CAPABILITY 2 12/29/2005  (cconfigManCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB
CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB 66 4/27/2007  (ciscoConfigManMIB)
CISCO-CONTACT-CENTER-APPS-MIB 199 5/6/2009 5:00:00 PM  (ciscoCcaMIB)
CISCO-CONTENT-DELIVERY-STREAMING-MIB 33 9/30/2009  (ciscoContentDeliveryStreamingMIB)
CISCO-CONTENT-ENGINE-MIB 168 4/21/2004  (ciscoContentEngineMIB)
The MIB module for the Cisco Content Engine from Cisco Systems, Inc.
CISCO-CONTENT-NETWORK-MIB 28 10/11/2001  (ciscoContentNetworkMIB)
CISCO-CONTENT-SERVICES-CAPABILITY 5 2/11/2010  (ciscoContentServicesCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-CONTENT-SERVICES-MIB
CISCO-CONTENT-SERVICES-MIB 352 11/9/2012  (ciscoContentServicesMIB)
CISCO-CONTEXT-MAPPING-CAPABILITY 4 8/22/2008  (ciscoContextMappingCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-CONTEXT-MAPPING-MIB.
CISCO-CONTEXT-MAPPING-MIB 40 11/22/2008  (ciscoContextMappingMIB)
CISCO-COPS-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 4 3/30/2004  (ciscoCopsClientCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-COPS-CLIENT-MIB.
CISCO-COPS-CLIENT-MIB 45 11/14/2005  (ciscoCopsClientMIB)
CISCO-CRYPTO-ACCELERATOR-MIB 97 3/8/2005  (ciscoCryptoAcceleratorMIB)
CISCO-CSG-CAPABILITY 2 5/1/2003  (ciscoCsgCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-CSG-MIB.
CISCO-CSG-MIB 91 2/20/2003  (ciscoCsgMIB)
This MIB supports the Cisco Content Services Gateway CSG) product. It includes five traps and four tables that enable querying CSG resource statistics.
CISCO-CUICAPPS-MIB 120 1/23/2010  (ciscoCuicappsMIB)
CISCO-CVP-MIB 221 9/22/2011  (ciscoCvpMIB)
CISCO-DATA-COLLECTION-CAPABILITY 3 8/7/2007  (cDataCollectionCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DATA-COLLECTION-MIB
CISCO-DATA-COLLECTION-MIB 95 10/30/2002  (ciscoDataCollectionMIB)
CISCO-DDP-IAPP-MIB 19 7/31/2002  (ciscoDdpIappMIB)
CISCO-DHCP-SNOOPING-CAPABILITY 11 9/28/2011  (ciscoDhcpSnoopingCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-DHCP-SNOOPING-MIB.
CISCO-DHCP-SNOOPING-MIB 114 7/12/2007  (ciscoDhcpSnoopingMIB)
The MIB module is for configuration of DHCP Snooping feature. DHCP Snooping is a security mechanism which uses information gleaned from DHCP packets to provide per-interface security capabilities.
CISCO-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 46 5/26/2005  (ciscoDialControlMib)
The MIB module to describe call history information for demand access and possibly other kinds of interfaces.
CISCO-DIAMETER-BASE-PROTOCOL-CAPABILITY 2 9/6/2006 11:30:00 AM  (ciscoDiameterBasePCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-DIAMETER-BASE-PROTOCOL-MIB.
CISCO-DIAMETER-BASE-PROTOCOL-MIB 193 8/24/2006  (ciscoDiameterBasePMIB)
The MIB module for entities implementing the Diameter Base Protocol. Initial Ciscoized version of the IETF draft draft-zorn-dime-diameter-base-protocol-mib-00.txt.
CISCO-DIAMETER-CC-APPL-CAPABILITY 2 9/6/2006  (ciscoDiameterCCACapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-DIAMETER-CC-AAPL-MIB.
CISCO-DIAMETER-CC-APPL-MIB 60 8/23/2006  (ciscoDiameterCCAMIB)
The MIB module for entities implementing the Diameter Credit Control Application, RFC 4006. Initial Ciscoized version of the IETF draft draft-zorn-dime-diameter-cc-app-mib-00.txt.
CISCO-DIAMETER-SG-CAPABILITY 2 9/7/2006  (ciscoDiameterSGCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-DIAMETER-SG-MIB.
CISCO-DIAMETER-SG-MIB 23 9/6/2006  (ciscoDiameterSGMIB)
The MIB module for Ciscos Diameter Server Group Entities. This MIB describes the SNMP MIB objects that are supported in order to provide the ability to fetch/configure the Diameter Server Groups.
CISCO-DIFFSERV-EXT-MIB 59 11/16/2004  (ciscoDiffServExtMIB)
This MIB is a Cisco extension to the DIFFSERV-MIB, RFC 3289. This MIB defines a Fibre Channel FC) Multi Field filter to be used in conjunction with the DIFFSERV-MIB. It also helps in associating Differentiated Services Classifiers to interfaces on a VSAN
CISCO-DIGITAL-MEDIA-SYSTEMS-CAPABILITY 2 6/4/2008  (ciscoDigitalMediaSystemsCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-DIGITAL-MEDIA-SYSTEMS-MIB.
CISCO-DIGITAL-MEDIA-SYSTEMS-MIB 161 9/7/2011  (ciscoDigitalMediaSystemsMIB)
CISCO-DISMAN-EVENT-CAPABILITY 2 1/16/2006  (cdismanEventCapability)
The capabilities description of DISMAN-EVENT-MIB.
CISCO-DISMAN-EXPRESSION-CAPABILITY 2 2/16/2006  (cdismanExpressionCapability)
The capabilities description of DISMAN-EXPRESSION-MIB.
CISCO-DIST-DIRECTOR-CAPABILITY 2 4/23/2002  (ciscoDistDirCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DIST-DIRECTOR-MIB
CISCO-DIST-DIRECTOR-MIB 123 11/14/2005  (ciscoDistDirMIB)
CISCO-DLC-SWITCH-MIB 62 2/19/1997  (ciscoDlcSwitchMIB)
This is the MIB module for objects used to manage FRAS sessions to the endstation. These objects are specific to downstream or enduster sessions only. It does not contain objects supported by the FRAS-HOST MIB which are specific to upstream or host-end se
CISCO-DLSW-EXT-MIB 122 3/11/1997  (ciscoDlswExtMIB)
CISCO-DLSW-MIB 236 12/5/1995  (ciscoDlswMIB)
This MIB module contains objects to manage Data Link Switches.
CISCO-DM-MIB 96 9/22/2003  (ciscoDmMIB)
The MIB module for the domain management functionality defined by the Fibre Channel standards FC-SW2). For the purposes of this MIB, Domain Manager is the software functionality which executes in both the principal switch and other switches.
CISCO-DNS-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 2 11/25/2004  (ciscoDNSClientCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-DNS-CLIENT-MIB.
CISCO-DNS-CLIENT-MIB 28 9/9/2004  (ciscoDNSClientMIB)
The MIB module for entities implementing the client side of the Domain Name System DNS) protocol.
CISCO-DNS-SERVER-MIB 218 3/1/2005  (ciscoDnsServerMIB)
CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB 256 3/27/2013  (ciscoDocsExtMIB)
CISCO-DOCS-REMOTE-QUERY-MIB 30 8/6/2004  (ciscoDocsRemoteQueryMIB)
This MIB module provides the management of the Cisco Cable Modem Termination Systems CMTS) Remote Query feature. This feature, implemented on a CMTS, facilitates SNMP polling of remote cable modems CMs). This MIB includes the configuration and status obje
CISCO-DOT11-ANTENNA-MIB 13 12/8/2003  (ciscoDot11AntennaMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-ASSOCIATION-MIB 104 1/5/2007  (ciscoDot11AssociationMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-CONTEXT-SERVICES-CAPABILITY 3 9/17/2003  (cDot11ContextServicesCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DOT11-CONTEXT-SERVICES-MIB
CISCO-DOT11-CONTEXT-SERVICES-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 4 7/24/2004  (ciscoDot11CscCapability)
CISCO-DOT11-CONTEXT-SERVICES-MIB 95 9/15/2003  (ciscoDot11ContextServicesMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-HT-MAC-CAPABILITY 2 7/26/2007  (cDot11HtMacCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DOT11-HT-MAC-MIB
CISCO-DOT11-HT-MAC-MIB 43 5/16/2007  (ciscoDot11HtMacMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-HT-PHY-CAPABILITY 2 8/22/2007  (cDot11HtPhyCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DOT11-HT-PHY-MIB
CISCO-DOT11-HT-PHY-MIB 78 12/11/2006  (ciscoDot11HtPhyMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-IF-MIB 243 12/20/2006  (ciscoDot11IfMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-LBS-MIB 28 11/17/2004  (ciscoDot11LbsMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-QOS-MIB 56 5/9/2006  (ciscoDot11QosMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-RADAR-MIB 20 5/7/2007  (ciscoDot11RadarMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-RADIO-DIAGNOSTIC-CAPABILITY 3 9/3/2003  (ciscoDot11RadioDiagCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DOT11-RADIO-DIAGNOSTIC-MIB
CISCO-DOT11-RADIO-DIAGNOSTIC-MIB 21 12/23/2003  (ciscoDot11RadioDiagMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-SSID-SECURITY-MIB 82 4/12/2007  (ciscoDot11SsidSecMIB)
CISCO-DOT11-WIDS-CAPABILITY 2 1/24/2005  (cDot11WidsCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-DOT11-WIDS-MIB
CISCO-DOT11-WIDS-MIB 48 11/30/2004  (ciscoDot11WidsMIB)
CISCO-DOT3-OAM-MIB 99 5/31/2006  (cdot3OamMIB)
CISCO-DS0BUNDLE-EXT-MIB 22 6/30/1998  (ciscoDs0BundleExtMIB)
The MIB module for managing DS0 Bundles. This MIB contains additional objects to supplement the the IETF draft ds0Bundle MIB.
CISCO-DS0BUNDLE-MIB 13 5/24/1998  (ds0Bundle)
The MIB module to describe DS0 Bundle interfaces objects. Note: This contains a subset of the MIB objects defined in DS0BUNDLE-MIB of draft-ietf-trunkmib-ds0-mib-06.txt, section 6; it does not include the DS0 Bonding group.
CISCO-DS0-CROSS-CONNECT-MIB 18 3/5/2003  (cds0Endpt1Ds0Group)
The MIB for Ds0 cross connection.
CISCO-DS1-CAPABILITY 8 10/31/2007  (ciscoDs1Capability)
The agent capabilities for DS1-MIB for Cisco Products Series. - ciscoDs1AxsmeCapabilityV3R00 is for Enhanced ATM Switch Service ModuleAXSM-E), and Enhanced Processor Switch Module 1PXM1E) uplink. - ciscoDs1CapabilityV5R00 is for Voice Switch Service Modul
CISCO-DS1-EXT-MIB 146 2/25/2003  (ciscoDs1ExtMIB)
CISCO-DS3-CAPABILITY 7 5/6/2004  (ciscoDs3Capability)
The Agent Capabilities for DS3-MIBRFC 2496).
CISCO-DS3-EXT-CAPABILITY 8 12/23/2003  (ciscoDs3ExtCapability)
CISCO-DS3-MIB 150 5/21/2002  (ciscoDs3MIB)
The MIB module to describe DS3 line objects. This is an extension to the standard DS3 MIBRFC 2496).
CISCO-DSG-IF-EXT-MIB 18 9/9/2011  (ciscoDsgIfExtMIB)
CISCO-DSL-PROVISION-MIB 149 12/14/2005  (ciscoDslProvisionMIB)
Cisco DSL Digital Subscriber Line) Provision MIB Module. It is used to create subscriber PPP over ATM sessions and related tasks.
CISCO-DSP-MGMT-CAPABILITY 8 4/18/2011  (ciscoDspMgmtCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-DSP-MGMT-MIB.
CISCO-DSP-MGMT-MIB 139 2/17/2011  (ciscoDspMgmtMIB)
CISCO-DSPU-MIB 149 8/15/1995  (ciscoDspuMIB)
Used to define and manage DSPU objects.
CISCO-DYNAMIC-ARP-INSPECTION-CAPABILITY 5 3/24/2011  (ciscoDynamicArpInspCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-DYNAMIC-ARP-INSPECTION-MIB.
CISCO-DYNAMIC-ARP-INSPECTION-MIB 83 3/21/2011  (ciscoDynamicArpInspectionMIB)
The MIB module is for configuration of Dynamic ARP Inspection feature. Dynamic ARP Inspection is a security mechanism which validate ARP packets seen on access ports.
CISCO-DYNAMIC-PORT-VSAN-MIB 52 6/22/2004  (ciscoDpvmMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the Dynamic Port Vsan Membership DPVM) module. DPVM provides the ability to assign virtual storage area network) VSAN IDs dynamically to switch ports based on the device logging in on the port. The logging-in device ca
CISCO-DYNAMIC-TEMPLATE-MIB 163 9/6/2007  (ciscoDynamicTemplateMIB)
CISCO-DYNAMIC-TEMPLATE-TC-MIB 5 1/27/2012  (ciscoDynamicTemplateTcMIB)
This MIB module defines textual conventions used by the CISCO-DYNAMIC-TEMPLATE-MIB and MIB modules that use and expand on dynamic templates.
CISCO-EIGRP-MIB 111 11/16/2004  (ciscoEigrpMIB)
CISCO-ENERGYWISE-MIB 150 7/9/2010  (ciscoEnergywiseMIB)
CISCO-ENHANCED-IMAGE-CAPABILITY 2 12/29/2005  (ceImageCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-ENHANCED-IMAGE-MIB
CISCO-ENHANCED-IMAGE-MIB 20 2/28/2002  (ciscoEnhancedImageMIB)
Initial version of the MIB. This MIB has Image table containing the following information related to the running IOS image 1. Entity Index 2. The image name 3. Family 4. Feature set 5. Version 6. Media and 7. Description This MIB deprecates the objects in
CISCO-ENHANCED-IPSEC-FLOW-MIB 297 6/28/2013  (ciscoEnhancedIpsecFlowMIB)
CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-CAPABILITY 17 9/21/2011  (cempCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-MIB.
CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-MIB 77 11/30/2005  (ciscoEnhancedMemPoolMIB)
New MIB module for monitoring the memory pools of all physical entities on a managed system.
CISCO-ENHANCED-SLB-CAPABILITY 4 7/7/2008  (ciscoEnhancedSlbCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-ENHANCED-SLB-MIB.
CISCO-ENHANCED-SLB-MIB 109 12/3/2012  (ciscoEnhancedSlbMIB)
CISCO-ENHANCED-WRED-MIB 84 12/21/2001  (ciscoEnhancedWredMIB)
CISCO-ENH-IPSEC-FLOW-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoCeipSecCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-ENHANCED-IPSEC-FLOW-MIB
CISCO-ENTITY-ALARM-MIB 68 7/6/1999  (ciscoEntityAlarmMIB)
This MIB module defines the managed objects that support the monitoring of alarms generated by physical entities contained by the system, including chassis, slots, modules, ports, power supplies, and fans. In order to monitor alarms generated by a physica
CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-CAPABILITY 4 9/4/2003  (ciscoEntityAssetCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-MIB 32 9/18/2003  (ciscoEntityAssetMIB)
Monitor the asset information of items in the ENTITY-MIB RFC 2037) entPhysical table.
CISCO-ENTITY-CAPABILITY 10 3/24/2009  (ciscoEntityCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for ENTITY-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-DIAG-CAPABILITY 6 7/7/2009  (ciscoEntityDiagCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-ENTITY-DIAG-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-DIAG-MIB 134 6/30/2009  (ciscoEntityDiagMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-DIAG-TC-MIB 10 7/1/2009  (ciscoEntityDiagTcMIB)
This module defines the textual conventions used within Cisco Entity Diag MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-DISPLAY-CAPABILITY 3 7/16/2007  (ciscoEntityDisplayCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-ENTITY-DISPLAY-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-DISPLAY-MIB 22 3/20/2003  (ciscoEntityDisplayMIB)
This MIB module provides information about the status of display devices such as Light Emitting Diodes LEDs) and alphanumeric displays present on the physical entities contained by the managed system.
CISCO-ENTITY-EXT-CAPABILITY 4 9/6/2007  (ciscoEntityExtCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-ENTITY-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-EXT-MIB 45 11/24/2008  (ciscoEntityExtMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-CAPABILITY 38 9/25/2011  (ciscoEntityFruControlCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB 169 12/22/2011  (ciscoEntityFRUControlMIB)
The CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB is used to monitor and configure operational status of Field Replaceable Units FRUs) and other managable physical entities of the system listed in the Entity-MIB RFC 2737) entPhysicalTable. FRUs include assemblies such as
CISCO-ENTITY-PERFORMANCE-MIB 57 9/9/2010  (ciscoEntityPerformanceMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-PFE-MIB 71 11/27/2002  (ciscoEntityPfeMib)
CISCO-ENTITY-PROVISIONING-MIB 15 7/8/1999  (ciscoEntityProvMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-QFP-MIB 62 12/2/2009  (ciscoEntityQfpMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-REDUNDANCY-MIB 97 10/1/2005  (ciscoEntityRedunMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-REDUNDANCY-TC-MIB 9 10/1/2005  (ciscoEntityRedunTcMIB)
This module defines the textual conventions used within Cisco Entity Redundancy MIBs.
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-CAPABILITY 12 10/6/2008  (ciscoEntitySensorCapability)
The Agent capabilities for CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-EXT-MIB 24 6/10/2010  (ciscoEntitySensorExtMIB)
This MIB is extension to ENTITY-SENSOR-MIBRFC 3433). This MIB also defines the notifications applicable for sensors reported in ENTITY-MIBRFC 4133).
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-HISTORY-MIB 24 3/4/2011  (ciscoEntitySensorHistoryMIB)
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB 49 11/12/2007  (ciscoEntitySensorMIB)
The CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB is used to monitor the values of sensors in the Entity-MIB RFC 2037) entPhysicalTable.
CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-RFC-CAPABILITY 4 2/8/2008  (ciscoEntitySensorRfcCapability)
The capabilities description of ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB.
