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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module AT-BOARDS-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module AT-BOARDS-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module AT-BOARDS-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB AT-BOARDS-MIB:
Objects: 222 OIDS: 221 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 0 Tabulars: 0 Scalars/Other: 221
Object NameObject Identifier
boards boards
pprRapier16fMTi pprRapier16fMTi
pprRapier8t8fSC pprRapier8t8fSC
pprRapier8t8fSCi pprRapier8t8fSCi
pprRapier8t8fMT pprRapier8t8fMT
pprRapier8t8fMTi pprRapier8t8fMTi
pprRapier8fSC pprRapier8fSC
pprRapier8fSCi pprRapier8fSCi
pprRapier8fMT pprRapier8fMT
pprRapier8fMTi pprRapier8fMTi
pprRapierG6 pprRapierG6
pprRapierG6SX pprRapierG6SX
pprRapierG6LX pprRapierG6LX
pprRapierG6MT pprRapierG6MT
pprRapier16fSCi pprRapier16fSCi
pprRapier24i pprRapier24i
pprAr824 pprAr824
pprAr816fSC pprAr816fSC
pprAr816fSCi pprAr816fSCi
pprAr816fMT pprAr816fMT
pprAr816fMTi pprAr816fMTi
pprAr88t8fSC pprAr88t8fSC
pprAr88t8fSCi pprAr88t8fSCi
pprAr88t8fMT pprAr88t8fMT
pprAr88t8fMTi pprAr88t8fMTi
pprAr88fSC pprAr88fSC
pprAr88fSCi pprAr88fSCi
pprAr88fMT pprAr88fMT
pprAr88fMTi pprAr88fMTi
pprAr824i pprAr824i
pprAt8724XL pprAt8724XL
pprAt8748XL pprAt8748XL
pprAt8724XLDC pprAt8724XLDC
pprAt8748XLDC pprAt8748XLDC
pprAt8824 pprAt8824
pprAt8824DC pprAt8824DC
ppr8724XLDC ppr8724XLDC
ppr8748XLDC ppr8748XLDC
pprRapier24iDC_NEBS pprRapier24iDC_NEBS
pprAt8724XLDC_NEBS pprAt8724XLDC_NEBS
pprAt8848DC pprAt8848DC
pprRapier48 pprRapier48
pprAt8848 pprAt8848
pprRapier48i pprRapier48i
pprNsm0424BRI pprNsm0424BRI
pprIcmAR026 pprIcmAR026
ppr9816GF ppr9816GF
ppr9812TF ppr9812TF
pprSbChassis4AC pprSbChassis4AC
pprSbChassis4DC pprSbChassis4DC
pprSbChassis8AC pprSbChassis8AC
pprSbChassis8DC pprSbChassis8DC
pprSbChassis16AC pprSbChassis16AC
pprSbChassis16DC pprSbChassis16DC
pprSbControl pprSbControl
pprSbControlDTM pprSbControlDTM
pprSb48t pprSb48t
pprSb96t pprSb96t
pprSb32fSC pprSb32fSC
pprSb32fMT pprSb32fMT
pprSb8fRJ pprSb8fRJ
pprSb8fSXSC pprSb8fSXSC
pprSb8fSXMT pprSb8fSXMT
pprSb8fLXSC pprSb8fLXSC
pprSb8fLXMT pprSb8fLXMT
pprAr410 pprAr410
pprA40SC pprA40SC
pprA40MTRJ pprA40MTRJ
pprA41SC pprA41SC
pprA41MTRJ pprA41MTRJ
pprAr725 pprAr725
pprAr745 pprAr745
pprSb8GBIC pprSb8GBIC
pprA42GBIC pprA42GBIC
ppr9816GB ppr9816GB
ppr9812T ppr9812T
pprNsm048DS3 pprNsm048DS3
pprAr450 pprAr450
pprAr450Dual pprAr450Dual
pprSbExpander pprSbExpander
pprAr725DC pprAr725DC
pprAr745DC pprAr745DC
pprAr410v2 pprAr410v2
pprAr410v3 pprAr410v3
pprIcmAr027 pprIcmAr027
ppr8948EX ppr8948EX
ppr8948i ppr8948i
ppr9816GBDC ppr9816GBDC
ppr9812TDC ppr9812TDC
pprIcmAr021v2s pprIcmAr021v2s
pprA50 pprA50
pprA51 pprA51
pprA52 pprA52
pprA53 pprA53
