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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module IFT-SNMP-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module IFT-SNMP-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module IFT-SNMP-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB IFT-SNMP-MIB:
Objects: 268 OIDS: 252 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 15 Tabulars: 158 Scalars/Other: 79
Object NameObject Identifier
infortrend infortrend
extInterface extInterface
ctlrConfiguration ctlrConfiguration
sysInformation sysInformation
cpuType cpuType
serialNum serialNum
ctlrName ctlrName
ctlrCfgModeFlags ctlrCfgModeFlags
privateLogoString privateLogoString
privateLogoVendor privateLogoVendor
privateLogoModel privateLogoModel
ctlrUniqueID ctlrUniqueID
cacheSize cacheSize
memoryType memoryType
fwMajorVersion fwMajorVersion
fwMinorVersion fwMinorVersion
fwEngineerVersion fwEngineerVersion
brMajorVersion brMajorVersion
brMinorVersion brMinorVersion
brEngineerVersion brEngineerVersion
cachingParams cachingParams
cacheModeFlags cacheModeFlags
cacheBlkSizeIdx cacheBlkSizeIdx
cacheTotal cacheTotal
cacheDirty cacheDirty
diskArrayParams diskArrayParams
maxRebPriorityIdx maxRebPriorityIdx
minRebPriorityIdx minRebPriorityIdx
defRebPriorityIdx defRebPriorityIdx
curRebPriorityIdx curRebPriorityIdx
writeVerifyModeFlags writeVerifyModeFlags
hostSideParams hostSideParams
maxQueuedIOCnt maxQueuedIOCnt
minQueuedIOCnt minQueuedIOCnt
defQueuedIOCnt defQueuedIOCnt
curQueuedIOCnt curQueuedIOCnt
maxLunNum maxLunNum
minLunNum minLunNum
defLunNum defLunNum
curLunNum curLunNum
driveSideParams driveSideParams
modeFlags modeFlags
defIOTimeout defIOTimeout
curIOTimeout curIOTimeout
defDrvChkPeriod defDrvChkPeriod
curDrvChkPeriod curDrvChkPeriod
defSaftePollingPeriod defSaftePollingPeriod
curSaftePollingPeriod curSaftePollingPeriod
defAutoDetectPeriod defAutoDetectPeriod
curAutoDetectPeriod curAutoDetectPeriod
maxAccessDelayTime maxAccessDelayTime
minAccessDelayTime minAccessDelayTime
defAccessDelayTime defAccessDelayTime
curAccessDelayTime curAccessDelayTime
maxTagCnt maxTagCnt
minTagCnt minTagCnt
defTagCnt defTagCnt
curTagCnt curTagCnt
redundantParams redundantParams
redCtlrCfg redCtlrCfg
redCtlrModeFlags redCtlrModeFlags
redCtlrCommType redCtlrCommType
redCtlrStatus redCtlrStatus
extLunTable extLunTable
extLunEntry extLunEntry
extLunIndex extLunIndex
extLunLdLvID extLunLdLvID
extLunPartIdx extLunPartIdx
extLunGroupName extLunGroupName
extLunHostIDWWN extLunHostIDWWN
extLunHostIDMask extLunHostIDMask
extLunFilterType extLunFilterType
extLunAccessMode extLunAccessMode
extLunChl extLunChl
extLunID extLunID
extLunNum extLunNum
eventLog eventLog
allEvtTable allEvtTable
allEvtEntry allEvtEntry
evtTableIdx evtTableIdx
evtSource evtSource
evtSeverity evtSeverity
evtIndex evtIndex
evtType evtType
evtCode evtCode
ctlrEvtTable ctlrEvtTable
ctlrEvtEntry ctlrEvtEntry
evtTableIdx evtTableIdx
evtSource evtSource
evtSeverity evtSeverity
evtIndex evtIndex
evtType evtType
evtCode evtCode
drvEvtTable drvEvtTable
drvEvtEntry drvEvtEntry
evtTableIdx evtTableIdx
evtLun evtLun
evtSource evtSource
evtSeverity evtSeverity
evtIndex evtIndex
evtType evtType
evtCode evtCode