CISCO-ENTITY-VENDORTYPE-OID-MIB 5647 7/19/2013  (ciscoEntityVendortypeOIDMIB)
This module defines the object identifiers that are assigned to various components on cisco products, which are used by the entPhysicalTable of the ENTITY-MIB to uniquely identify the type of each physical entry.
CISCO-ENVMON-CAPABILITY 24 12/16/2009  (ciscoEnvMonCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-ENVMON-MIB.
CISCO-ENVMON-MIB 67 12/1/2003  (ciscoEnvMonMIB)
The MIB module to describe the status of the Environmental Monitor on those devices which support one.
CISCO-EPC-GATEWAY-MIB 85 2/8/2012  (ciscoEpcGatewayMIB)
CISCO-EPM-NOTIFICATION-MIB 49 6/7/2004  (ciscoEpmNotificationMIB)
CISCO-ERM-CAPABILITY 2 3/9/2006  (ciscoErmCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-ERM-MIB
CISCO-ERM-MIB 190 2/11/2006  (ciscoErmMIB)
CISCO-ERR-DISABLE-CAPABILITY 3 5/5/2010  (ciscoErrDisableCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-ERR-DISABLE-MIB.
CISCO-ERR-DISABLE-MIB 40 10/19/2010  (ciscoErrDisableMIB)
CISCO-ETHER-CFM-CAPABILITY 2 2/11/2005  (ciscoEtherCfmMibCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ETHER-CFM-MIB.
CISCO-ETHER-CFM-MIB 41 12/28/2004  (ciscoEtherCfmMIB)
CISCO-ETHERLIKE-CAPABILITY 9 4/1/2011  (ciscoEtherlikeCapability)
Agent capabilities for EtherLike-MIB.
CISCO-ETHERLIKE-EXT-CAPABILITY 4 4/1/2011  (ciscoEtherlikeExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-ETHERLIKE-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-ETHERLIKE-EXT-MIB 14 10/15/2008  (ciscoEtherExtMIB)
The MIB module to describe generic objects for ethernet-like network interfaces. This MIB provides ethernet-like network interfaces information that are either excluded by EtherLike-MIB or specific to Cisco products.
CISCO-ETHERNET-ACCESS-MIB 22 9/14/2007  (ciscoEthernetAccessMIB)
CISCO-ETHERNET-FABRIC-EXTENDER-MIB 27 2/23/2009  (ciscoEthernetFabricExtenderMIB)
CISCO-ETHER-WIS-CAPABILITY 2 1/23/2007 12:00:00 PM  (ciscoEtherWisCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for ETHER-WIS.
CISCO-EVC-CAPABILITY 3 8/26/2008  (ciscoEvcCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-EVC-MIB.
CISCO-EVC-MIB 178 5/21/2012  (ciscoEvcMIB)
CISCO-EXT-SCSI-MIB 61 3/14/2004  (ciscoExtScsiMIB)
CISCO-FABRIC-C12K-MIB 153 9/20/2002  (ciscoFabricC12kMIB)
CISCO-FABRIC-HFR-MIB 95 4/14/2009  (ciscoFabricHfrMIB)
CISCO-FABRIC-HFR-MIB-CAPABILITY 2 6/12/2006  (ciscoFabricHfrCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-FABRIC-HFR-MIB.
CISCO-FABRIC-MCAST-APPL-MIB 19 12/18/2002  (ciscoFabricMcastApplMIB)
Fabric multicast resource MIB module. This MIB module is used for managing/tracking the fabric multicast resource application related information. Acronyms and terms: FGID - Fabric Multicast Group Identifier.
CISCO-FABRIC-MCAST-APPL-MIB-CAPABILITY 2 6/12/2006  (ciscoFabricMcastApplCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-FABRIC-MCAST-APPL-MIB.
CISCO-FABRIC-MCAST-MIB 32 8/20/2002  (ciscoFabricMcastMIB)
Fabric Multicast Resource MIB module. This MIB module is used for managing/tracking the fabric multicast resource related information. Acronyms and terms: FGID - Fabric Multicast Group Identifier. LR - Logical router.
CISCO-FABRIC-MCAST-MIB-CAPABILITY 2 6/12/2006  (ciscoFabricMcastCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-FABRIC-MCAST-MIB.
CISCO-FCC-MIB 39 7/8/2004  (ciscoFCCMIB)
CISCO-FC-DEVICE-ALIAS-MIB 16 9/20/2004  (ciscoFcDeviceAliasMIB)
CISCO-FC-FE-MIB 327 4/9/2013  (ciscoFcFeMIB)
CISCO-FCIP-MGMT-EXT-MIB 80 10/12/2005  (ciscoFcipMgmtExtMIB)
A MIB module for extending the CISCO-FCIP-MGMT-MIB to add objects which provide additional information about FCIP interfaces not available in other MIBS.
CISCO-FCIP-MGMT-MIB 85 5/19/2003  (ciscoFcipMgmtMIB)
The Fibre Channel Over TCP/IP management MIB module. This mib module is the Cisco version of the FCIP MIB draft , draft-ietf-ips-fcip-mib-02.txt, from the IETF.
CISCO-FC-MGMT-MIB 186 9/12/2002  (ciscoFcMgmtMIB)
This module defines management information specific to Fibre Channel-attached devices. This module is an adaptation of IETFs IPS working groups draft, draft-ietf-ips-fcmgmt-mib-02
CISCO-FC-MULTICAST-MIB 18 10/7/2004  (ciscoFcMulticastMIB)
MIB module for monitoring and configuring Fibre Channel Multicast feature.
CISCO-FCOE-MIB 49 6/16/2008  (ciscoFCoEMIB)
CISCO-FCPING-MIB 41 10/7/2002  (ciscoFcPingMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the Fibre Channel Ping functionality.
CISCO-FC-PM-MIB 83 2/6/2005  (ciscoFcPmMIB)
This MIB module defines 24 hour error statistics for Fibre Channel FC) and FICON interfaces collected every 15 minutes. Based on errors described in Fibre Channel - Framing and Signaling FC-FS) Draft Standard Web:
CISCO-FC-ROUTE-MIB 50 9/4/2003  (ciscoFcRouteMIB)
The MIB module for configuring and displaying FC Fibre Channel) Route Information.
CISCO-FC-SDV-MIB 34 9/26/2006  (ciscoFcSdvMIB)
CISCO-FCS-MIB 120 2/19/2004  (ciscoFcsMIB)
The MIB module for the management of a Fabric Configuration Server FCS). An FCS is defined by the FC-GS3 standard. This MIB enables managers to configure and monitor FCS parameters.
CISCO-FC-SPAN-MIB 57 4/9/2003  (ciscoFcSpanMIB)
CISCO-FCSP-MIB 46 7/2/2004  (ciscoFcspMIB)
MIB module for managing Fibre Channel Security for the fibre channel devices. This MIB is used to configure and monitor the Fibre-Channel Security Protocol FC-SP) Rev 1.1 of FC-SP, Dated 04/18/03, T11/Project 1570-D. Please refer to
CISCO-FCTRACEROUTE-MIB 34 10/7/2002  (ciscoFcTraceRouteMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the Fibre Channel Trace Route functionality.
CISCO-FC-TUNNEL-MIB 116 3/8/2002 5:00:00 PM  (cftTcpTunnelDataDestPort)
The CISCO-FC-TUNNEL-MIB is used to configure Fiber Channel FC) tunneled by other protocols, i.e. TCP Transmision Control Protocol) or UDP User Datagram Protocol), and monitor the status of the tunnels. And Fiber Channel Command and Data messages can be tu
CISCO-FDMI-MIB 48 11/7/2003  (ciscoFdmiMIB)
Fabric Device Management Interface FDMI) MIB. This MIB module defines objects for managing the devices such as HBA Host Bus Adapter). It provides device information which have registered with an FC fabric using FDMI. For more information on FDMI, refer to
CISCO-FEATURE-CONTROL-MIB 62 5/28/2013  (ciscoFeatureCtrlMIB)
CISCO-FICON-MIB 183 4/7/2006  (ciscoFiconMIB)
This is the FICON FIber CONnection) MIB module. FICON is an IBM standard of transport mechanism for communication between the mainframes and devices and is a major consideration for enterprise data centers. The Cisco MDS Storage Area Network SAN) switches
CISCO-FILTER-GROUP-MIB 63 4/27/2005  (ciscoFilterGroupMIB)
CISCO-FIPS-STATS-MIB 11 3/10/2003  (ciscoFipsStatsMIB)
The Federal Information Processing Standards FIPS) power-up self-test status MIB module
CISCO-FIREWALL-MIB 90 12/6/2005  (ciscoFirewallMIB)
MIB module for monitoring Cisco Firewalls.
CISCO-FIREWALL-TC 8 3/3/2006  (ciscoFirewallTc)
This MIB module defines textual conventions that are commonly used in modeling management information pertaining to configuration, status and activity of firewalls.
CISCO-FLASH-CAPABILITY 9 1/18/2008  (ciscoFlashCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-FLASH-MIB
CISCO-FLASH-MIB 165 3/16/2011  (ciscoFlashMIB)
This MIB provides for the management of Cisco Flash Devices.
CISCO-FLEX-LINKS-CAPABILITY 4 5/18/2010  (ciscoFlexLinksCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-FLEX-LINKS-MIB.
CISCO-FLEX-LINKS-MIB 39 2/4/2010  (ciscoFlexLinksMIB)
CISCO-FLOW-CLONE-MIB 50 10/19/2010  (ciscoFlowCloneMIB)
CISCO-FLOW-MONITOR-MIB 195 4/8/2009  (ciscoFlowMonitorMIB)
CISCO-FLOW-MONITOR-TC-MIB 19 12/9/2008  (ciscoFlowMonitorTcMIB)
CISCO-FRAME-RELAY-MIB 170 10/13/2000  (ciscoFrameRelayMIB)
Cisco Frame Relay MIB
CISCO-FSPF-MIB 102 10/8/2003  (ciscoFspfMIB)
Fabric Shortest Path First FSPF) MIB.
CISCO-FTP-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 2 1/2/2006  (cftpclientCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-FTP-CLIENT-MIB.
CISCO-FTP-CLIENT-MIB 27 3/31/2006  (ciscoFtpClientMIB)
The MIB module for invoking Internet File Transfer Protocol FTP) operations for network management purposes.
CISCO-GATEKEEPER-MIB 149 8/29/2007  (ciscoGatekeeperMIB)
The MIB Module supports the functions of a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is a function of the H.323 Packet Based Multimedia Communications Systems, a standard of TU. The gatekeeper provides address translation and controls access to the network for H.323 ter
CISCO-GDOI-MIB 186 8/31/2010  (ciscoGdoiMIB)
This MIB module defines objects for managing the GDOI protocol. Copyright c) The IETF Trust 2010). This version of this MIB module is part of RFC ????; see the RFC itself for full legal notices.
CISCO-GGSN-CAPABILITY 5 10/9/2006  (cggsnCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-GGSN-MIB
CISCO-GGSN-EXT-MIB 158 3/18/2011  (ciscoGgsnExtMIB)
CISCO-GGSN-GEO-MIB 14 2/19/2010  (cggsnGeoMIB)
This MIB provide additional information for passive interface configured for each OSPF process, independent of object creation in the corresponding OSPF MIB.
CISCO-GGSN-MIB 276 5/4/2012  (cGgsnMIB)
CISCO-GGSN-QOS-CAPABILITY 4 4/8/2003  (ciscoGgsnQosCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-GGSN-QOS-MIB.
CISCO-GGSN-QOS-MIB 87 12/17/2008  (cggsnQosMIB)
CISCO-GPRS-ACC-PT-CAPABILITY 3 4/8/2003 5:50:00 PM  (cgprsAccPtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-GPRS-ACC-PT-MIB.
CISCO-GPRS-ACC-PT-MIB 349 4/4/2012  (ciscoGprsAccPtMIB)
CISCO-GPRS-CHARGING-CAPABILITY 6 2/3/2004  (ciscoGprschargingCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-GPRS-CHARGING-MIB
CISCO-GPRS-CHARGING-MIB 256 3/4/2011  (ciscoGprsChargingMIB)
CISCO-GPRS-GTP-CAPABILITY 3 12/20/2001  (cgprsGtpCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-GPRS-GTP-MIB
CISCO-GPRS-GTP-MIB 83 9/19/2005  (ciscoGprsGtpMIB)
The MIB Module for managing the General Packet Radio ServiceGPRS) Tunnelling ProtocolGTP) on Gateway GPRS Support Node GGSN) and Serving GPRS Support NodeSGSN).
CISCO-GPRS-ISGSN-MIB 14 10/15/1998  (ciscoGprsIsgsnMIB)
CISCO-GSLB-DNS-CAPABILITY 3 3/18/2009  (ciscoGslbDnsCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-GSLB-DNS-MIB.
CISCO-GSLB-DNS-MIB 146 4/9/2007  (ciscoGslbDnsMIB)
CISCO-GSLB-HEALTH-MON-CAPABILITY 2 2/23/2007  (ciscoGslbHealthMonCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-GSLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB.
CISCO-GSLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB 84 4/9/2007  (ciscoGslbHealthMonMIB)
CISCO-GSLB-SYSTEM-CAPABILITY 4 9/14/2011  (ciscoGslbSystemCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-GSLB-SYSTEM-MIB.
CISCO-GSLB-SYSTEM-MIB 101 6/6/2011  (ciscoGslbSystemMIB)
CISCO-GSLB-TC-MIB 14 2/23/2007  (ciscoGslbTcMIB)
CISCO-GTP-CAPABILITY 4 4/2/2003 9:00:00 AM  (ciscoGtpCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-GTP-MIB
CISCO-GTP-DIRECTOR-MIB 27 9/13/2001  (ciscoGtpDirectorMIB)
CISCO-GTP-MIB 227 6/18/2013  (cGtpMIB)
CISCO-GTPV2-MIB 162 5/24/2010  (ciscoGtpv2MIB)
CISCO-H225-MIB 101 11/24/2004  (ciscoH225MIB)
CISCO-H320-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 38 2/23/2006  (ciscoH320DialControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) by providing H.320 call information over a telephony network. ITU-T Recommandation H.320 is the ITU standard covers audio and video to be shared among narrow-band visual telephone systems and ter
CISCO-H323-TC-MIB 11 3/10/2000  (ciscoH323TCMIB)
The MIB Module defines a common set of Textual Conventions used in mib modules supporting ITU-T H.323.0 and ITU-T H.225.0 Recommendations.
CISCO-H324-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 38 2/6/2007  (ciscoH324DialControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) by providing H.324 call information over a telephony network. ITU-T Recommendation H.324 is the ITU standard covers audio and video to be shared among narrow-band visual telephone systems and ter
CISCO-HARDWARE-IP-VERIFY-MIB 15 9/4/2012  (ciscoHardwareIpVerifyMIB)
This MIB module defines management objects for configuration and monitoring of the Intrusion Detection System IDS) that checks for IP packet verification. The following terms are used throughout the MIB: IDS: Intrusion Detection System CRC: Cyclic Redunda
CISCO-HC-ALARM-CAPABILITY 3 8/5/2008  (ciscoHcAlarmCapability)
The capabilities description of HC-ALARM-MIB.
CISCO-HC-ALARM-MIB 39 10/5/2002  (ciscoHcAlarmMIB)
This module defines Remote Monitoring MIB extensions for High Capacity Alarms.
CISCO-HC-RMON-CAPABILITY 3 9/30/2003  (ciscoHcRmonCapability)
The capabilities description of HC-RMON-MIB.
CISCO-HEALTH-MONITOR-MIB 25 9/12/2003 12:30:00 PM  (ciscoHealthMonitorMIB)
CISCO-HOST-RESOURCES-CAPABILITY 3 10/4/2007  (ciscoHostResourcesCapability)
Agent capabilities for HOST-RESOURCES-MIB
CISCO-HSRP-CAPABILITY 3 11/27/2007  (ciscoHsrpCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-HSRP-MIB
CISCO-HSRP-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 11/27/2007  (ciscoHsrpExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-HSRP-EXT-MIB
CISCO-HSRP-EXT-MIB 41 9/2/2010  (ciscoHsrpExtMIB)
CISCO-HSRP-MIB 40 9/6/2010  (ciscoHsrpMIB)
CISCO-HW-MODULE-CONTROL-CAPABILITY 4 9/7/2012  (ciscoHwModuleControlCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-HW-MODULE-CONTROL-MIB.
CISCO-HW-MODULE-CONTROL-MIB 31 8/9/2010  (ciscoHwModuleControlMIB)
CISCO-ICSUDSU-MIB 75 1/21/1996  (ciscoICsuDsuMIB)
Integrated CSU/DSU MIB module. For T1 and Switched 56 kbps interfaces.
CISCO-IDSL-LINE-MIB 162 1/20/2000  (ciscoIdslLineMIB)
CISCO-IEEE8021-CFM-CAPABILITY 3 2/23/2010  (ciscoIeee8021CfmCapability)
The capabilities description of IEEE8021-CFM-MIB.
CISCO-IEEE8021-CFM-EXT-CAPABILITY 2 12/5/2008  (ciscoIeee8021CfmExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IEEE8021-CFM-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-IEEE8021-CFM-EXT-MIB 51 11/13/2008  (ciscoIeee8021CfmExtMIB)
CISCO-IEEE8021-CFM-V2-CAPABILITY 3 2/15/2010  (ciscoIeee8021CfmV2Capability)
The capabilities description of IEEE8021-CFM-V2-MIB.
CISCO-IEEE8021-PAE-CAPABILITY 11 9/5/2012  (ciscoIeee8021PaeCapability)
The capabilities description of IEEE8021-PAE-MIB.
CISCO-IEEE8023-LAG-CAPABILITY 5 4/19/2006  (ciscoIeee8023LagCapability)
The capabilities description of IEEE8023-LAG-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-ATM2-PVCTRAP-MIB 25 2/3/1998  (ciscoIetfAtm2PvctrapMIB)
This MIB Module is a supplement to the ATM-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-BFD-MIB 76 4/16/2011  (ciscoIetfBfdMIB)
CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER-CAPABILITY 3 2/14/2007  (ciscoIetfDhcpSrvCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 2/14/2007  (ciscoIetfDhcpSrvExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER-EXT-MIB 94 3/15/2007  (ciscoIetfDhcpSrvExtMIB)
The MIB module is an extension of the Cisco IETF Dynamic Host Configuration protocol DHCP) MIB.
CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER-MIB 114 3/27/2007  (ciscoIetfDhcpSrvMIB)
The MIB module for entities implementing the server side of the Bootstrap Protocol BOOTP) and the Dynamic Host Configuration protocol DHCP) for Internet Protocol version 4IPv4). This MIB does not include support for Dynamic DNS DDNS) updating nor for the
CISCO-IETF-DOT11-QOS-EXT-MIB 34 4/1/2002  (ciscoIetfDot11QosExtMIB)
This MIB module provides network management support for QoS on IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN devices. This MIB is an extension to QoS MIB defined in IEEE 802.11E standard.
CISCO-IETF-DOT11-QOS-MIB 51 3/28/2002  (ciscoIetfDot11QosMIB)
CISCO-IETF-FRR-CAPABILITY 3 5/23/2003  (ciscoIetfFrrCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IETF-FRR-MIB
CISCO-IETF-FRR-MIB 72 4/29/2008  (cmplsFrrMIB)
This MIB module contains managed object definitions for MPLS Fast Reroute FRR) as defined in:Pan, P., Gan, D., Swallow, G., Vasseur, J.Ph., Cooper, D., Atlas, A., Jork, M., Fast Reroute Techniques in RSVP-TE, draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-lsp-fastreroute- 00.txt,
CISCO-IETF-IP-FORWARD-MIB 72 1/24/2002  (ciscoIetfIpForward)
The MIB module for the management of CIDR multipath IP Routes.
CISCO-IETF-IP-MIB 96 3/4/2002  (ciscoIetfIpMIB)
The MIB module for managing IP and ICMP implementations, but excluding the management of IP routes.
CISCO-IETF-IPMROUTE-CAPABILITY 2 7/27/2005  (ciscoIetfIpMrouteCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IETF-IPMROUTE-MIB
CISCO-IETF-IPMROUTE-MIB 89 8/24/2006  (ciscoIetfIpMRouteMIB)
CISCO-IETF-ISIS-CAPABILITY 2 8/18/2005  (ciscoIetfIsisCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IETF-ISIS-MIB
CISCO-IETF-ISIS-MIB 295 8/16/2005  (ciscoIetfIsisMIB)
This document describes a management information base for the IS-IS Routing protocol, as described in ISO 10589, when it is used to construct routing tables for IP networks, as described in RFC 1195. This MIB is entirely based upon the IETF draft draft-ie
CISCO-IETF-ISNS-MGMT-MIB 299 8/13/2004  (ciscoIetfIsnsMgmtMIB)
The Cisco version of the ISNS Management MIB draft draft-ietf-ips-isns-mib-06.txt from the IETF.
CISCO-IETF-MEGACO-MIB 84 4/28/2003  (ciscoIetfMegacoMIB)
This MIB module is based on the Internet Draft draft-ietf-megaco-mib-05.txt. It defines the attributes of Megaco protocol. Reference: ITU H.248 Rev. COM16-107).
CISCO-IETF-MPLS-ID-STD-03-MIB 12 6/7/2012  (cmplsIdStdMIB)
Copyright c) 2012 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved. This MIB module contains generic object definitions for MPLS Traffic Engineering in transport networks. This module is a cisco-ized version of the IETF d
CISCO-IETF-MPLS-TE-EXT-STD-03-MIB 47 6/6/2012  (cmplsTeExtStdMIB)
Copyright c) 2012 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved. This MIB module contains generic object definitions for MPLS Traffic Engineering in transport networks.This module is a cisco-ized version of the IETF dr
CISCO-IETF-MPLS-TE-P2MP-STD-MIB 75 9/30/2009  (cmplsTeP2mpStdMIB)
CISCO-IETF-MPLS-VPN-CAPABILITY 3 6/25/2003  (ciscoMplsVpnCapability)
Agent capabilities for MPLS-VPN-MIB
CISCO-IETF-MSDP-MIB 85 5/19/2006  (ciscoIetfMsdpMIB)
An experimental MIB module for MSDP Management and Monitoring. Version draft-ietf-mboned-msdp-mib-01.txt is ciscoized
CISCO-IETF-NAT-CAPABILITY 2 9/10/2001  (ciscoIetfNatCapability)
Agent capabilities for NAT-MIB
CISCO-IETF-NAT-MIB 141 3/1/2001  (ciscoIetfNatMIB)
This MIB module defines the generic managed objects for NAT.
CISCO-IETF-PIM-CAPABILITY 2 7/27/2005  (ciscoIetfPimCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IETF-PIM-MIB
CISCO-IETF-PIM-EXT-CAPABILITY 2 7/27/2005  (ciscoIetfPimExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IETF-PIM-EXT-MIB
CISCO-IETF-PIM-EXT-MIB 103 8/25/2006  (ciscoIetfPimExtMIB)
The MIB module which extends PIM management capabilities defined in CISCO-IETF-PIM-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-PIM-MIB 78 2/22/2005  (ciscoIetfPimMIB)
CISCO-IETF-PPVPN-MPLS-VPN-MIB 9 4/17/2003 12:00:00 PM  (ciscoMplsVpnMIB)
This MIB is an extension of the MPLS-VPN-MIB. It contains a new notification, mplsNumVrfRouteMaxThreshCleared, which was added with MPLS-VPN-MIB-DRAFT-05.
CISCO-IETF-PW-ATM-MIB 38 4/19/2005 12:00:00 PM  (cpwVcAtmMIB)
This MIB contains managed object definitions for Pseudo Wire emulation of ATM over Packet Switched NetworksPSN). This MIB reports to the PW-MIB. The PW-MIB contains structures and MIB associations generic to Pseudo-Wire Virtual Circuit VC) emulation. VC-s
CISCO-IETF-PW-CAPABILITY 2 2/9/2005  (ciscoIetfPwCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-PW-ENET-CAPABILITY 2 11/29/2004  (ciscoIetfPwEnetCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IETF-PW-ENET-MIB
CISCO-IETF-PW-ENET-MIB 31 9/22/2002  (cpwVcEnetMIB)
This MIB describes a model for managing Ethernet point-to-point pseudo wire services over a Packet Switched Network PSN).
CISCO-IETF-PW-FR-MIB 31 12/16/2003  (cpwVcFrMIB)
CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB 93 3/17/2004  (cpwVcMIB)
CISCO-IETF-PW-MPLS-CAPABILITY 2 10/6/2004  (cpwVcMplsCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IETF-PW-MPLS-MIB
CISCO-IETF-PW-MPLS-MIB 65 2/26/2003  (cpwVcMplsMIB)
This MIB complements the CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB for PW operation over MPLS.
CISCO-IETF-PW-TC-MIB 8 7/21/2006  (cpwMIB)
This MIB Module provides Textual Conventions and OBJECT-IDENTITY Objects to be used PW services.
CISCO-IETF-PW-TDM-MIB 91 7/21/2006  (cpwCTDMMIB)
This MIB contains managed object definitions for encapsulating TDM T1,E1, T3, E3, NxDS0) as pseudo-wires over packet-switching networks PSN). This MIB supplements the CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB. The CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB contains structures and MIB associations generi
CISCO-IETF-SCTP-CAPABILITY 2 10/24/2001  (ciscoSctpCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-IETF-SCTP-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-SCTP-EXT-CAPABILITY 4 1/21/2002  (ciscoSctpExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-IETF-SCTP-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-IETF-SCTP-EXT-MIB 61 11/9/2001  (cSctpExtMIB)
An extension to the used to provide additional information to manage the Stream Control Transmission Protocol RFC 2960).
CISCO-IETF-SCTP-MIB 94 8/8/2001  (cSctpMIB)
The MIB module for managing SCTP protocol RFC 2960).
CISCO-IETF-VDSL-LINE-MIB 107 4/18/2002  (ciscoIetfVdslMIB)
CISCO-IETF-VPLS-BGP-EXT-MIB 40 10/24/2008  (ciscoIetfVplsBgpExtMIB)
CISCO-IETF-VPLS-GENERIC-MIB 47 10/22/2007  (cvplsGenericMIB)
This MIB module contains generic managed object definitions for Virtual Private LAN Services as in [L2VPN-VPLS-LDP] and [L2VPN-VPLS-BGP] This MIB module enables the use of any underlying Pseudo Wire network. This MIB is based on the following IETF documen
CISCO-IETF-VPLS-LDP-MIB 16 11/22/2007  (cvplsLdpMIB)
This MIB module contains managed object definitions for LDP signalled Virtual Private LAN Services as in [L2VPN-VPLS-LDP] This MIB module enables the use of any underlying Pseudo Wire network. This MIB is based on the following IETF document. http://www1.
CISCO-IETF-VRRP-MIB 60 11/17/2005  (ciscoVrrpMIB)
This MIB describes objects used for managing Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol VRRP) over IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. This MIB supports VRRP for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols simultaneously running on a given interface of a router.
CISCO-IF-CALL-SERVICE-MIB 21 4/25/2003  (ciscoIfCallServiceMIB)
The MIB is used to manage call service state for interfaces on media gateway.
CISCO-IF-CAPABILITY 19 3/17/2008  (ciscoIfCapability)
Agent capabilities for IF-MIB
CISCO-IF-EXTENSION-CAPABILITY 12 3/1/2012  (ciscoIfExtensionCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IF-EXTENSION-MIB.
CISCO-IF-EXTENSION-MIB 151 3/13/2013  (ciscoIfExtensionMIB)
CISCO-IF-LINK-CONFIG-MIB 18 10/5/2001  (ciscoIfLinkConfigMIB)
CISCO-IF-LOOPBACK-MIB 16 11/15/2001  (ciscoIfLoopbackMIB)
The MIB module to configure the loopback on certain interfaces in ifTable with ifType ds1/e1, ds3/e3, ds0 etc.
CISCO-IF-MONITOR-NOTIF-MIB 20 10/11/2002  (cIfMonNotifEntry)
Interface Monitor Notification MIB This MIB module defines the objects for sending notifications when certain errors over an interval have reached/exceeded a threshold, causing a severe condition.
CISCO-IF-THRESHOLD-MIB 71 9/14/2001  (ciscoIfThresholdMIB)
CISCO-IGMP-FILTER-CAPABILITY 2 3/30/2004  (ciscoIgmpFilterCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IGMP-FILTER-MIB.
CISCO-IGMP-FILTER-MIB 37 11/29/2005  (ciscoIGMPFilterMIB)
IGMP Filter configuration MIB. This MIB provides a mechanism for users to configure the system to intercept IGMP joins for IP Multicast groups identified in this MIB and only allow certain ports to join certain multicast groups.
CISCO-IGMP-SNOOPING-CAPABILITY 10 9/12/2012  (ciscoIgmpSnoopingCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IGMP-SNOOPING-MIB.
CISCO-IGMP-SNOOPING-MIB 135 11/8/2007  (ciscoIgmpSnoopingMIB)
CISCO-IKE-CONF-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoCicIkeCfgCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IKE-CONFIGURATION-MIB
CISCO-IKE-CONFIGURATION-MIB 96 9/16/2004  (ciscoIkeConfigMIB)
CISCO-IKE-FLOW-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoIkeFlowCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IKE-FLOW-MIB.
CISCO-IKE-FLOW-EXT-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoIkeFlowExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IKE-FLOW-EXT-MIB
CISCO-IKE-FLOW-EXT-MIB 19 9/14/2004  (ciscoIkeFlowExtMIB)
CISCO-IKE-FLOW-MIB 83 9/14/2004  (ciscoIkeFlowMIB)
CISCO-IMA-CAPABILITY 3 8/15/2002  (ciscoImaCapability)
This file defines agent capabilities for IMA-MIB.
CISCO-IMA-EXT-CAPABILITY 5 11/24/2006  (ciscoImaExtCapability)
Agent Capabilities for CISCO-IMA-MIB.
CISCO-IMAGE-CAPABILITY 6 3/26/2009  (ciscoImageMIBCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IMAGE-MIB.
CISCO-IMAGE-CHECK-MIB 26 5/15/2003  (ciscoImageCheckMIB)
Initial version of Image Check MIB.
CISCO-IMAGE-LICENSE-MGMT-MIB 34 10/16/2007  (ciscoImageLicenseMgmtMIB)
CISCO-IMAGE-MIB 12 8/15/1995  (ciscoImageMIB)
Router image MIB which identify the capabilities and characteristics of the image
CISCO-IMAGE-UPGRADE-MIB 90 11/4/2003  (ciscoImageUpgradeMIB)
CISCO-IMA-MIB 66 3/26/2003  (ciscoImaMIB)
CISCO-INTERFACETOPN-CAPABILITY 2 7/6/2007  (ciscoTopNCapability)
The capabilities description of INTERFACETOPN-MIB.
CISCO-INTERFACETOPN-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 9/7/2012 1:00:00 AM  (ciscoTopNExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-INTERFACETOPN-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-INTERFACETOPN-EXT-MIB 17 10/19/2010  (ciscoInterfaceTopNExtMIB)
This MIB module is an extension to INTERFACETOPN-MIB. It provides additional management information for sorting device interfaces.
CISCO-INTERFACE-XCVR-MONITOR-MIB 23 10/9/2009  (ciscoInterfaceXcvrMonitorMIB)
A MIB module that provides monitoring information about the transceivers plugged into interface on a system.
CISCO-INT-SERV-CAPABILITY 3 6/21/2002  (ciscoIntServCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for INT-SERV-MIB.
CISCO-IP-CAPABILITY 6 8/11/2008  (ciscoIpCapability)
The capabilities description of IP-MIB.
CISCO-IP-CBR-METRICS-MIB 44 6/11/2009  (ciscoIpCbrMetricsMIB)
CISCO-IP-ENCRYPTION-MIB 51 8/15/1995  (ciscoIpEncryptionMIB)
Used to manage the encryption feature.
CISCO-IP-FORWARD-CAPABILITY 2 9/23/2010  (ciscoIpForwardCapability)
The capabilities description of IP-FORWARD-MIB.
CISCO-IP-IF-CAPABILITY 3 4/19/2004  (ciscoIPIfCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IP-IF-MIB.
CISCO-IP-IF-MIB 44 8/8/2008  (ciscoIPIfMIB)
The MIB module for configuring IP characteristics of the interfaces of a device.
CISCO-IP-LOCAL-POOL-MIB 65 11/12/2007  (ciscoIpLocalPoolMIB)
CISCO-IPMCAST-MIB 58 7/30/1994  (ciscoMcastMIB)
The MIB module for Cisco-specific management of IP Multicast in Cisco devices.
CISCO-IPMROUTE-MIB 72 3/7/2005  (ciscoIpMRouteMIB)
The MIB module for management of IP Multicast routing, but independent of the specific multicast routing protocol in use.
CISCO-IP-NW-DISCOVERY-CAPABILITY 2 11/7/2006  (ciscoIpNwDiscoveryCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IP-NW-DISCOVERY-MIB.
CISCO-IP-NW-DISCOVERY-MIB 34 10/3/2006  (cIpNetworkDiscoveryCommand)
CISCO-IP-PROTOCOL-FILTER-CAPABILITY 3 6/9/2008  (ciscoIpProtFilterCapability)
The capabilities description for CISCO-IP-PROTOCOL-FILTER-MIB.
CISCO-IP-PROTOCOL-FILTER-MIB 70 4/20/2005  (ciscoIpProtocolMIB)
CISCO-IP-RAN-BACKHAUL-CAPABILITY 3 7/14/2010  (ciscoIpRanBhCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-IP-RAN-BACKHAUL-MIB.
CISCO-IP-RAN-BACKHAUL-MIB 267 5/4/2010  (ciscoIpRanBackHaulMIB)
CISCO-IPSEC-FLOW-MONITOR-MIB 462 10/24/2007  (ciscoIpSecFlowMonitorMIB)
CISCO-IPSEC-MIB 106 8/7/2000  (ciscoIPsecMIB)
CISCO-IPSEC-POLICY-MAP-MIB 24 8/17/2000  (ciscoIpSecPolMapMIB)
CISCO-IPSEC-PROV-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoIPsecProvCapability)
CISCO-IPSEC-PROVISIONING-MIB 94 11/2/2005  (ciscoIPsecProvisioningMIB)
CISCO-IPSEC-SIGNALING-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoIPsecSigCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IPSEC-SIGNALING-MIB
CISCO-IPSEC-SIGNALING-MIB 139 9/22/2004  (ciscoIPsecSignalingMIB)
CISCO-IPSEC-TC 36 7/22/2004  (ciscoIPsecTc)
This MIB module defines the textual conventions used in the IPsec suite of MIBs. This includes Internet DOI numbers defined in RFC 2407, ISAKMP numbers defined in RFC 2408, and IKE numbers defined in RFC 2409.
CISCO-IPSLA-AUTOMEASURE-MIB 62 6/13/2007  (ciscoIpSlaAutoMIB)
CISCO-IPSLA-ECHO-MIB 75 8/16/2007  (ciscoIpSlaEchoMIB)
CISCO-IPSLA-ETHERNET-CAPABILITY 2 2/8/2006  (ciscoIpSlaEthernetCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IPSLA-ETHERNET-MIB
CISCO-IPSLA-ETHERNET-MIB 199 5/15/2012  (ciscoIpSlaEthernetMIB)
CISCO-IPSLA-JITTER-MIB 60 7/24/2007  (ciscoIpSlaJitterMIB)
This MIB module defines templates for IP SLA operations of UDP Jitter and ICMP Jitter. The UDP Jitter operation is designed to measure the delay variance and packet loss in IP networks by generating synthetic UDP traffic. The ICMP Jitter operation provide
CISCO-IPSLA-TC-MIB 4 3/23/2007  (ciscoIpSlaTCMIB)
This MIB contains textual conventions used by CISCO IPSLA MIBs. Acronyms: FEC: Forward Equivalence Class LPD: Label Path Discovery LSP: Label Switched Path MPLS: Multi Protocol Label Switching RTT: Round Trip Time SAA: Service Assurance Agent SLA: Service
CISCO-IPSLA-VIDEO-MIB 76 6/11/2010  (ciscoIpslaVideoMIB)
CISCO-IPSLA-VIDEO-PROFILE-CAPABILITY 2 6/1/2011  (ciscoIpslaVideoProfileCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IPSLA-VIDEO-PROFILE-MIB
CISCO-IPSLA-VIDEO-PROFILE-MIB 31 1/24/2011  (ciscoIpslaVideoProfileMIB)
CISCO-IP-STAT-MIB 41 12/20/2001  (ciscoIpStatMIB)
Cisco IP Statistics MIB - Overview This MIB incorporates objects to provide support for the Cisco IP statistics as implemented in command interfaces ip accounting [ mac-address input ouput precedence input ouput ] The above CLI provides additional
CISCO-IP-TAP-CAPABILITY 2 9/10/2007  (ciscoIpTapCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-IP-TAP-MIB.
