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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module UCD-SNMP-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module UCD-SNMP-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module UCD-SNMP-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB UCD-SNMP-MIB:
Objects: 171 OIDS: 162 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 2 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 7 Tabulars: 63 Scalars/Other: 90
Object NameObject Identifier
ucdavis ucdavis
laTable laTable
laEntry laEntry
laIndex laIndex
laErrorFlag laErrorFlag
laErrMessage laErrMessage
laNames laNames
laLoad laLoad
laConfig laConfig
laLoadInt laLoadInt
laLoadFloat laLoadFloat
version version
versionIndex versionIndex
versionClearCache versionClearCache
versionUpdateConfig versionUpdateConfig
versionRestartAgent versionRestartAgent
versionSavePersistentData versionSavePersistentData
versionTag versionTag
versionDoDebugging versionDoDebugging
versionDate versionDate
versionCDate versionCDate
versionIdent versionIdent
versionConfigureOptions versionConfigureOptions
snmperrs snmperrs
snmperrIndex snmperrIndex
snmperrErrorFlag snmperrErrorFlag
snmperrErrMessage snmperrErrMessage
snmperrNames snmperrNames
mrTable mrTable
mrEntry mrEntry
mrIndex mrIndex
mrModuleName mrModuleName
systemStats systemStats
ssIndex ssIndex
ssCpuSystem ssCpuSystem
ssCpuIdle ssCpuIdle
ssErrorName ssErrorName
ssSwapIn ssSwapIn
ssSwapOut ssSwapOut
ssIOSent ssIOSent
ssCpuRawUser ssCpuRawUser
ssCpuRawNice ssCpuRawNice
ssCpuRawSystem ssCpuRawSystem
ssCpuRawIdle ssCpuRawIdle
ssCpuRawWait ssCpuRawWait
ssCpuRawKernel ssCpuRawKernel
ssCpuRawInterrupt ssCpuRawInterrupt
ssIORawSent ssIORawSent
ssIORawReceived ssIORawReceived
ssRawInterrupts ssRawInterrupts
ssIOReceive ssIOReceive
ssRawContexts ssRawContexts
ssCpuRawSoftIRQ ssCpuRawSoftIRQ
ssRawSwapIn ssRawSwapIn
ssRawSwapOut ssRawSwapOut
ssSysInterrupts ssSysInterrupts
ssSysContext ssSysContext
ssCpuUser ssCpuUser
ucdInternal ucdInternal
ucdExperimental ucdExperimental
fileTable fileTable
fileEntry fileEntry
fileIndex fileIndex
fileErrorFlag fileErrorFlag
fileErrorMsg fileErrorMsg
fileName fileName
fileSize fileSize
fileMax fileMax
logMatch logMatch
logMatchMaxEntries logMatchMaxEntries
logMatchTable logMatchTable
logMatchEntry logMatchEntry
logMatchIndex logMatchIndex
logMatchCount logMatchCount
logMatchErrorFlag logMatchErrorFlag
logMatchRegExCompilation logMatchRegExCompilation
logMatchCycle logMatchCycle
logMatchName logMatchName
logMatchFilename logMatchFilename
logMatchRegEx logMatchRegEx
logMatchGlobalCounter logMatchGlobalCounter
logMatchGlobalCount logMatchGlobalCount
logMatchCurrentCounter logMatchCurrentCounter
logMatchCurrentCount logMatchCurrentCount
logMatchCounter logMatchCounter
prTable prTable
prEntry prEntry
prIndex prIndex
prErrorFlag prErrorFlag
prErrMessage prErrMessage
prErrFix prErrFix
prErrFixCmd prErrFixCmd
prNames prNames
prMin prMin
prMax prMax
prCount prCount
ucdSnmpAgent ucdSnmpAgent
hpux9 hpux9
linux linux
bsdi bsdi
openbsd openbsd
win32 win32
hpux11 hpux11
sunos4 sunos4
unknown unknown
solaris solaris
osf osf
ultrix ultrix
hpux10 hpux10
netbsd1 netbsd1
freebsd freebsd
irix irix
ucdTraps ucdTraps
ucdStart ucdStart
ucdShutdown ucdShutdown
memory memory
memIndex memIndex
memAvailRealTXT memAvailRealTXT
memSwapError memSwapError
memSwapErrorMsg memSwapErrorMsg
memTotalFree memTotalFree
memMinimumSwap memMinimumSwap
memShared memShared
memBuffer memBuffer
memCached memCached
memErrorName memErrorName
memTotalSwap memTotalSwap
memAvailSwap memAvailSwap
memTotalReal memTotalReal
memAvailReal memAvailReal
memTotalSwapTXT memTotalSwapTXT
memAvailSwapTXT memAvailSwapTXT
memTotalRealTXT memTotalRealTXT
extTable extTable
extEntry extEntry
extIndex extIndex
extResult extResult
extOutput extOutput
extErrFix extErrFix
extErrFixCmd extErrFixCmd
extNames extNames
extCommand extCommand
dskTable dskTable
dskEntry dskEntry
dskIndex dskIndex
dskPercentNode dskPercentNode
dskErrorFlag dskErrorFlag
dskErrorMsg dskErrorMsg
dskTotalLow dskTotalLow
dskTotalHigh dskTotalHigh
dskAvailLow dskAvailLow
dskAvailHigh dskAvailHigh
dskUsedLow dskUsedLow
dskUsedHigh dskUsedHigh
dskPath dskPath
dskDevice dskDevice
dskMinimum dskMinimum
dskMinPercent dskMinPercent
dskTotal dskTotal
dskAvail dskAvail
dskUsed dskUsed
dskPercent dskPercent