evtLdID evtLdID
evtLogChl evtLogChl
evtID evtID
hostEvtTable hostEvtTable
hostEvtEntry hostEvtEntry
evtTableIdx evtTableIdx
evtSource evtSource
evtSeverity evtSeverity
evtIndex evtIndex
evtType evtType
evtCode evtCode
evtChl evtChl
evtID evtID
evtLun evtLun
ldEvtTable ldEvtTable
ldEvtEntry ldEvtEntry
evtTableIdx evtTableIdx
evtFailedLun evtFailedLun
evtSource evtSource
evtSeverity evtSeverity
evtIndex evtIndex
evtType evtType
evtCode evtCode
evtLdID evtLdID
evtFailedChl evtFailedChl
evtFailedID evtFailedID
gtEvtTable gtEvtTable
gtEvtEntry gtEvtEntry
evtTableIdx evtTableIdx
evtCode evtCode
evtLuDevType evtLuDevType
evtLuDevIdx evtLuDevIdx
evtEncChl evtEncChl
evtEncID evtEncID
evtEncLun evtEncLun
evtSource evtSource
evtSeverity evtSeverity
evtIndex evtIndex
evtType evtType
evtLuDesc evtLuDesc
evtLuDevDesc evtLuDevDesc
evtLuClass evtLuClass
evtLuSubclass evtLuSubclass
ldTable ldTable
ldEntry ldEntry
ldIndex ldIndex
ldSpareDrvCnt ldSpareDrvCnt
ldFailedDrvCnt ldFailedDrvCnt
ldID ldID
ldSize ldSize
ldBlkSizeIdx ldBlkSizeIdx
ldOpModes ldOpModes
ldStatus ldStatus
ldState ldState
ldTotalDrvCnt ldTotalDrvCnt
ldOnlineDrvCnt ldOnlineDrvCnt
lvTable lvTable
lvEntry lvEntry
lvIndex lvIndex
lvID lvID
lvSize lvSize
lvBlkSizeIdx lvBlkSizeIdx
lvOpModes lvOpModes
lvLdCount lvLdCount
lvLdList lvLdList
partTable partTable
partEntry partEntry
partIndex partIndex
partLdLvID partLdLvID
partOffset partOffset
partSize partSize
lunTable lunTable
lunEntry lunEntry
lunIndex lunIndex
lunChl lunChl
lunID lunID
lunNum lunNum
lunLdLvID lunLdLvID
lunPartIdx lunPartIdx
hddTable hddTable
hddEntry hddEntry
hddIndex hddIndex
hddDataWidth hddDataWidth
hddStatus hddStatus
hddState hddState
hddSlotNum hddSlotNum
hddResvSpace hddResvSpace
hddModelStr hddModelStr
hddFwRevStr hddFwRevStr
hddSerialNum hddSerialNum
hddLogChlNum hddLogChlNum
hddPhyChlNum hddPhyChlNum
hddScsiId hddScsiId
hddScsiLun hddScsiLun
hddLdId hddLdId
hddSize hddSize
hddBlkSizeIdx hddBlkSizeIdx
hddSpeed hddSpeed
chlTable chlTable
chlEntry chlEntry
chlIndex chlIndex
chlFibreIdBase chlFibreIdBase
chlHostIdBitmap chlHostIdBitmap
chlDrvPid chlDrvPid
chlDrvSid chlDrvSid
chlMaxTxPeriod chlMaxTxPeriod
chlMinTxPeriod chlMinTxPeriod
chlDefTxPeriod chlDefTxPeriod
chlCurTxPeriod chlCurTxPeriod
chlMaxTxWidth chlMaxTxWidth
chlMinTxWidth chlMinTxWidth
chlLogChlNum chlLogChlNum
chlDefTxWidth chlDefTxWidth
chlCurTxWidth chlCurTxWidth
chlMaxTagCnt chlMaxTagCnt
chlDefTagCnt chlDefTagCnt
chlPhyChlNum chlPhyChlNum
chlType chlType
chlChipType chlChipType
chlMaxSupId chlMaxSupId
chlMaxSupLun chlMaxSupLun
chlMode chlMode
chlScsiIdBitmap chlScsiIdBitmap
luTable luTable
luEntry luEntry
luIndex luIndex
luIDNum luIDNum
luDescriptor luDescriptor
luClassCode luClassCode
luTypeCode luTypeCode
luVendorID luVendorID
luIDString luIDString
luHWRev luHWRev
luSWRev luSWRev
luChlNum luChlNum
luDevTable luDevTable
luDevEntry luDevEntry
luDevTabIdx luDevTabIdx
luDevValueUnit luDevValueUnit
luDevChlNum luDevChlNum
luDevIDNum luDevIDNum
luDevStatus luDevStatus
luDescriptor luDescriptor
luClassCode luClassCode
luTypeCode luTypeCode
luDevDescriptor luDevDescriptor
luDevTypeCode luDevTypeCode
luDevIndex luDevIndex
luDevDescription luDevDescription
luDevValue luDevValue