CISCO-IP-TAP-MIB 29 3/11/2004  (ciscoIpTapMIB)
CISCO-IP-UPLINK-REDIRECT-MIB 10 1/22/2001  (ciscoIpUplinkRedirectMIB)
This MIB module is for the configuration of Cisco IP Uplink Redirect feature.
CISCO-IP-URPF-MIB 50 11/12/2004  (ciscoIpUrpfMIB)
CISCO-IPV6-CAPABILITY 2 5/17/2006  (cipv6Capability)
The capabilities description of RFC 2465 Based IPV6-MIB.
CISCO-IPV6-MLD-CAPABILITY 2 1/7/2006  (cipv6mldCapability)
The capabilities description of IPV6-MLD-MIB.
CISCO-ISCSI-GW-MIB 157 4/29/2005  (ciscoIscsiGwMIB)
CISCO-ISCSI-MIB 229 10/5/2002  (ciscoIscsiModule)
The iSCSI Protocol MIB module.
CISCO-ISDN-MIB 36 2/9/2001  (ciscoIsdnMib)
The MIB module to describe the status of the ISDN Interfaces on the routers.
CISCO-ISDNU-IF-MIB 32 3/18/1996  (ciscoIsdnuIfMIB)
ISDN BRI integrated U Interface MIB module. This MIB manages the ISDN BRI integrated U Interface in the router.
CISCO-ISNS-CLIENT-MIB 19 11/10/2003  (ciscoIsnsClientMIB)
MIB module for monitoring and configuring Internet Storage Name Service iSNS) client.
CISCO-ISNS-IP-NW-DISCOVERY-MIB 30 9/8/2004  (ciscoIsnsIpNetDiscoveryMIB)
CISCO-ITP-ACL-CAPABILITY 2 10/24/2001  (ciscoItpAclCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-ACL-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-ACL-MIB 47 8/29/2001  (ciscoItpAclMIB)
CISCO-ITP-ACT-CAPABILITY 2 10/24/2001  (ciscoItpActCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-ACT-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-ACT-MIB 33 12/18/2002  (ciscoItpActMIB)
CISCO-ITP-DSMR-MIB 182  (ciscoItpDsmrMIB)
CISCO-ITP-GACT-CAPABILITY 5 4/26/2007  (ciscoGactCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-GACT-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-GACT-MIB 44 10/1/2003  (ciscoGactMIB)
CISCO-ITP-GRT-CAPABILITY 4 4/25/2007  (ciscoItpGrtCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-GRT-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-GRT-MIB 128 5/1/2008  (ciscoGrtMIB)
CISCO-ITP-GSCCP-CAPABILITY 8 5/17/2007  (ciscoGsccpCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-GSCCP-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-GSCCP-MIB 316 3/5/2010  (ciscoGsccpMIB)
CISCO-ITP-GSP2-CAPABILITY 5 8/25/2004  (ciscoGsp2Capability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-GSP2-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-GSP2-MIB 104 7/9/2008  (ciscoGsp2MIB)
CISCO-ITP-GSP-CAPABILITY 6 7/16/2007  (ciscoGspCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-GSP-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-GSP-MIB 284 3/5/2010  (ciscoGspMIB)
CISCO-ITP-GTCAP-MIB 169 12/24/2008  (ciscoGtcapMIB)
CISCO-ITP-MLR-CAPABILITY 5 5/18/2007  (ciscoMlrCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-MLR-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-MLR-MIB 209 9/22/2004  (ciscoMlrMIB)
CISCO-ITP-MONITOR-CAPABILITY 3 11/23/2004  (ciscoItpMonCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-MONITOR-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-MONITOR-MIB 49 7/20/2004  (ciscoItpmMIB)
The MIB for providing information related to monitoring SS7 links. This information can be used to manage the state of software used to collect all packets transported and received over a SS7 link. Abbreviations: MSU - Message Signalling Unit MTP - Messag
CISCO-ITP-MSU-RATES-CAPABILITY 4 3/20/2007  (ciscoItpMsuRatesCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-MSU-RATES-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-MSU-RATES-MIB 63 2/1/2007  (ciscoItpMsuRatesMIB)
CISCO-ITP-RT-CAPABILITY 3 1/21/2002  (ciscoItpRtCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-RT-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-RT-MIB 39 7/10/2003  (ciscoItpRtMIB)
CISCO-ITP-SCCP-CAPABILITY 3 3/4/2002  (ciscoItpSccpCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-SCCP-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-SCCP-MIB 190 2/3/2003  (ciscoItpSccpMIB)
CISCO-ITP-SP2-CAPABILITY 2 6/5/2002  (ciscoItpSp2Capability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-SP2-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-SP2-MIB 31 9/16/2002  (ciscoItpSp2MIB)
CISCO-ITP-SP-CAPABILITY 3 1/21/2002  (ciscoItpSpCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-SP-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-SP-MIB 335 2/18/2003  (ciscoItpSpMIB)
CISCO-ITP-TC-MIB 80 4/26/2004  (ciscoItpTextualConventions)
CISCO-ITP-XUA-CAPABILITY 10 6/25/2008  (ciscoItpXuaCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-ITP-XUA-MIB.
CISCO-ITP-XUA-MIB 261 6/9/2008  (ciscoItpXuaMIB)
CISCO-IVR-CAPABILITY 2 2/2/2006  (ciscoIvrCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-IVR-MIB
CISCO-IVR-MIB 167 3/3/2005  (ciscoIvrMIB)
CISCO-JOB-MONITORING-CAPABILITY 2 6/7/2007  (ciscoJobMonitoringCapability)
Agent capabilities for Job-Monitoring-MIB
CISCO-L2-CONTROL-CAPABILITY 5 6/30/2007  (ciscoL2ControlCapability)
The Agent capabilities for CISCO-L2-CONTROL-MIB.
CISCO-L2-CONTROL-MIB 102 1/10/2007  (ciscoL2ControlMIB)
The CISCO-L2-CONTROL-MIB is used to control some layer 2 functions, including MAC limit function and unicast flooding. This device could be a router or a switch.
CISCO-L2-DEV-MONITORING-MIB 25 7/22/2003  (ciscoL2DevMonMIB)
This MIB module is for monitoring of active layer 2 devices by hot standby layer 2 devices and the configuration of hot standby switch-over parameters.
CISCO-L2L3-INTERFACE-CONFIG-CAPABILITY 3 2/3/2004  (ciscoL2L3IfConfigCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-L2L3-INTERFACE-CONFIG-MIB.
CISCO-L2L3-INTERFACE-CONFIG-MIB 14 5/10/2000  (ciscoL2L3IfConfigMIB)
Interface switchport mode configuration management MIB. This MIB is used to monitor and control configuration of interface switchport and routed mode.
CISCO-L2-TUNNEL-CONFIG-CAPABILITY 8 5/14/2010  (ciscoL2TunnelConfigCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-L2-TUNNEL-CONFIG-MIB.
CISCO-L2-TUNNEL-CONFIG-MIB 67 2/15/2007  (ciscoL2TunnelConfigMIB)
This MIB module is for layer 2 tunneling related configurations on a device. Tunneling allows separate local networks to be considered as a single VLAN. These separate networks are connected via an ISP, which will tunnel the packets from one network to an
CISCO-L4L7MODULE-REDUNDANCY-CAPABILITY 2 7/23/2008  (ciscoL4l7moduleRedundancyCapability)
The capabilities description for CISCO-L4L7MODULE-REDUNDANCY-MIB.
CISCO-L4L7MODULE-REDUNDANCY-MIB 78 4/4/2008  (ciscoL4L7moduleRedundancyMIB)
The capabilities description for CISCO-L4L7MODULE-RESOURCE-LIMIT-MIB.
CISCO-L4L7MODULE-RESOURCE-LIMIT-MIB 110 2/20/2013  (ciscoL4L7moduleResourceLimitMIB)
CISCO-LAG-CAPABILITY 12 4/2/2012  (ciscoLagCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-LAG-MIB.
CISCO-LAG-MIB 58 10/20/2010  (ciscoLagMIB)
Cisco Link Aggregation module for managing IEEE Std 802.3ad. This MIB provides Link Aggregation information that are either excluded by IEEE Std 802.3ad IEEE8023-LAG-MIB) or specific to Cisco products.
CISCO-LEC-DATA-VCC-MIB 15 1/6/1997  (ciscoLecDataVccMIB)
This MIB module is a Cisco extension to the ATM Forums LANE Client MIB. This extension identifies those VCCs which are being used to carry packets sent on LANE Data Direct VCCs.
CISCO-LEC-EXT-MIB 14 5/9/1997  (ciscoLecExtMIB)
This MIB module is a Cisco extension to the ATM Forums LANE Client MIB.
CISCO-LECS-MIB 87 5/29/1996  (ciscoLecsMIB)
The MIB module for the management of LANE Configuration in Cisco devices.
CISCO-LES-MIB 88 3/7/1996  (ciscoLesMIB)
The MIB module for the management of LANE Service in Cisco devices.
CISCO-LICENSE-MGMT-MIB 139 4/19/2012  (ciscoLicenseMgmtMIB)
CISCO-LICENSE-MGR-CAPABILITY 3 7/21/2008  (ciscoLicenseMgrCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-LICENSE-MGR-MIB.
CISCO-LICENSE-MGR-MIB 64 7/20/2004  (ciscoLicenseMgrMIB)
CISCO-LICENSE-MIB 60 1/31/2004  (ciscoLicenseMIB)
CISCO-LINK-ERROR-MONITOR-CAPABILITY 2 8/5/2004  (ciscoLinkErrorMonitorCapability)
This MIB module describes the capability of CISCO-LINK-ERROR-MONITOR-MIB.
CISCO-LINK-ERROR-MONITOR-MIB 33 11/19/2004  (ciscoLinkErrorMonitorMIB)
The MIB module for managing Link Error Monitoring Feature on devices. Link Error Monitoring Feature provides a mechanism to monitor a certain set of link error counters on an interface and take certain actions when the increase in the error counters betwe
CISCO-LLDP-EXT-MED-CAPABILITY 2 12/2/2009  (ciscoLldpExtMedCapability)
This is the Agent Capabilities definition for LLDP-EXT-MED-MIB
CISCO-LOCAL-DIRECTOR-MIB 96 5/14/2001  (ciscoLocalDirectorMIB)
CISCO-LRE-CPE-MIB 25 3/12/2003  (ciscoLreCpeMIB)
The MIB module for the Cisco Long Reach Ethernet Customer Premise Equipment device information. *** ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, AND SYMBOLS *** CPE - Customer Premise Equipment DSL - Digital Subscriber Loop VDSL - Very High Speed DSL LRE - Long Reach Etherne
CISCO-LWAPP-AAA-MIB 73 7/25/2010  (ciscoLwappAAAMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-ACL-MIB 30 3/4/2010  (ciscoLwappAclMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-AP-MIB 33 1/3/2007  (ciscoLwappApMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-CCX-RM-MIB 45 2/21/2012  (ciscoLwappCcxRmMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-CDP-MIB 46 11/23/2009  (ciscoLwappCdpMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-CLIENT-ROAMING-CAPABILITY 3 2/6/2010  (ciscoLwappClientRoamingCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-LWAPP-CLIENT-ROAMING-MIB.
CISCO-LWAPP-CLIENT-ROAMING-MIB 54 1/29/2010  (ciscoLwappClRoamMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-CALIB-CAPABILITY 2 5/16/2006  (ciscoLwappDot11ClientCalibCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-CALIB-MIB.
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-CALIB-MIB 16 4/11/2006  (ciscoLwappDot11ClientCalibMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-CCX-REPORTS-MIB 72 12/13/2010  (ciscoLwappDot11ClientRmMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-CCX-TC-MIB 12 3/22/2007  (ciscoLwappDot11ClientCCXTextualConventions)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-MIB 52 11/21/2006  (ciscoLwappDot11ClientMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-TS-MIB 33 3/8/2007  (ciscoLwappDot11ClientTsMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-LDAP-MIB 37 12/10/2009  (ciscoLwappDot11LdapMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-MIB 19 1/4/2007  (ciscoLwappDot11MIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-IDS-MIB 31 4/10/2006  (ciscoLwappIdsMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-INTERFACE-MIB 31 5/30/2012  (ciscoLwappInterfaceMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-LINKTEST-MIB 57 4/6/2006  (ciscoLwappLinkTestMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-LOCAL-AUTH-MIB 50 2/9/2010  (ciscoLwappLocalAuthMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-MESH-BATTERY-MIB 35 9/8/2010  (ciscoLwappMeshBatteryMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-MESH-LINKTEST-MIB 49 9/30/2010  (ciscoLwappMeshLinkTestMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-MESH-MIB 100 10/7/2010  (ciscoLwappMeshMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-MESH-STATS-MIB 103 9/1/2010  (ciscoLwappMeshStatsMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-MFP-CAPABILITY 2 5/16/2006  (ciscoLwappMfpCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-LWAPP-MFP-MIB.
CISCO-LWAPP-MFP-MIB 57 1/20/2007  (ciscoLwappMfpMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-MOBILITY-MIB 58 8/23/2010  (ciscoLwappMobilityMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-QOS-CAPABILITY 2 5/15/2006  (ciscoLwappQosCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-LWAPP-QOS-MIB.
CISCO-LWAPP-QOS-MIB 108 7/21/2010  (ciscoLwappQosMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-REAP-MIB 70 10/6/2010  (ciscoLwappReapMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-ROGUE-MIB 64 9/7/2011  (ciscoLwappRogueMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-RRM-MIB 33 2/21/2007  (ciscoLwappRrmMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-SYS-MIB 160 8/6/2012  (ciscoLwappSysMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-TC-MIB 22 2/5/2007  (ciscoLwappTextualConventions)
CISCO-LWAPP-TSM-CAPABILITY 2 5/15/2006  (ciscoLwappTsmCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-LWAPP-TSM-MIB.
CISCO-LWAPP-TSM-MIB 58 1/31/2012  (ciscoLwappTsmMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-WEBAUTH-MIB 38 3/4/2007  (ciscoLwappWebAuthMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-WLAN-MIB 81 3/10/2011  (ciscoLwappWlanMIB)
CISCO-LWAPP-WLAN-SECURITY-MIB 40 1/15/2008  (ciscoLwappWlanSecurityMIB)
CISCO-MAC-AUTH-BYPASS-CAPABILITY 3 3/9/2010  (ciscoMacAuthBypassCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MAC-AUTH-BYPASS-MIB.
CISCO-MAC-AUTH-BYPASS-MIB 23 4/18/2008  (ciscoMabMIB)
CISCO-MAC-NOTIFICATION-CAPABILITY 6 7/9/2007  (ciscoMacNotificationCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MAC-NOTIFICATION-MIB.
CISCO-MAC-NOTIFICATION-MIB 58 6/11/2007  (ciscoMacNotificationMIB)
This MIB module is for configuration of the MAC notification feature. MAC notification is a mechanism to inform monitoring devices when there are MAC addresses learnt or removed from the forwarding database of the monitored devices.
CISCO-MAU-CAPABILITY 6 9/28/2011  (ciscoMauCapability)
The capabilities description of MAU-MIB.
CISCO-MAU-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 10/28/2008  (ciscoMauExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MAU-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-MAU-EXT-MIB 27 3/5/2008  (ciscoMauExtMIB)
A MIB module for extending the MAU-MIB RFC 3636) to add objects which provide additional management information about MAU or Jack not available in MAU-MIB.
CISCO-MDI-METRICS-MIB 48 11/2/2009  (ciscoMdiMetricsMIB)
CISCO-MEDIA-GATEWAY-CAPABILITY 3 2/5/2004  (ciscoMediaGatewayCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-MEDIA-GATEWAY-MIB.
CISCO-MEDIA-GATEWAY-MIB 92 4/7/2003  (ciscoMediaGatewayMIB)
CISCO-MEDIA-QUALITY-CAPABILITY 3 9/23/2011  (ciscoMediaQualityCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-MEDIA-QUALITY-MIB.
CISCO-MEDIA-QUALITY-MIB 223 3/23/2011  (ciscoMediaQualityMIB)
This MIB module enhances the DIAL-CONTROL-MIB RFC2128) by providing call information and voice and video quality statistics of call legs over a telephony and voice over IP network. *** ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS AND SYMBOLS *** ASP - Acoustic Shock Protectio
CISCO-MEDIATRACE-MIB 212 8/23/2012  (ciscoMediatraceMIB)
CISCO-MEETINGPLACE-MIB 46 5/6/2010  (ciscoMeetingPlaceMIB)
This MIB allows management of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace CUMP) features, CUMP is the key conferencing solution component for Cisco Unified Communications. The CUMP MIB runs on the CUMP application server and provides the status/usage information, and mino
CISCO-MEGACO-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 1/19/2004  (ciscoMegacoExtCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-MEGACO-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-MEGACO-EXT-MIB 259 8/29/2006  (ciscoMegacoExtMIB)
The MIB module is an extension of CISCO-IETF-MEGACO-MIB. It defines the attributes of ITU H.248 protocol.
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-CAPABILITY 3 5/2/2006  (ciscoMemoryPoolCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB.