pprFanA01 pprFanA01
pprAtPwr01AC pprAtPwr01AC
pprAtPwr01DC pprAtPwr01DC
pprAtFan01 pprAtFan01
pprSb24RJ pprSb24RJ
pprSb1XFP pprSb1XFP
ppr9924T ppr9924T
ppr9924SP ppr9924SP
ppr9924TEMC ppr9924TEMC
ppr9924T4SP ppr9924T4SP
pprAR440 pprAR440
pprAR441 pprAR441
pprAR442 pprAR442
pprAR443 pprAR443
pprAR444 pprAR444
pprAR420 pprAR420
pprAt8624T2M pprAt8624T2M
pprA46Tx pprA46Tx
pprAR550 pprAR550
pprAR551 pprAR551
pprAR552 pprAR552
pprC8724MLB pprC8724MLB
pprAt86482SP pprAt86482SP
pprAt8624POE pprAt8624POE
pprAtPwr01RAC pprAtPwr01RAC
pprAtFan01R pprAtFan01R
ppr9924Ts ppr9924Ts
pprAR570 pprAR570
pprAtPwr02AC pprAtPwr02AC
pprAtPwr02RAC pprAtPwr02RAC
pprAtXum10G pprAtXum10G
pprAtXum12T pprAtXum12T
pprAtXum12SFP pprAtXum12SFP
pprSb24SFP pprSb24SFP
pprAR770 pprAR770
pprAtXum10Gi pprAtXum10Gi
pprAtXum12SFPi pprAtXum12SFPi
pprAtXum12Ti pprAtXum12Ti
pprAR415S pprAR415S
pprAR415SDC pprAR415SDC
pprAR550SDP pprAR550SDP
ppr8948iN ppr8948iN
pprAtXum12TiN pprAtXum12TiN
ppr9924TsiN ppr9924TsiN
pprRapier48w pprRapier48w
pprAt8824R pprAt8824R
pprX90048FS pprX90048FS
pprIcmAr023 pprIcmAr023
pprIcmAr021s pprIcmAr021s
pprIcmAr022 pprIcmAr022
pprIcmAr025 pprIcmAr025
pprIcmAr024 pprIcmAr024
pprAr300 pprAr300
pprAr300L pprAr300L
pprAr310 pprAr310
pprAr120 pprAr120
pprAr300Lu pprAr300Lu
pprAr300u pprAr300u
pprAr310u pprAr310u
pprAr350 pprAr350
pprIcmAr021u pprIcmAr021u
pprAr720 pprAr720
pprAr010 pprAr010
pprAr012 pprAr012
pprAr011 pprAr011
pprAr370 pprAr370
pprAr330 pprAr330
pprAr395 pprAr395
pprAr390 pprAr390
pprAr370u pprAr370u
pprIcmAr020 pprIcmAr020
pprAr740 pprAr740
pprAr140s pprAr140s
pprAr140u pprAr140u
pprAr160su pprAr160su
pprAr320 pprAr320
pprAr130s pprAr130s
pprAr130u pprAr130u
pprRapier24 pprRapier24
pprNsm0404Pic pprNsm0404Pic
pprA35SXSC pprA35SXSC
pprA35LXSC pprA35LXSC
pprA36MTRJ pprA36MTRJ
pprA37VF45 pprA37VF45
pprA38LC pprA38LC
pprA39Tx pprA39Tx
pprAr740DC pprAr740DC
pprNsm0418BRI pprNsm0418BRI
pprRapier16fSC pprRapier16fSC
ppr8624xl80 ppr8624xl80
pprRapier16fMT pprRapier16fMT
release release
iftypes iftypes
ifaceEth ifaceEth
ifaceSyn ifaceSyn
ifaceAsyn ifaceAsyn
ifaceBri ifaceBri
ifacePri ifacePri
ifacePots ifacePots
ifaceGBIC ifaceGBIC
chips chips
chip68020Cpu chip68020Cpu
chipPem chipPem
chip68340Cpu chip68340Cpu
chipRtc1 chipRtc1
chipRtc2 chipRtc2
chipRtc3 chipRtc3
chipRtc4 chipRtc4
chip68302Cpu chip68302Cpu
chipRam1mb chipRam1mb
chipRam2mb chipRam2mb
chipRam3mb chipRam3mb
chipRam4mb chipRam4mb
chipRam6mb chipRam6mb
chipRam8mb chipRam8mb
chip68360Cpu chip68360Cpu
chipRam12mb chipRam12mb
chipRam16mb chipRam16mb
chip860TCpu chip860TCpu
chipRam20mb chipRam20mb
chipRam32mb chipRam32mb
chipFlash1mb chipFlash1mb
chipFlash2mb chipFlash2mb
chipFlash3mb chipFlash3mb
chipFlash4mb chipFlash4mb
chipFlash6mb chipFlash6mb
chipFlash8mb chipFlash8mb