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB 28 7/31/2001  (ciscoMemoryPoolMIB)
MIB module for monitoring memory pools
CISCO-METRO-PHY-MIB 61 11/19/2004  (ciscoMetroPhyMIB)
CISCO-MGC-CAPABILITY 3 2/5/2004  (ciscoMgcCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-MGC-MIB.
CISCO-MGC-MIB 52 4/18/2003  (ciscoMgcMIB)
CISCO-MGX8800-IF-MAPPING-CAPABILITY 4 8/1/2002  (ciscoMgx8800IfMappingCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-MGX8800-IF-MAPPING-MIB. - The cmiMappingCapabilityMgxV3R00 is for MGX8850 Release 3.0.00. - The cmiMappingCapabilityRpmxfV12R02 is for RPM-XF module.
CISCO-MIP-CAPABILITY 5 12/24/2003  (ciscoMIPCapability)
Agent capabilities for MIP-MIB MobileIP MIB).
CISCO-MLD-SNOOPING-CAPABILITY 2 3/2/2010  (ciscoMldSnoopingCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MLD-SNOOPING-MIB.
CISCO-MLD-SNOOPING-MIB 168 7/2/2010  (ciscoMldSnoopingMIB)
CISCO-MMAIL-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 64 2/25/2002  (ciscoMediaMailDialControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) for providing management of dial peers on both a circuit-switched telephony network, and a mail server on IP network.
CISCO-MMODAL-CONTACT-APPS-MIB 343 7/7/2008  (ciscoMmodalContactAppsMIB)
CISCO-MOBILE-IP-CAPABILITY 2 9/9/2005  (ciscoMobileIPCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-MOBILE-IP-MIB MobileIP MIB).
CISCO-MOBILE-IP-MIB 424 6/26/2009  (ciscoMobileIpMIB)
CISCO-MOBILE-POLICY-CHARGING-CONTROL-MIB 140 7/10/2009  (ciscoMobilePolicyChargingControlMIB)
CISCO-MOBILITY-TAP-MIB 28 6/16/2010  (ciscoMobilityTapMIB)
CISCO-MODEM-MGMT-CAPABILITY 2 7/31/2006  (ciscoModemMgmtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-MODEM-MGMT-MIB.
CISCO-MODEM-MGMT-MIB 108 12/6/2005  (ciscoModemMgmtMIB)
This MIB module provides modem call related data for tracking the progress and status of a call.
CISCO-MODULE-AUTO-SHUTDOWN-CAPABILITY 4 10/29/2008  (cmAutoShutdownCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MODULE-AUTO-SHUTDOWN-MIB.
CISCO-MODULE-AUTO-SHUTDOWN-MIB 33 3/12/2008  (ciscoModuleAutoShutdownMIB)
CISCO-MODULE-VIRTUALIZATION-CAPABILITY 3 6/14/2008  (ciscoModuleVirtualizationCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-MODULE-VIRTUALIZATION-MIB.
CISCO-MODULE-VIRTUALIZATION-MIB 36 5/29/2006  (ciscoModuleVirtualizationMIB)
CISCO-MPLS-LSR-EXT-STD-MIB 14 4/30/2012  (cmplsLsrExtStdMIB)
Copyright c) 2012 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved. This MIB module contains generic object definitions for MPLS LSR in transport networks.
CISCO-MPLS-TC-EXT-STD-MIB 5 2/22/2012  (cmplsTcExtStdMIB)
Copyright c) 2012 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved. This MIB module contains Textual Conventions for MPLS based transport networks.
CISCO-MPLS-TE-STD-EXT-MIB 41 5/27/2010  (cmplsTeStdExtMIB)
This MIB module contains Cisco specific managed object definitions for MPLS Traffic Engineering TE), not contained in MPLS-TE-STD-MIB. The auto bandwidth feature enables MPLS TE Tunnels to adapt automatically their bandwidth to their actual load.
CISCO-MPOA-EXT-MIB 30 1/10/2000 12:30:00 PM  (cMpsInterface)
This MIB module is a Cisco extension to the ATM Forums MPOA MIB. This MIB module consists of object groups to retrieve information about MPOA shortcut VCCs and to bind MPOA entities MPC MPS) to physical interfaces.
CISCO-MVPN-MIB 96 2/23/2004  (ciscoMvpnMIB)
This MIB contains managed object definitions for Cisco implementation of multicast in VPNs defined by the Internet draft: draft-rosen-vpn-mcast-05.txt. Note that this MIB works along with the L3VPN-MPLS-VPN-MIB.
CISCO-NAC-NAD-CAPABILITY 5 11/10/2008  (ciscoNacNadCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-NAC-NAD-MIB.
CISCO-NAC-NAD-MIB 130 11/12/2007  (ciscoNacNadMIB)
CISCO-NAC-TC-MIB 6 5/31/2006  (ciscoNacTcMIB)
CISCO-NAT-EXT-MIB 15 6/5/2006  (ciscoNATExtMIB)
This MIB is an extension to the NAT-MIB. This MIB module includes objects for providing the NAT related statistics. Acronyms: NAT Network Address Translation.
CISCO-NBAR-PROTOCOL-DISCOVERY-MIB 95 8/16/2002  (ciscoNbarProtocolDiscoveryMIB)
CISCO-NDE-CAPABILITY 3 1/27/2004  (ciscoNdeCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-NDE-MIB.
CISCO-NDE-MIB 18 3/1/2006  (ciscoNDEMIB)
CISCO-NETFLOW-CAPABILITY 3 8/24/2007  (ciscoNetflowCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-NETFLOW-MIB.
CISCO-NETFLOW-MIB 174 4/27/2006  (ciscoNetflowMIB)
CISCO-NETINT-CAPABILITY 2 7/3/2007  (ciscoNetintCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-NETINT-MIB.
CISCO-NETINT-MIB 13 9/26/2005  (ciscoNetintMIB)
This MIB module is for Network Interrupt information on Cisco device.
CISCO-NETSYNC-MIB 116 10/15/2010  (ciscoNetsyncMIB)
CISCO-NETWORK-REGISTRAR-MIB 89 3/3/2005  (ciscoNetworkRegistrarMIB)
MIB for Cisco Network Registrar CNR).
CISCO-NHRP-EXT-MIB 38 11/21/2008  (ciscoNhrpExtMIB)
CISCO-NMS-APPL-HEALTH-MIB 22 10/24/2001  (ciscoNmsApplHealthMIB)
This MIB defines Cisco NMS Application cna) Health Status Notifications and the related objects. These notifications will be sent to the OSS/NMS to inform them about the NMS application status started, stopped, failed, busy etc.) or any abnormal exit of a
CISCO-NOTIFICATION-CONTROL-MIB 24 9/20/2009  (ciscoNotificationControlMIB)
CISCO-NOTIFICATION-LOG-CAPABILITY 5 12/18/2008  (ciscoNotificationLogCapability)
Agent capabilities for NOTIFICATION-LOG-MIB
CISCO-NPORT-VIRTUALIZATION-MIB 20 6/13/2008  (ciscoNportVirtualizationMIB)
CISCO-NS-MIB 68 8/30/2004  (ciscoNsMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the Cisco Name Server which realizes the FC-GS3 requirements for Name Server NS).
CISCO-NTP-CAPABILITY 4 4/5/2006  (ciscoNtpCapabilityIOS124)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-NTP-MIB.
CISCO-NTP-MIB 87 7/31/2006  (ciscoNtpMIB)
CISCO-OAM-MIB 52 2/17/2006  (ciscoOamPingMIB)
A MIB module for invoking OAM loopback Ping on ATM connections.
CISCO-OBMI-MIB 65 5/28/2009  (ciscoObmiMIB)
CISCO-OPTICAL-IF-CROSS-CONNECT-MIB 36 3/13/2002  (ciscoOpticalIfCrossConnectMIB)
CISCO-OPTICAL-IF-EXTN-MIB 50 11/19/2004  (ciscoOpticalIfExtnMIB)
A MIB module containing extensions to the IF-MIB for optical interfaces.
CISCO-OPTICAL-MONITOR-CAPABILITY 2 1/8/2007  (ciscoOpticalMonitorCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-OPTICAL-MONITOR-MIB.
CISCO-OPTICAL-MONITORING-MIB 21 12/4/2001 11:30:00 AM  (ciscoOpticalMonitoringMIB)
This MIB module is used to monitor optical parameters of a network element.This MIB deals with the operating parameters of the optical layer. The optical layer is a term that defines all the devices/systems that deal with the conversion of data in its ele
CISCO-OPTICAL-MONITOR-MIB 82 1/2/2007  (ciscoOpticalMonitorMIB)
This MIB module defines objects to monitor optical characteristics and set corresponding thresholds on the optical interfaces in a network element.
CISCO-OPTICAL-PATCH-MIB 39 3/18/2002  (ciscoOpticalPatchMIB)
CISCO-OSCP-MIB 51 5/18/2001  (ciscoOscpMIB)
CISCO-OSPF-CAPABILITY 2 4/26/2007  (ciscoOspfCapability)
Agent capabilities for the OSPF MIB.
CISCO-OSPF-MIB 110 7/18/2003  (cospf)
An extension to the MIB module defined in RFC 1850 for managing OSPF implimentation. Most of the MIB definitions are based on the IETF draft < draft-ietf-ospf-mib-update-05.txt > . Support for OSPF Sham link is also added
CISCO-OSPF-TRAP-CAPABILITY 3 11/24/2002  (ciscoOspfTrapCapability)
Agent capabilities for the OSPF TRAP MIB.
CISCO-OSPF-TRAP-MIB 30 7/18/2003  (ciscoOspfTrapMIB)
This MIB module describes new/modified notification objects/events, which are defined in the latest version for OSPF MIB IETF draft draftietf-ospf-mib-update-05.txt. Support for OSPF Sham link is also added
CISCO-OTN-IF-CAPABILITY 2 10/20/2007  (ciscoOtnIfMIBCapability)
capabilities description for CISCO-OTN-IF-MIB
CISCO-OTN-IF-MIB 152 1/24/2011  (ciscoOtnIfMIB)
CISCO-OUTAGE-MONITOR-MIB 67 9/9/2002  (ciscoOutageMIB)
CISCO-P2P-IF-MIB 21 8/12/2008  (ciscoP2PIfMIB)
CISCO-PACKET-CAPTURE-CAPABILITY 3 10/23/2008  (ciscoPacketCaptureCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-PACKET-CAPTURE-MIB.
CISCO-PACKET-CAPTURE-MIB 108 7/7/2008  (ciscoPacketCaptureMIB)
The MIB module for the management of packet capture feature.
CISCO-PAE-CAPABILITY 18 3/22/2010  (ciscoPaeCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-PAE-MIB.
CISCO-PAE-MIB 219 12/10/2009  (ciscoPaeMIB)
Cisco Port Access Entity PAE) module for managing IEEE Std 802.1x. This MIB provides Port Access Entity information that are either excluded by IEEE8021-PAE-MIB or specific to Cisco products.
CISCO-PAGP-CAPABILITY 7 9/27/2011  (ciscoPagpCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-PAGP-MIB.
CISCO-PAGP-MIB 61 10/20/2010  (ciscoPagpMIB)
CISCO-P-BRIDGE-CAPABILITY 3 1/14/2004  (ciscoPBridgeCapability)
The agent capabilities description of P-BRIDGE-MIB.
CISCO-PIM-MIB 27 11/2/2000  (ciscoPimMIB)
This MIB module defines the cisco specific variables for Protocol Independent Multicast PIM) management. These definitions are an extension of those defined in the IETF PIM MIB RFC 2934).
CISCO-PING-CAPABILITY 3 3/15/2006  (ciscoPingCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-PING-MIB.
CISCO-PING-MIB 33 8/28/2001  (ciscoPingMIB)
Modified description of ciscoPingAddress object.
CISCO-PMON-MIB 16  (ciscoPmonMIB)
This MIB module is for providing the port monitoring information.
CISCO-PNNI-CAPABILITY 3 5/2/2002  (ciscoPnniCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for PNNI-MIB.
CISCO-PNNI-MIB 48 10/28/1996  (ciscoPnniMIB)
The MIB module for managing Cisco specific extensions to the ATM Forum PNNI MIB.
CISCO-POE-PD-MIB 18 5/5/2004  (ciscoPoePdMIB)
CISCO-POLICY-GROUP-CAPABILITY 2 6/26/2006  (ciscoPolicyGroupCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-POLICY-GROUP-MIB.
CISCO-POLICY-GROUP-MIB 43 1/13/2006  (ciscoPolicyGroupMIB)
The MIB module is for configuration of policy and policy group. A policy group can be described as a set of entities identified by IP addresses or other means. Members of a policy group will be subjected to the same policy. In this MIB, user can apply a p
CISCO-POP-MGMT-CAPABILITY 2 10/12/2005  (ciscoPopMgmtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB.
CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB 145 12/21/2005  (ciscoPopMgmtMIB)
Cisco Point Of Presence Management MIB to provide DSX1 and DSX0 facilities management and call summaries.
CISCO-PORT-CHANNEL-MIB 46 9/13/2004  (ciscoPortChannelMIB)
The MIB module for management of Port Channel ports. In addition to this MIB, CISCO-FC-FE-MIB and interface mib rfc2863) will also contain entries for Port Channel ports.
CISCO-PORT-QOS-CAPABILITY 3 9/25/2008  (ciscoPortQosCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB
CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB 122 9/10/2008  (ciscoPortQosMIB)
CISCO-PORT-SECURITY-CAPABILITY 3 7/14/2005  (ciscoPortSecurityCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-PORT-SECURITY-MIB.
CISCO-PORT-SECURITY-MIB 90 5/8/2009  (ciscoPortSecurityMIB)
The MIB module for managing Cisco Port Security.
CISCO-PORT-STORM-CONTROL-CAPABILITY 5 9/7/2012  (ciscoPortStormControlCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-PORT-STORM-CONTROL-MIB.
CISCO-PORT-STORM-CONTROL-MIB 48 10/19/2007  (ciscoPortStormControlMIB)
The MIB module for managing Cisco Port Storm Control.
CISCO-PORT-TRACK-MIB 21 4/27/2005  (ciscoPortTrackMIB)
CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-CAPABILITY 7 9/4/2012  (ciscoPowerEthernetCapability)
The capabilities description of POWER-ETHERNET-MIB.
CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-EXT-CAPABILITY 12 12/12/2012  (ciscoPowerEthernetExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-EXT-MIB 78 7/18/2011  (ciscoPowerEthernetExtMIB)
CISCO-PPPOE-MIB 34 12/21/2005  (ciscoPppoeMIB)
Cisco PPPoE sessions management MIB Module.
CISCO-PREFERRED-PATH-MIB 67 10/26/2006  (ciscoPrefPathMIB)
CISCO-PRINTER-CAPABILITY 2 6/7/2007  (ciscoPrinterCapability)
Agent capabilities for Printer-MIB
CISCO-PRIVATE-VLAN-CAPABILITY 4 3/31/2004  (ciscoPrivateVlanCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-PRIVATE-VLAN-MIB.
CISCO-PRIVATE-VLAN-MIB 67 9/8/2005  (ciscoPrivateVlanMIB)
The MIB module to support Private VLAN feature on Ciscos switching devices.
CISCO-PROCESS-CAPABILITY 16 3/18/2009  (ciscoProcessCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-PROCESS-MIB
CISCO-PROCESS-MIB 185 5/6/2010  (ciscoProcessMIB)
The MIB module to describe active system processes. Virtual Machine refers to those OS which can run the code or process of a different executional model OS. Virtual Process assume the executional model of a OS which is different from Native OS. Virtual P
CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB 1607 7/19/2013  (ciscoGatewayServer)
This module defines the object identifiers that are assigned to various hardware platforms, and hence are returned as values for sysObjectID
CISCO-PROP-ATM-IF-MIB 63 12/4/2002  (ciscoPropAtmIfMIB)
This MIB is designed for Propietary ATM propAtm) interfaces. The propAtm interfaces are identified in the ifTable entries with ifType 197 as defined in IANAifType-MIB). This interface is a switch virtual interface which does not have any physical connecto
CISCO-PROXY-CONTROL-MIB 73 2/11/2009  (ciscoProxyControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) by providing Proxy management information. *** ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS AND SYMBOLS *** GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication AMR-NB - Adaptive Multi Rate - Narrow Band iLBC - internet Low
CISCO-PSA-MICROCODE-MIB 29 6/18/2002  (ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIB)
CISCO-PSD-CLIENT-MIB 40 8/24/2005  (ciscoPsdClientMIB)
CISCO-PSM-MIB 251 10/15/2004  (ciscoPsmMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the Port Security Manager PSM). The PSM consists of 2 aspects: Port binding and Fabric binding. Port binding is concerned with the security of switch ports and Fabric binding with the security of the SAN fabric as a wh
CISCO-PSM-MIB-CAPABILITY 3 8/5/2003  (ciscoPsmMibCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-PSM-MIB
CISCO-PTOPO-EXTN-MIB 22 5/12/2002  (ciscoPtopoExtnMIB)
This MIB module contains extensions to the PTOPO-MIB that provide support to distinguish between bidirectional and unidirectional physical topology connections. It also introduces a table that allows configuration of dynamic learning of the physical topol
CISCO-PTP-MIB 212 1/28/2011  (ciscoPtpMIB)
CISCO-Q-BRIDGE-CAPABILITY 5 9/27/2011  (ciscoQBridgeCapability)
The capabilities description of Q-BRIDGE-MIB.
CISCO-QINQ-VLAN-MIB 30 11/29/2004  (ciscoQinqVlanMIB)
CISCO-QLLC01-MIB 57 11/9/1994  (snaqllc01)
This is the MIB module for objects used to manage the QLLC protocol.
CISCO-QOS-PIB-CAPABILITY 3 8/14/2003  (ciscoQosPibCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-QOS-PIB-MIB.
CISCO-QOS-PIB-MIB 189 8/29/2007  (ciscoQosPIBMIB)
The Cisco QOS Policy PIB for provisioning QOS policy.
CISCO-QOS-POLICY-CONFIG-CAPABILITY 3 6/28/2007  (ciscoQosPolicyConfigCapability)
The Agent capabilities for CISCO-QOS-POLICY-CONFIG-MIB
CISCO-QOS-POLICY-CONFIG-MIB 34 11/2/2000  (ciscoQosPolicyConfigMIB)
CISCO-QOS-TC-MIB 8 3/5/2007  (ciscoQosTcMIB)
This module defines the textual conventions used within Cisco Qos MIBs.
CISCO-QUEUE-MIB 28 5/31/1995  (ciscoQueueMIB)
This is the MIB module for objects used to manage interface queuing in Cisco devices.
CISCO-RADIUS-ACC-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 2 3/6/2006  (ciscoRadiusAccClientCapability)
The capabilities description of RADIUS-ACC-CLIENT-MIB
CISCO-RADIUS-AUTH-CLIENT-CAPABILITY 2 3/6/2006  (ciscoRadiusAuthClientCapability)
The capabilities description of RADIUS-AUTH-CLIENT-MIB
CISCO-RADIUS-CAPABILITY 4 5/21/2008  (ciscoRadiusCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-RADIUS-MIB.
CISCO-RADIUS-MIB 79 2/6/2009  (ciscoRadiusMIB)
CISCO-REMOTE-ACCESS-MONITOR-MIB 165 2/3/2004  (ciscoRemoteAccessMonitorMIB)
CISCO-REPEATER-MIB 33 12/5/1995  (ciscoRptrMIB)
CISCO-RESILIENT-ETHERNET-PROTOCOL-MIB 78 1/11/2011  (ciscoResilientEthernetProtocolMIB)
CISCO-RFC1213-CAPABILITY 7 10/27/2003  (ciscoRFC1213Capability)
Agent capabilities for the RFC1213-MIB MIB-II)
CISCO-RFC1406-CAPABILITY 5 10/22/2002  (ciscoRFC1406Capability)
Agent capabilities for RFC1406-MIB DS1 MIB)
CISCO-RFC1407-CAPABILITY 3 8/17/2001  (ciscoRFC1407Capability)
Agent capabilities for RFC1407-MIB DS3 MIB)
CISCO-RF-CAPABILITY 6 8/20/2003  (ciscoRFCapabilityV12R0111bEXCat6k)
Added agent Capabilities for CISCO-RF-MIB shipped as part of the Cisco IOS 12.1 release.
CISCO-RF-MIB 96 9/1/2005  (ciscoRFMIB)
CISCO-RF-SUPPLEMENTAL-MIB 45 5/27/2004  (ciscoRfSupMIB)
CISCO-RHINO-MIB 125 3/29/2001  (ciscoLS1010ChassisMIB)
-Added enum sixPortDS3 for ciscoLS1010SubModuleType. -Added enum nodeSwitchProcessor2ndGeneration for ciscoLS1010ModuleType. -Added enum ac175W for psType. -Added Group object for Notification objects.
CISCO-RMON2-CAPABILITY 3 10/1/2003  (ciscoRmon2Capability)
The capabilities description of RMON2-MIB.
CISCO-RMON-CAPABILITY 3 8/4/2008  (ciscoRmonCapability)
The capabilities description of RMON-MIB.
CISCO-RMON-CONFIG-CAPABILITY 9 10/28/2008  (ciscoRmonConfigCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-RMON-CONFIG-MIB.
CISCO-RMON-CONFIG-MIB 122 5/2/2008  (ciscoRmonConfigMIB)
CISCO-ROUTE-POLICIES-MIB 6 8/18/2006  (ciscoRoutePoliciesMIB)
CISCO-RPMS-MIB 68 4/17/2002  (ciscoRpmsMIB)
CISCO-RS-232-CAPABILITY 4 5/16/2002  (ciscoRS232Capability)
Agent capabilities for RS-232-MIB
CISCO-RSCN-MIB 61 9/1/2008  (ciscoRscnMIB)
CISCO-RSRB-MIB 49 8/21/1995  (ciscoRsrbMIB)
CISCO-RSVP-CAPABILITY 3 6/21/2002  (ciscoRsvpCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for RSVP-MIB.
CISCO-RTP-METRICS-MIB 63 6/17/2009  (ciscoRtpMetricsMIB)
CISCO-RTTMON-CAPABILITY 7 3/2/2006  (ciscoRttMonCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-RTTMON-MIB
CISCO-RTTMON-ICMP-MIB 123 8/9/2005  (rttMonIcmpJitterStatsTable)
An extension to the CISCO-RTTMON-MIB for ICMP operations. The ICMP Jitter operation provides capability to measure metrics such as RTT Round Trip Time), Jitter, packet loss, one-way latency by sending ICMP TIMESTAMP stream to the destination devices.
CISCO-RTTMON-IP-EXT-MIB 45 8/2/2006  (ciscoRttMonIPExtMIB)
This MIB contains extensions to tables in CISCO-RTTMON-MIB to support IP-layer extensions, specifically IPv6 addresses and other information related to IPv6 and other IP information
CISCO-RTTMON-MIB 611 8/16/2012  (ciscoRttMonMIB)
CISCO-RTTMON-RTP-MIB 90 8/9/2005  (rttMonRtpStatsTable)
CISCO-RTTMON-TC-MIB 15 5/25/2012  (ciscoRttMonTCMIB)
CISCO-SAA-APM-MIB 38 10/10/2000  (ciscoSaaApmMIB)
CISCO-SAN-BASE-SVC-MIB 63 6/11/2009  (ciscoSanBaseSvcMIB)
CISCO-SANTAP-MIB 18 2/2/2005  (ciscoSanTapMIB)
CISCO-SCSI-FLOW-MIB 103 1/6/2005  (ciscoScsiFlowMIB)
CISCO-SCSI-MIB 201 12/31/2002  (ciscoScsiMIB)
The Cisco version of the SCSI MIB draft draft-ietf-ips-scsi-mib-03.txt from the IETF.
CISCO-SCTP-CAPABILITY 2 6/5/2001  (ceSctpCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-SCTP-MIB.
CISCO-SCTP-MIB 115 12/21/2005  (ceSctpMIB)
The MIB module for managing SCTP implementation.
CISCO-SDLLC-MIB 31 12/17/1998  (ciscoSnaSdllcMIB)
CISCO-SDSL-LINE-MIB 184 8/20/2001  (ciscoSdslLineMIB)
CISCO-SECURE-SHELL-CAPABILITY 2 4/19/2004  (ciscoSecureShellCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SECURE-SHELL-MIB.
CISCO-SECURE-SHELL-MIB 40 6/1/2005  (ciscoSecureShellMIB)
CISCO-SELECTIVE-VRF-DOWNLOAD-MIB 40 6/22/2011  (ciscoSelectiveVrfDownloadMIB)
CISCO-SERVICE-CONTROL-ATTACK-MIB 43 5/5/2009  (ciscoServiceControlAttackMIB)
CISCO-SERVICE-CONTROLLER-MIB 35 3/3/2011  (ciscoServiceControllerMIB)
CISCO-SERVICE-CONTROL-LINK-MIB 23 6/26/2007  (ciscoServiceControlLinkMIB)
This MIB module provides information about the status and configuration of links used by service control entities. The link on a service control entity is a contained entity that joins subscriber side ports) to network side ports).
CISCO-SERVICE-CONTROL-RDR-MIB 59 8/14/2007  (ciscoServiceControlRdrMIB)
CISCO-SERVICE-CONTROL-SUBSCRIBERS-MIB 39 5/22/2007  (ciscoServiceControlSubscribersMIB)
CISCO-SERVICE-CONTROL-TP-STATS-MIB 41 7/22/2007  (ciscoServiceControlTpStatsMIB)
CISCO-SERVICE-ENGINE-MIB 370 12/3/2012  (cdsHlsGroup)
Added Generic Session counters for cdsGenericSessionGroup.
CISCO-SESS-BORDER-CTRLR-CALL-STATS-MIB 152 8/27/2008  (ciscoSbcCallStatsMIB)
CISCO-SESS-BORDER-CTRLR-EVENT-MIB 133 12/6/2010  (ciscoSessBorderCtrlrEventMIB)
CISCO-SESS-BORDER-CTRLR-STATS-MIB 115 9/15/2010  (ciscoSbcStatsMIB)
CISCO-SEU-MITIGATION-MIB 54 6/24/2009  (ciscoSeuMitigationMIB)
CISCO-SIBU-FLASH-MIB 17 10/23/1998  (ciscoSibuFlashMIB)
The MIB module that provides a simple mechanism to support firmware upgrade on Cisco low end devices.
CISCO-SIBU-MANAGERS-MIB 38 10/23/1998  (ciscoSibuManagersMIB)
The MIB module that provides a simple configuration of management interfaces on managed devices.
CISCO-SIBU-STACKABLE-DUAL-SPEED-HUB-MIB 57 10/23/1998  (ciscoSibuStackableDualSpeedHubMIB)
The MIB module that extends the REPEATER-MIB to manage CISCO low end stackable repeater products. For the purpose of this mib, a hub is a repeater group and stack is collection of one or more hubs interconnected via stack bus connectors.
CISCO-SIP-CALLS-MIB 52 4/16/2004  (ciscoSipCallsMIB)
CISCO-SIP-UA-CAPABILITY 7 6/22/2005  (ciscoSipUaCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-SIP-UA-MIB.
CISCO-SIP-UA-MIB 316 2/19/2004  (ciscoSipUaMIB)
CISCO-SLB-CAPABILITY 7 7/24/2008  (ciscoSlbCapability)
Agent capabilities for the SLB-MIB
CISCO-SLB-DFP-MIB 22 1/29/2009  (ciscoSlbDfpMIB)
CISCO-SLB-EXT-CAPABILITY 5 7/2/2008  (ciscoSlbExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB 388 3/13/2008  (ciscoSlbExtMIB)
CISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-CAPABILITY 4 7/3/2008  (ciscoSlbHealthMonCapapbility)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB.
CISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB 152 6/26/2008  (cslbxProbeCfgTable)
CISCO-SLB-MIB 300 5/15/2008  (ciscoSlbMIB)
CISCO-SMART-INSTALL-MIB 89 4/30/2010  (ciscoSmartInstallMIB)
CISCO-SME-MIB 60 3/28/2008  (ciscoSmeMIB)
CISCO-SM-FILE-DOWNLOAD-MIB 27 5/21/2002  (ciscoSmFileDownloadMIB)
The MIB module for downloading files to the Service Modules specifically designed for an architecture containing a controller card and a group of sub- ordinate cards or service modules as in a Switch). These files could contain information for performing
CISCO-SMI 54 8/29/2012  (cisco)
The Structure of Management Information for the Cisco enterprise.
CISCO-SMON-CAPABILITY 5 1/22/2004  (ciscoSmonCapability)
Agent capabilities for SMON-MIB.
CISCO-SNA-LLC-MIB 169 5/10/1995  (ciscoSnaLlcMIB)
This is the MIB module for objects used to manage LLC devices.
CISCO-SNAPSHOT-MIB 30 8/15/1995  (ciscoSnapshotMIB)
Snapshot routing MIB
CISCO-SNMP-COMMUNITY-CAPABILITY 4 8/4/2008  (ciscoSnmpCommunityCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-FRAMEWORK-CAPABILITY 4 11/12/2007  (ciscoSnmpFrameworkCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-MPD-CAPABILITY 4 2/11/2008  (ciscoSnmpMpdCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-MPD-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-NOTIFICATION-CAPABILITY 5 6/25/2008  (ciscoSnmpNotificationCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-NOTIFICATION-EXT-MIB 16 5/12/2004  (ciscoSnmpNotificationExtMIB)
This MIB extends the functionality provided by SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB. This MIB provides for the aging of the notification filters specified in the SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-TARGET-CAPABILITY 5 7/21/2008  (ciscoSnmpTargetCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-TARGET-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-TARGET-EXT-MIB 29 11/7/2008  (ciscoSnmpTargetExtMIB)
CISCO-SNMP-USM-CAPABILITY 4 8/1/2008  (ciscoSnmpUsmCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-USER-BASED-SM-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-USM-OIDS-MIB 5 2/28/2006  (ciscoSnmpUsmOidsMIB)
CISCO-SNMPv2-CAPABILITY 9 11/12/2007  (ciscoSnmpV2Capability)
Agent capabilities for SNMPv2-MIB
CISCO-SNMP-VACM-CAPABILITY 4 8/4/2008  (ciscoSnmpVacmCapability)
The capabilities description of SNMP-VIEW-BASED-ACM-MIB.
CISCO-SNMP-VACM-EXT-MIB 14 5/19/2004  (ciscoSnmpVacmExtMIB)
CISCO-SONET-CAPABILITY 6 2/19/2004  (ciscoSonetCapability)
Agent capabilities for SONET-MIBRFC 2558). ciscoSonetCapabilityAxsmV2R01 for AXSM module. ciscoSonetCapabilitySrmeV3R00 for SRME module. ciscoSonetCapabilityAxsmxgV4R00 for AXSM-XG module. ciscoSonetCapabilityV5R00 for VXSM, SRME and MPSM module.
CISCO-SONET-EXT-CAPABILITY 8 12/23/2003  (ciscoSonetExtCapability)
CISCO-SONET-MIB 151 3/7/2003  (ciscoSonetMIB)
The MIB module to describe SONET/SDH interfaces objects. This is an extension to the standard SONET MIBRFC 2558).
CISCO-SP-CAPABILITY 2 6/6/2001  (cSpCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-SP-MIB.
CISCO-SP-MIB 424 1/16/2006  (ciscoSpMIB)
CISCO-SRP-CAPABILITY 2 5/26/2000  (ciscoSrpCapability)
Initial version of this MIB module.
CISCO-SRP-MIB 215 12/19/2005  (ciscosrpMIB)
The MIB module to describe objects for Spatial Reuse Protocol SRP) interface layer.
CISCO-SRST-MIB 115 2/27/2007  (ciscoSrstMIB)
CISCO-SSG-CAPABILITY 2 8/13/2004  (ciscoSsgCapability)
This is the Agent Capability MIB for CISCO-SSG-MIB.
CISCO-SSG-MIB 181 12/22/2005  (ciscoSsgMIB)
CISCO-SSL-PROXY-CAPABILITY 3 4/8/2008  (ciscoSslProxyCapability)
Agent capabilities for the CISCO-SSL-PROXY-MIB
CISCO-SSL-PROXY-MIB 300 9/18/2012  (ciscoSslProxyMIB)
CISCO-SSM-PROV-MIB 30 2/15/2005  (ciscoSsmProvMIB)
CISCO-STACK-CAPABILITY 5 3/19/2008  (ciscoStackCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-STACK-MIB.
CISCO-STACKMAKER-MIB 15 10/31/1996  (ciscoStackMakerMIB)
The MIB module for Cisco Systems StackMaker.
CISCO-STACK-MIB 791 6/16/2012  (ciscoStackMIB)
This MIB provides configuration and runtime status for chassis, modules, ports, etc. on the Catalyst systems.
CISCO-STACKWISE-MIB 96 12/12/2011  (ciscoStackWiseMIB)
CISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-CAPABILITY 11 9/30/2011  (ciscoStpExtensionsCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB.
CISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB 288 12/20/2005  (ciscoStpExtensionsMIB)
The MIB module for managing Cisco extensions to the 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol STP).
CISCO-ST-TC 18 8/8/2012  (storageTextualConventions)
This module defines textual conventions used in Storage Area Network technology specific mibs.
CISCO-STUN-MIB 44 8/21/1995  (ciscoStunMIB)
CISCO-SUBSCRIBER-IDENTITY-TC-MIB 19 12/23/2011  (ciscoSubscriberIdentityTcMIB)
This MIB module defines textual conventions describing subscriber session identities. A subscriber session identity consists of data associated with a subscriber session serving as credentials used to determine authority, status, rights, or entitlement to
CISCO-SUBSCRIBER-SESSION-MIB 200 8/8/2012  (ciscoSubscriberSessionMIB)
CISCO-SUBSCRIBER-SESSION-TC-MIB 5 1/27/2012  (ciscoSubscriberSessionTcMIB)
This MIB module defines textual conventions describing subscriber sessions.
CISCO-SVC-INTERFACE-MIB 111 9/21/2004  (ciscoSvcInterfaceMIB)
MIB module for displaying and configuring SVC SAN Volume Controller) related features in the Storage Area Network SAN) switches. SVC is the SAN Volume Controller that implements the specialized virtualization and caching features for storage attached to a
CISCO-SVI-AUTOSTATE-CAPABILITY 4 4/8/2004  (ciscoSVIAutostateCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SVI-AUTOSTATE-MIB.
CISCO-SVI-AUTOSTATE-MIB 19 4/6/2004  (ciscoSVIAutostateMIB)
The MIB module is for configuration of the switch virtual interface SVI) autostate feature. Autostate feature is a mechanism to calculate the state of a SVI dynamically when some condition occurs such as a failure of a participating interface in that SVI.
CISCO-SWITCH-CEF-CAPABILITY 3 9/7/2012  (ciscoSwitchCefCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-CEF-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-CEF-MIB 35 12/15/2011  (ciscoSwitchCefMIB)
This MIB module defines management objects for the CEF features on Cisco Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices. Definition of some of the terms used in this MIB: CEF - Cisco Express Forwarding. VPN - Virtual private network. VRF - VPN Routing and Forwarding instanc
CISCO-SWITCH-CGMP-MIB 18 5/7/1998  (ciscoSwitchCgmpMIB)
Switch-side Cisco Group Management Protocol MIB for Layer 2 Switch devices.
CISCO-SWITCH-ENGINE-CAPABILITY 19 9/10/2012  (ciscoSwitchEngineCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-ENGINE-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-ENGINE-MIB 389 2/13/2013  (ciscoSwitchEngineMIB)
CISCO-SWITCH-FABRIC-MIB 24 6/12/2012  (ciscoSwitchFabricMIB)
This MIB module defined managed objects that facilitates the management of switching fabric information in a Cisco switch.
CISCO-SWITCH-HARDWARE-CAPACITY-CAPABILITY 3 9/28/2011 12:01:00 AM  (cSwitchHwCapacityCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-HARDWARE-CAPACITY-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-HARDWARE-CAPACITY-MIB 156 5/8/2013  (ciscoSwitchHardwareCapacityMIB)
CISCO-SWITCH-MULTICAST-CAPABILITY 3 10/30/2008  (ciscoSwitchMulticastCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-MULTICAST-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-MULTICAST-MIB 44 3/20/2008  (ciscoSwitchMulticastMIB)
CISCO-SWITCH-NETFLOW-CAPABILITY 3 9/11/2012  (ciscoSwitchNetflowCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-NETFLOW-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-QOS-CAPABILITY 6 9/26/2011  (ciscoSwitchQosCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-QOS-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-QOS-MIB 246 11/17/2010  (ciscoSwitchQosMIB)
CISCO-SWITCH-RATE-LIMITER-CAPABILITY 2 7/27/2011  (ciscoSwitchRateLimiterCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-RATE-LIMITER-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-RATE-LIMITER-MIB 32 5/16/2011  (ciscoSwitchRateLimiterMIB)
This MIB module defines management objects for the Switch Rate Limiter features on Cisco Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices. Rate limits prevents redirected control packets for egress exceptions from overwhelming the supervisor module on a device.
CISCO-SWITCH-STATS-CAPABILITY 2 11/11/2010  (ciscoSwitchStatsCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SWITCH-STATS-MIB.
CISCO-SWITCH-STATS-MIB 113 1/30/2013  (ciscoSwitchStatsMIB)
The MIB module provides management information for configuration and monitoring of traffic statistics on Ciscos switching devices.
CISCO-SWITCH-USAGE-MIB 17 5/2/2001  (ciscoSwitchUsageMIB)
CISCO-SYSAPPL-CAPABILITY 2 9/14/2007  (ciscoSysApplCapability)
Agent capabilities for SYSAPPL-MIB
CISCO-SYS-INFO-LOG-CAPABILITY 3 8/24/2005  (ciscoSysInfoLogCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SYS-INFO-LOG-MIB.
CISCO-SYS-INFO-LOG-MIB 42 8/12/2005  (ciscoSysInfoLogMIB)
This MIB provides the configuration of System Information Logging feature, which allows a certain number of commands to be executed periodically via command line interface, and stores the result into a file on a configured server.
CISCO-SYSLOG-CAPABILITY 7 1/22/2010 2:32:00 PM  (ciscoSyslogCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-SYSLOG-MIB.
CISCO-SYSLOG-EVENT-EXT-MIB 21 2/12/2002  (ciscoSyslogEventExtMIB)
This MIB module extends the Cisco Syslog MIB and provides network management support to handle and process Syslog messages as device events.
CISCO-SYSLOG-EXT-CAPABILITY 5 6/30/2008  (ciscoSyslogExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-SYSLOG-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-SYSLOG-EXT-MIB 40 11/8/2006  (ciscoSyslogExtMIB)
MIB module for configuring and monitoring System Log related management parameters as defined by RFC 3164.
CISCO-SYSLOG-MIB 43 12/3/2005  (ciscoSyslogMIB)
The MIB module to describe and store the system messages generated by the IOS and any other OS which supports syslogs.
CISCO-SYSTEM-CAPABILITY 6 7/2/2008  (ciscoSystemCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB.
CISCO-SYSTEM-EXT-CAPABILITY 3 8/19/2008  (ciscoSysExtCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-SYSTEM-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-SYSTEM-EXT-MIB 80 8/6/2007  (ciscoSystemExtMIB)
MIB module for monitoring High Availability, SNMP SET errors and bandwidths. This mib module also provides the information on core files that are generated in the system. GLOSSARY FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards Publication.
CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB 42 9/16/2007  (ciscoSystemMIB)
The systemGroup see RFC 1907) provides a standard set of basic system information. This MIB module contains Cisco-defined extensions to the systemGroup.
CISCO-TAP2-CAPABILITY 2 9/11/2007  (ciscoTap2Capability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-TAP2-MIB.
CISCO-TAP2-MIB 71 9/10/2008  (ciscoTap2MIB)
This module manages Ciscos intercept feature. This MIB replaces CISCO-TAP-MIB. This MIB defines a generic stream table that contains fields common to all intercept types. Specific intercept filters are defined in extension MIBs. They are CISCO-IP-TAP-MIB
CISCO-TAP-MIB 83 7/25/2002  (cTapMIB)
This module manages Ciscos intercept feature.
CISCO-TBRIDGE-DEV-IF-MIB 22 4/3/2002  (ciscoTBridgeDevIfMIB)
This MIB module provides network management support for configuration and status information of devices supporting transparent bridging functions.
CISCO-TC 38 2/15/2007  (ciscoTextualConventions)
This module defines textual conventions used throughout cisco enterprise mibs.
CISCO-TC-NO-U32 10 10/28/1998  (ciscoTextualConventions)
This module defines textual conventions used throughout cisco enterprise mibs.
CISCO-TCP-CAPABILITY 2 1/18/2006  (ciscoTcpCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-TCP-MIB
CISCO-TCP-MIB 22 11/12/2001  (ciscoTcpMIB)
An extension to the IETF MIB module for managing TCP implementations
CISCO-TCPOFFLOAD-MIB 22 3/30/1995  (ciscoTcpOffloadMIB)
This is the MIB module for objects used to manage the cisco tcp offload feature. The IBM mainframe host) supports TCP/IP. As a way to save cycles on the host, the TCP/IP stack can be run on the 3172. This offloads the host from the protocol processing and
CISCO-TCP-STD-CAPABILITY 7 8/11/2008  (ciscoTcpStdCapability)
Agent capabilities for TCP-MIB
CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-CALL-CAPABILITY 2 11/30/2008  (ciscoTelepresenceCallCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-CALL-MIB
CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-CALL-MIB 182 11/8/2012  (ciscoTelepresenceCallMIB)
CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-CAPABILITY 2 6/5/2008  (ciscoTelepresenceCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-MIB
CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-EXCHANGE-SYSTEM-CAPABILITY 3 4/15/2013  (ciscoTelepresenceExchangeSystemCapability)
CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-EXCHANGE-SYSTEM-MIB 177 1/13/2011  (ciscoTelepresenceExchangeSystemMIB)
CISCO-TELEPRESENCE-MIB 121 7/13/2012  (ciscoTelepresenceMIB)
CISCO-TELNET-SERVER-MIB 31 5/8/2007  (ciscoTelnetServerMIB)
MIB module for displaying and configuring Telnet related features in a device. Telnet is a program to log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine.
CISCO-THREAT-MITIGATION-SERVICE-CAPABILITY 3 5/17/2007  (ciscoThreatMitigationServiceCapability)
CISCO-TM 7 8/23/2001 4:00:00 PM  (ciscoTransportMappings)
Extension of SNMPv2-TM MIB
CISCO-TN3270SERVER-MIB 118 1/22/1997  (ciscoTn3270ServerMIB)
CISCO-TPC-MIB 29 1/24/2005  (ciscoTpcMIB)
CISCO-TRANSACTION-CONNECTION-MIB 67 12/22/2005  (ciscoTransactionConnectionMIB)
The MIB module for retrieving Cisco Transaction Connection configuration and status. Cisco Transaction Connection routes transactions between IBM CICS Customer Information Control System) hosts and clients using the ISC Inter-System Communication) protoco
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-CAPABILITY 5 9/7/2012  (ciscoTrustSecCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-TRUSTSEC-MIB.
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-INTERFACE-CAPABILITY 3 9/4/2012  (ciscoTrustSecInterfaceCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-TRUSTSEC-INTERFACE-MIB.
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-INTERFACE-MIB 122 5/28/2010  (ciscoTrustSecIfMIB)
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-MIB 98 4/12/2012  (ciscoTrustSecMIB)
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-POLICY-CAPABILITY 4 5/1/2013  (ciscoTrustSecPolicyCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-TRUSTSEC-POLICY-MIB.
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-POLICY-MIB 215 12/19/2012  (ciscoTrustSecPolicyMIB)
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-SERVER-CAPABILITY 3 9/7/2012  (ciscoTrustSecServerCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-TRUSTSEC-SERVER-MIB.
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-SERVER-MIB 82 12/7/2011  (ciscoTrustSecServerMIB)
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-SXP-CAPABILITY 7 9/7/2012  (ciscoTrustSecSxpCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-TRUSTSEC-SXP-MIB.
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-SXP-MIB 135 4/17/2012  (ciscoTrustSecSxpMIB)
CISCO-TRUSTSEC-TC-MIB 12 5/14/2009  (ciscoCtsTcMIB)
This module defines the textual conventions used within Cisco Trusted Security framework.
CISCO-UBE-MIB 10 11/29/2010  (ciscoUbeMIB)
This MIB describes objects used for managing Cisco Unified Border Element CUBE). The Cisco Unified Border Element CUBE) is a Cisco IOS Session Border Controller SBC) that interconnects independent voice over IP VoIP) and video over IP networks for data, v
CISCO-UDLDP-CAPABILITY 7 9/10/2012  (ciscoUdldpCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-UDLDP-MIB.
CISCO-UDLDP-MIB 43 11/9/2009 9:00:00 AM  (ciscoUdldpMIB)
Cisco Uni Direction Link Detection Protocol MIB
CISCO-UDP-STD-CAPABILITY 5 6/30/2008  (ciscoUdpStdCapability)
Agent capabilities for UDP-MIB
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-AAA-MIB 543 6/19/2012  (cucsAaaObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System AAA management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-ADAPTOR-MIB 2515 6/19/2012  (cucsAdaptorObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System ADAPTOR management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-BIOS-MIB 380 6/19/2012  (cucsBiosObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System BIOS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-BMC-MIB 23 6/19/2012  (cucsBmcObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System BMC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-CALLHOME-MIB 116 6/19/2012  (cucsCallhomeObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System CALLHOME management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-CAPABILITY-MIB 105 6/19/2012  (cucsCapabilityObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System CAPABILITY management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-COMM-MIB 333 6/19/2012  (cucsCommObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System COMM management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-COMPUTE-MIB 831 6/19/2012  (cucsComputeObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System COMPUTE management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-CONFORM-MIB 7 1/29/2010  (ciscoUnifiedComputingMIBConform)
Cisco UCS MIB conformance
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-DCX-MIB 93 6/19/2012  (cucsDcxObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System DCX management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-DHCP-MIB 33 6/19/2012  (cucsDhcpObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System DHCP management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-DIAG-MIB 75 6/19/2012  (cucsDiagObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System DIAG management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-DPSEC-MIB 11 6/19/2012  (cucsDpsecObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System DPSEC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-EPQOS-MIB 73 6/19/2012  (cucsEpqosObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System EPQOS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-EQUIPMENT-MIB 1608 6/19/2012  (cucsEquipmentObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System EQUIPMENT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-ETHER-MIB 670 6/19/2012  (cucsEtherObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System ETHER management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-EVENT-MIB 70 6/19/2012  (cucsEventObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System EVENT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-EXTMGMT-MIB 58 6/19/2012  (cucsExtmgmtObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System EXTMGMT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-EXTVMM-MIB 179 6/19/2012  (cucsExtvmmObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System EXTVMM management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-FABRIC-MIB 1282 6/19/2012  (cucsFabricObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System FABRIC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-FAULT-MIB 48 6/19/2012  (cucsFaultObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System FAULT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-FC-MIB 248 6/19/2012  (cucsFcObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System FC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-FCPOOL-MIB 75 6/19/2012  (cucsFcpoolObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System FCPOOL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-FIRMWARE-MIB 293 6/19/2012  (cucsFirmwareObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System FIRMWARE management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-FLOWCTRL-MIB 20 6/19/2012  (cucsFlowctrlObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System FLOWCTRL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-HOSTIMG-MIB 24 6/19/2012  (cucsHostimgObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System HOSTIMG management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-IMGPROV-MIB 17 6/19/2012  (cucsImgprovObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System IMGPROV management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-IMGSEC-MIB 18 6/19/2012  (cucsImgsecObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System IMGSEC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-IPPOOL-MIB 63 6/19/2012  (cucsIppoolObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System IPPOOL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-IQNPOOL-MIB 64 6/19/2012  (cucsIqnpoolObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System IQNPOOL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-ISCSI-MIB 25 6/19/2012  (cucsIscsiObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System ISCSI management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-LICENSE-MIB 203 6/19/2012  (cucsLicenseObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System LICENSE management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-LLDP-MIB 11 6/19/2012  (cucsLldpObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System LLDP management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-LSBOOT-MIB 108 6/19/2012  (cucsLsbootObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System LSBOOT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-LSMAINT-MIB 36 6/19/2012  (cucsLsmaintObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System LSMAINT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-LS-MIB 138 6/19/2012  (cucsLsObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System LS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-MACPOOL-MIB 63 6/19/2012  (cucsMacpoolObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System MACPOOL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-MAPPINGS-MIB 20 6/19/2012  (cucsMappingsObjects)
Three mappings are defined: parent managed object to child managed object, child managed object to parent managed object, and managed object distinguished name to OID.
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-MEMORY-MIB 272 6/19/2012  (cucsMemoryObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System MEMORY management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-MGMT-MIB 239 6/19/2012  (cucsMgmtObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System MGMT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-MIB 8 1/29/2010  (ciscoUnifiedComputingMIB)
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-NETWORK-MIB 33 6/19/2012  (cucsNetworkObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System NETWORK management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-NOTIFS-MIB 3 1/29/2010  (ciscoUnifiedComputingMIBNotifs)
Fault traps notifications) issued by the UCS system
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-NWCTRL-MIB 12 6/19/2012  (cucsNwctrlObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System NWCTRL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-ORG-MIB 11 6/19/2012  (cucsOrgObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System ORG management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-OS-MIB 27 6/19/2012  (cucsOsObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System OS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-PCI-MIB 39 6/19/2012  (cucsPciObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System PCI management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-PKI-MIB 67 6/19/2012  (cucsPkiObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System PKI management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-PORT-MIB 42 6/19/2012  (cucsPortObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System PORT management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-POWER-MIB 159 6/19/2012  (cucsPowerObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System POWER management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-PROCESSOR-MIB 190 6/19/2012  (cucsProcessorObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System PROCESSOR management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-PROC-MIB 63 6/19/2012  (cucsProcObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System PROC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-QOSCLASS-MIB 74 6/19/2012  (cucsQosclassObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System QOSCLASS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-SOL-MIB 34 6/19/2012  (cucsSolObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System SOL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-STATS-MIB 135 6/19/2012  (cucsStatsObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System STATS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-STORAGE-MIB 176 6/19/2012  (cucsStorageObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System STORAGE management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-SW-MIB 858 6/19/2012  (cucsSwObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System SW management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-SYSDEBUG-MIB 283 6/19/2012  (cucsSysdebugObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System SYSDEBUG management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-SYSFILE-MIB 29 6/19/2012  (cucsSysfileObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System SYSFILE management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-TC-MIB 987 6/19/2012  (cucsTextualConventionsObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System TEXTUALCONVENTIONS management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-TOP-MIB 32 6/19/2012  (cucsTopObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System TOP management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-TRIG-MIB 78 6/19/2012  (cucsTrigObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System TRIG management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-UUIDPOOL-MIB 64 6/19/2012  (cucsUuidpoolObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System UUIDPOOL management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-VM-MIB 280 6/19/2012  (cucsVmObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System VM management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-VNIC-MIB 658 6/19/2012  (cucsVnicObjects)
MIB representation of the Cisco Unified Computing System VNIC management information model package
CISCO-UNIFIED-FIREWALL-MIB 179 9/22/2005  (ciscoUnifiedFirewallMIB)
CISCO-UNITY-EXPRESS-MIB 128 9/2/2005  (ciscoUnityExpressMIB)
CISCO-UNITY-MIB 74 12/12/2005  (ciscoUnityMIB)
CISCO-USER-CONNECTION-TAP-MIB 14 3/11/2004  (ciscoUserConnectionTapMIB)
CISCO-VIDEO-SESSION-CAPABILITY 3 5/24/2011  (ciscoVideoSessionCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-VIDEO-SESSION-MIB.
CISCO-VIDEO-SESSION-MIB 159 4/20/2011  (ciscoVideoSessionMIB)
CISCO-VIDEO-TC 6 11/8/2010  (ciscoVideoTc)
This MIB module defines a collection of common video-related textual conventions to be used in Cisco MIBS for video-capable products and network equipments.
CISCO-VINES-MIB 162 6/7/1995  (ciscoVinesMIB)
CISCO-VIRTUAL-INTERFACE-MIB 34 2/27/2008  (ciscoVirtualInterfaceMIB)
CISCO-VIRTUAL-NIC-MIB 40 10/26/2009  (ciscoVirtualNicMIB)
CISCO-VIRTUAL-NW-IF-MIB 24 10/2/2002  (ciscoVirtualNwIfMIB)
The MIB module for management of virtual network interfaces to VSAN and VLAN.
CISCO-VIRTUAL-SWITCH-CAPABILITY 5 9/7/2012  (ciscoVirtualSwitchCapability)
The Agent capabilities for CISCO-VIRTUAL-SWITCH-MIB.
CISCO-VIRTUAL-SWITCH-MIB 129 4/10/2012  (ciscoVirtualSwitchMIB)
CISCO-VISM-CONN-CAPABILITY 3 3/17/2004  (ciscoVismConnCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VISM-CONN-MIB.
CISCO-VISM-DSX1-CAPABILITY 2 9/26/2005  (ciscoVismDsx1Capability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-VISM-DSX1-MIB.
CISCO-VISM-MODULE-CAPABILITY 2 10/18/2005  (ciscoVismModuleCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VISM-MODULE-MIB.
CISCO-VISM-SESSION-CAPABILITY 3 9/19/2005  (ciscoVismSessionCapability)
This MIB defines the agent capabilities for CISCO-VISM-SESSION-MIB.
CISCO-VLAN-BRIDGING-CAPABILITY 3 6/11/2004  (ciscoVlanBridgingCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-VLAN-BRIDGING-MIB.
CISCO-VLAN-BRIDGING-MIB 15 8/22/2003  (ciscoVlanBridgingMIB)
A set of managed objects for optimizing access to bridging related data from RFC 1493. This MIB is modeled after portions of RFC 1493, adding VLAN ID based indexing and bitmapped encoding of frequently accessed data.
CISCO-VLAN-GROUP-CAPABILITY 6 4/10/2012  (ciscoVlanGroupCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VLAN-GROUP-MIB.
CISCO-VLAN-GROUP-MIB 16 11/20/2009  (ciscoVlanGroupMIB)
MIB module for monitoring and configuring VLAN Group Mapping information.
CISCO-VLAN-IFTABLE-RELATIONSHIP-CAPABILITY 3 1/18/2006  (ciscoVlanIfTableRelCapability)
The agent capabilities description of CISCO-VLAN-IFTABLE-RELATIONSHIP-MIB.
CISCO-VLAN-IFTABLE-RELATIONSHIP-MIB 14 4/1/1999 5:30:00 AM  (ciscoVlanIfTableRelationshipMIB)
Cisco VLAN ifTable Relationship MIB lists VLAN-id and ifIndex information for routed VLAN interfaces. A routed VLAN interface is the router interface or sub-interface to which the routers IP address on the VLAN is attached. For example, an ISL, SDE, or 80
CISCO-VLAN-MEMBERSHIP-CAPABILITY 7 7/12/2007  (ciscoVlanMembershipCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-VLAN-MEMBERSHIP-MIB.
CISCO-VLAN-MEMBERSHIP-MIB 77 7/16/2004  (ciscoVlanMembershipMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the VLAN Membership within the frame work of Cisco VLAN Architecture, v 2.0 by Keith McCloghrie. The MIB provides information on VLAN Membership Policy Servers used by a device and VLAN membership assignments of non-tr
CISCO-VLAN-TRANSLATION-CAPABILITY 3 2/8/2006  (ciscoVlanTranslationCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VLAN-TRANSLATION-MIB.
CISCO-VLAN-TRANSLATION-MIB 30 5/18/2004  (ciscoVlanTranslationMIB)
The MIB module for the management of VLAN translations. VLAN translation refers to the ability of the device to translate between different virtual LANs or between VLAN and non-VLAN encapsulating interfaces at Layer 2. Translation is typically used for se
CISCO-VMPS-CAPABILITY 4 4/7/2004  (ciscoVmpsCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VMPS-MIB.
CISCO-VMPS-MIB 59 1/20/2004  (ciscoVmpsMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the VLAN Membership Policy Server.
CISCO-VOA-MIB 19 5/7/2002  (ciscoVoaMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-AALX-PROFILE-CAPABILITY 3 2/7/2004  (ciscoVoiceAalxProfileCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-VOICE-AALX-PROFILE-MIB.
CISCO-VOICE-AALX-PROFILE-MIB 95 4/21/2005  (ciscoVoiceAalxProfileMIB)
This MIB defines the objects specific to voice over ATM or voice over IP. Those objects are related to the following areas: 1. CODEC Negotiation AAL1/AAL5) 2. AAL2 Profile 3. SVC connection.
CISCO-VOICE-ANALOG-IF-CAPABILITY 2 4/28/2003  (ciscoVoiceAnalogIfCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-VOICE-ANALOG-IF-MIB
CISCO-VOICE-ANALOG-IF-MIB 103 10/3/2005  (ciscoVoiceAnalogIfMIB)
Analog Voice Interface MIB module. This MIB manages the EM, FXO, FXS Interfaces in the router.
CISCO-VOICE-APPLICATIONS-OID-MIB 7 6/17/2004  (ciscoVoiceApplicationsOIDMIB)
This module defines the object identifiers that are assigned to various Cisco voice applications. Voice applications include call agents and other voice application products. Call agents are call processing components of a device in a IP telephony and VoI
CISCO-VOICE-APPS-MIB 34 12/22/2005  (ciscoVoiceAppsMIB)
The MIB Module for the management of Cisco Voice Applications. This MIB is designed to work in conjunction with the SYSAPPL-MIB to provide status monitoring, provisioning and notification.
CISCO-VOICE-ATM-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 57 11/17/2002  (ciscoVoiceAtmDialControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) by providing ATM management information over a data network.
CISCO-VOICE-CARD-MIB 15 2/15/2002  (ciscoVoiceCard)
The MIB module to configure voice-card specific parameters such as codec complexity in voice- enabled cisco routers.
CISCO-VOICE-CAS-MODULE-CAPABILITY 3 3/29/2004  (ciscoVoiceCasModuleCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VOICE-CAS-MODULE-MIB.
CISCO-VOICE-CAS-MODULE-MIB 27 3/15/2004  (ciscoVoiceCasModuleMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-COMMON-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 41 6/30/2010  (ciscoVoiceCommonDialControlMIB)
This MIB module contains voice related objects that are common across more than one network encapsulation i.e VoIP, VoATM and VoFR. *** ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS AND SYMBOLS *** GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication AMR-NB - Adaptive Multi Rate - Nar
CISCO-VOICE-CONNECTIVITY-MIB 47 9/13/2005  (ciscoVoiceConnectivityMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-CAPABILITY 8 3/31/2009  (ciscoVoiceDialControlCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB.
CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 391 5/15/2012  (ciscoVoiceDialControlMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-DNIS-MIB 30 5/1/2002  (ciscoVoiceDnisMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-ENABLED-LINK-MIB 21 5/7/1999  (ciscoVoiceEnabledLinkMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-FR-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 15 4/14/1998  (ciscoVoiceFrDialControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) by providing FR management information over a data network.
CISCO-VOICE-HDLC-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB 14 4/14/1998  (ciscoVoiceHdlcDialControlMIB)
This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB RFC2128) by providing HDLC management information over a data network.
CISCO-VOICE-IF-MIB 24 3/6/1998  (ciscoVoiceInterfaceMIB)
Common Voice Interface MIB module. The MIB module manages the common voice related parameters for both voice analog and ISDN interfaces.
CISCO-VOICE-LMR-MIB 30 10/14/2004  (ciscoVoiceLmrMIB)
CISCO-VOICE-TONE-CADENCE-CAPABILITY 3 2/2/2004  (ciscoVoiceToneCadenceCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-VOICE-TONE-CADENCE-MIB.
CISCO-VOICE-TONE-CADENCE-MIB 38 5/28/2003  (ciscoVoiceToneCadenceMIB)
The MIB defines the attributes of the programmable tones specified in ITU-T E.180 Supplement 2. Each country has its own regulation to the generation and detection of the call progressing tones such as dial tone, busy tone, ring back tone. The tone attrib
CISCO-VOICE-URI-CLASS-MIB 37 10/10/2002  (ciscoVoiceUriClassMIB)
CISCO-VOIP-TAP-CAPABILITY 2 8/24/2010  (ciscoVoipTapCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VOIP-TAP-MIB.
CISCO-VOIP-TAP-MIB 21 10/1/2009  (ciscoVoIpTapMIB)
This module manages Ciscos intercept feature for Voice over IP VoIP). This MIB is used along with CISCO-TAP2-MIB to intercept VoIP Control and Data traffic.
CISCO-VPDN-MGMT-EXT-MIB 52 12/1/2011  (ciscoVpdnMgmtExtMIB)
Cisco VPDN management MIB extension Module. This MIB is a supplement to The main enhancements are: 1. Added cvpdnTunnelExtTable for more tunnel information. 2. Added cvpdnSessionExtTable for more session information. Please notice
CISCO-VPDN-MGMT-MIB 189 6/16/2009  (ciscoVpdnMgmtMIB)
CISCO-VQES-MIB 44 2/5/2010  (ciscoVqeSMIB)
CISCO-VQE-TOOLS-MIB 13 12/18/2009 1:41:00 PM  (ciscoVqeToolsMIB)
This MIB module defines a set of objects for monitoring the VQE Client Channel Configuration Delivery Server VCDS) operational status: number of open connections, Real Time Streaming Protocol RTSP) reqests received and responses sent from the VCDS. Visual
CISCO-VRF-MIB 53 12/10/2009  (ciscoVrfMIB)
CISCO-VSAN-MIB 100 2/6/2006  (ciscoVsanMIB)
The MIB module for the management of the Virtual Storage Networks VSANs) within the frame work of Ciscos VSAN Architecture. This MIB enables the users to configure and monitor VSAN parameters.
CISCO-VSI-CONTROLLER-CAPABILITY 3 5/2/2002  (ciscoVsiControllerCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-VSI-CONTROLLER-MIB.
CISCO-VSI-CONTROLLER-MIB 22 6/8/1999  (ciscoVSIControllerMIB)
CISCO-VSI-MASTER-MIB 83 6/1/2000  (ciscoVsiMasterMIB)
This MIB module contains objects related to the master side of the the Virtual Switch Interface protocol used for control of ATM switches.
CISCO-VSIMASTER-MIB 104 10/17/2000  (vsiControlIfIpAddress)
This MIB module contains objects related to the master side of the Virtual Switch Interface protocol used for control of ATM switches.
CISCO-VTP-CAPABILITY 18 8/28/2012  (ciscoVtpCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-VTP-MIB.
CISCO-VTP-MIB 227 2/17/2006  (ciscoVtpMIB)
The MIB module for entities implementing the VTP protocol and Vlan management.
CISCO-WAN-3G-MIB 422 8/11/2010  (ciscoWan3gMIB)
CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-CAPABILITY 12 2/7/2004  (ciscoWanAtmConnCapability)
CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-STAT-CAPABILITY 6 4/8/2003  (ciscoWanAtmConnStatCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-STAT-MIB for different Service Modules in in MGX8850 Series. - The cwaConnStatCapabilityAxsmV21R60 is for ATM Switch Service ModuleAXSM). - The cwAtmConnStatCapabilityAxsmeV2R0170 is for Enhanced AXSMAXSM-E) m
CISCO-WAN-ATM-CUG-MIB 32 3/22/2002  (ciscoWanAtmCugMIB)
CISCO-WAN-ATM-PARTY-MIB 29 6/17/2002  (ciscoWanAtmPartyMIB)
CISCO-WAN-ATM-PREF-ROUTE-MIB 23 6/25/2002  (ciscoWanATMPrefRouteMIB)
This MIB facilitates the maintenance of preferred routes configuration.
CISCO-WAN-MODULE-CAPABILITY 4 3/6/2002  (ciscoWanModuleCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-MODULE-MIB. - The ciscoWanModuleCapabilityV2R00 is for ATM Switch Service ModuleAXSM). - The ciscoWanModuleCapabilityV21R60 is for Enhanced ATM Switch Service ModuleAXSM-E).
CISCO-WAN-MODULE-MIB 37 9/11/2002  (ciscoWanModuleMIB)
The MIB to configure Connection Specific parameters and statistics related information in a Service Module. The Service ModuleSM) is defined as any Module which provides services such as ATM, Frame Relay or Voice in a Wide Area NetworkWAN) switch.
CISCO-WAN-NCDP-CAPABILITY 3 9/14/2001  (ciscoWanNcdpCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-NCDP-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-NCDP-MIB 59 11/7/2001  (ciscoWanNcdpMIB)
CISCO-WAN-OPTIMIZATION-CAPABILITY 3  (ciscoWanOptimizationCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-WAN-OPTIMIZATION MIB
CISCO-WAN-OPTIMIZATION-MIB 199 5/23/2013  (ciscoWanOptimizationMIB)
CISCO-WAN-RSRC-PART-CAPABILITY 9 4/26/2005  (ciscoWanRsrcPartCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-RSRC-PART-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-RSRC-PART-MIB 61 9/14/2002  (ciscoWANRsrcPartMIB)
CISCO-WAN-SCT-MGMT-MIB 21 5/21/2002  (ciscoWanSctMgmtMIB)
CISCO-WAN-TOPOLOGY-CAPABILITY 5 1/15/2003  (ciscoWanTopologyCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-TOPOLOGY-MIB. This MIB is used in the MGX8850 product family, which contains the MGX8850 and MGX8950 switches.
CISCO-WAN-TOPOLOGY-MIB 86 7/16/2002  (ciscoWanTopologyMIB)
CISCO-WBX-MEETING-MIB 63 5/29/2013  (ciscoWebExMeetingMIB)
CISCO-WDS-IDS-CAPABILITY 2 1/13/2005  (ciscoWdsidsCapability)
Agent capabilities for CISCO-WDS-IDS-MIB
CISCO-WDS-IDS-MIB 18 10/17/2004  (ciscoWdsIdsMIB)
CISCO-WDS-INFO-MIB 126 9/15/2005  (ciscoWdsInfoMIB)
CISCO-WIRELESS-DOCS-EXT-MIB 111 7/17/2000  (ciscoWirelessDocsExtMIB)
This MIB module defines Cisco-specific objects that add to the functionality defined in CISCO-WIRELESS-DOCS-IF-MIB. These objects configure the scheduler that supports Quality of Service QoS) of MCNS/DOCSIS compliant Radio Frequency RF) interfaces in Wire
CISCO-WIRELESS-DOCS-IF-MIB 153 12/27/2005  (ciscoWirelessDocsIfMib)
CISCO-WIRELESS-EXP-MIB 78 12/27/2005  (ciscoWirelessExpMIB)
CISCO-WIRELESS-IF-MIB 333 1/4/2006  (ciscoWirelessIfMIB)
CISCO-WIRELESS-NOTIFICATION-MIB 34 10/28/2009  (ciscoWirelessNotificationMIB)
CISCO-WIRELESS-P2MP-LINK-METRICS-MIB 154 1/4/2006  (ciscoWirelessLinkMetricsMIB)
CISCO-WIRELESS-P2MP-PHY-MIB 123 10/22/2000  (ciscoWirelessPhyMIB)
This is the MIB Module for the Cisco Wireless Radio Point to MultiPoint interface.
CISCO-WIRELESS-P2MP-RF-METRICS-MIB 110 4/19/2000  (ciscoWirelessRfMetricsMIB)
This is the MIB Module for the Cisco Wireless Radio Point to MultiPoint interface specification.
CISCO-WIRELESS-P2P-BPI-MIB 71 5/18/1999  (ciscoWirelessP2pBpiMIB)
This is the MIB Module for the Baseline Privacy Interface BPI) at Point to Point Wireless Radio Card. This is a specialization on the MCNS docsBpiMib for Cisco Wireless point to point communication links.
CISCO-WIRELESS-TC-MIB 25 4/3/2000  (ciscoWirelessTextualConventions)
This module defines textual conventions used in Cisco Wireless MIBs.
CISCO-WLAN-MAN-MIB 12 3/22/2004  (ciscoWlanManMIB)
This MIB module provides network management and configuration support for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN devices. ACRONYMS HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
CISCO-WLAN-VLAN-MIB 39 6/12/2002  (ciscoWlanVlanMIB)
This MIB module provides network management support for device VLAN configuration on IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN. ACRONYMS AES Advanced Encryption Standard, an encryption mechanism. MIC Message Integrity Check. WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy, an encryption mec
CISCOWORKS-MIB 17 2/18/2003  (cwLogMIB)
This MIB describes the traps and trap and trap variables used by CiscoWorks. Originally the CiscoWorks classic nmlogd process forwarded messages logged by applications and devices to NM platforms as traps. Now it is used by CiscoWorks Blue to send DLSw a
CISCO-WRED-MIB 31 7/18/1997  (ciscoWredMIB)
CISCO-WWNMGR-MIB 32 2/6/2006  (ciscoWwnmgrMIB)
CISCO-XDSL-LINE-MIB 37 2/10/2001  (ciscoXdslLineMIB)
CISCO-XGCP-CAPABILITY 8 3/1/2006  (ciscoXgcpCapability)
The agent capabilities for CISCO-XGCP-MIB.
CISCO-XGCP-EXT-CAPABILITY 2 6/18/2004  (ciscoXgcpExtCapability)
The capabilities description of CISCO-XGCP-EXT-MIB.
CISCO-XGCP-MIB 128 2/21/2006  (ciscoXgcpMIB)
CISCO-ZS-EXT-MIB 36 1/3/2006  (ciscoZsExtMIB)
CISCO-ZS-MIB 247 11/10/2005  (ciscoZsMIB)
DIFFSERV-MIB-CAPABILITY 3 10/13/2003  (diffServMibCapability)
Agent capabilities for DIFFSERV-MIB
EXPRESSION-MIB 69 2/25/1998  (expressionMIB)
The MIB module for defining expressions of MIB objects for network management purposes. This MIB is a work in progress of the IETF Distributed Management working group and is subject to change by that body.
ISIS-CAPABILTY-MIB 2 3/26/2009  (isisCapabiltyMIB)
Agent capabilities for the ISIS MIB
MPLS-LDP-CAPABILITY 2 8/13/2003  (mplsLdpCapability)
Agent capabilities for MPLS-LDP-MIB
MPLS-LDP-MIB 197 1/4/2006  (mplsLdpMIB)
This MIB contains managed object definitions for the Multiprotocol Label Switching, Label Distribution Protocol, LDP, as defined in draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-06.txt.
MPLS-LSR-MIB-CAPABILITY 3 9/1/2001  (mplsLsrMibCapability)
Agent capabilities for MPLS-LSR-MIB
MPLS-TE-CAPABILITY 3 8/13/2003  (mplsTeCapability)
Agent capabilities for MPLS-TE-MIB
OLD-CISCO-APPLETALK-MIB 31  (tmpappletalk)
OLD-CISCO-DECNET-MIB 52  (tmpdecnet)
OLD-CISCO-ENV-MIB 37  (lenv)
OLD-CISCO-FLASH-MIB 23  (lflash)
OLD-CISCO-INTERFACES-MIB 130  (linterfaces)
OLD-CISCO-IP-MIB 39  (lip)
OLD-CISCO-NOVELL-MIB 39  (tmpnovell)
OLD-CISCO-SYS-MIB 113  (ping)
OLD-CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB 23  (lsystem)
OLD-CISCO-TS-MIB 44  (lts)
OLD-CISCO-VINES-MIB 110  (tmpvines)
OLD-CISCO-XNS-MIB 22  (tmpxns)