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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module FIBRONICS-PROPRIETARY-FX8210-B-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module FIBRONICS-PROPRIETARY-FX8210-B-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module FIBRONICS-PROPRIETARY-FX8210-B-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Objects: 349 OIDS: 317 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 22 Tabulars: 113 Scalars/Other: 182
Object NameObject Identifier
spartacus spartacus
dec dec
decrun decrun
rcircs rcircs
rCircNum rCircNum
rccTable rccTable
rccEntry rccEntry
rccIndex rccIndex
rccState rccState
rccType rccType
rccCost rccCost
rccBSize rccBSize
rccHTimer rccHTimer
rccLine rccLine
rbcTable rbcTable
rbcEntry rbcEntry
rbcDrout rbcDrout
rbcMrout rbcMrout
rbcRpri rbcRpri
rCCntrs rCCntrs
rCCntrEntry rCCntrEntry
rCCntTePktsIn rCCntTePktsIn
rCCntOPktsOut rCCntOPktsOut
rCCntTrPktsIn rCCntTrPktsIn
rCCntTrPktsOut rCCntTrPktsOut
rCCntAdjDown rCCntAdjDown
rnodes rnodes
rnNmParms rnNmParms
rnNmId rnNmId
rnNmPaddr rnNmPaddr
rnRtParms rnRtParms
rnRpAMaxC rnRpAMaxC
rnRpMaxCost rnRpMaxCost
rnRpMaxHops rnRpMaxHops
rnRpMaxV rnRpMaxV
rnRpVers rnRpVers
rnRpSegBuf rnRpSegBuf
rnRpType rnRpType
rnRpAddr rnRpAddr
rnRpUseL2A rnRpUseL2A
rnRpAMaxH rnRpAMaxH
rnRpBRtTmr rnRpBRtTmr
rnRpBSize rnRpBSize
rnRpMAddr rnRpMAddr
rnRpMArea rnRpMArea
rnRpMaxBNR rnRpMaxBNR
rnRpMaxBR rnRpMaxBR
rnRpMaxCir rnRpMaxCir
rnRtCount rnRtCount
rnRcAgedPkt rnRcAgedPkt
rnRcUnReach rnRcUnReach
rnRcBadRange rnRcBadRange
rnRcOversize rnRcOversize
rnRcFormErr rnRcFormErr
rnRcRtUpLoss rnRcRtUpLoss
rnAdjTbl rnAdjTbl
rnAdjEnt rnAdjEnt
rnAdjAddr rnAdjAddr
rnAdjState rnAdjState
rnAdjType rnAdjType
rnAdjCIdx rnAdjCIdx
rnAdjBSize rnAdjBSize
rnAdjLTmr rnAdjLTmr
rnAdjPri rnAdjPri
rnLvl1Tbl rnLvl1Tbl
rnLvl1Ent rnLvl1Ent
rnLvl1Addr rnLvl1Addr
rnLvl1Cidx rnLvl1Cidx
rnLvl1Cost rnLvl1Cost
rnLvl1Hops rnLvl1Hops
rnLvl1Next rnLvl1Next
rareas rareas
raParmTbl raParmTbl
raParmEntry raParmEntry
raNum raNum
raCIdx raCIdx
raCost raCost
raHops raHops
raNext raNext
decperm decperm
pcircs pcircs
pccTable pccTable
pccEntry pccEntry
pccIndex pccIndex
pccState pccState
pccCost pccCost
pccHTimer pccHTimer
pbcTable pbcTable
pbcEntry pbcEntry
pbcMrout pbcMrout
pbcRpri pbcRpri
pnodes pnodes
pnRtParms pnRtParms
pnRpAMaxC pnRpAMaxC
pnRpMaxHops pnRpMaxHops
pnRpMaxV pnRpMaxV
pnRpType pnRpType
pnRpAddr pnRpAddr
pnRpUseL2A pnRpUseL2A
pnRpRstDaddr pnRpRstDaddr
pnRpAMaxH pnRpAMaxH
pnRpBRtTmr pnRpBRtTmr
pnRpBSize pnRpBSize
pnRpMAddr pnRpMAddr
pnRpMArea pnRpMArea
pnRpMaxBNR pnRpMaxBNR
pnRpMaxBR pnRpMaxBR
pnRpMaxCost pnRpMaxCost
pDecDefaults pDecDefaults
trap trap
traprun traprun
rTrapAddrTbl rTrapAddrTbl
rTrapAddrEntry rTrapAddrEntry
rTrapAddrAddr rTrapAddrAddr
rTrapAddrComm rTrapAddrComm
rTrapAddrVer rTrapAddrVer
rTrapAddrType rTrapAddrType
rTrapAddrState rTrapAddrState
traperm traperm
pTrapAddrTbl pTrapAddrTbl
pTrapAddrEntry pTrapAddrEntry
pTrapAddrAddr pTrapAddrAddr
pTrapAddrComm pTrapAddrComm
pTrapAddrVer pTrapAddrVer
pTrapAddrType pTrapAddrType
pTrapAddrState pTrapAddrState
pTrapDefaults pTrapDefaults
dec2 dec2
dec2run dec2run
rClParmTbl rClParmTbl
rClParmEntry rClParmEntry
rClState rClState
rClSubSt rClSubSt
rBlParmTbl rBlParmTbl
rBlParmEntry rBlParmEntry
rBlHAddr rBlHAddr
rElCountTbl rElCountTbl
rElCountEntry rElCountEntry
rElFrIn rElFrIn
rElOutF rElOutF
rElCDetF rElCDetF
rElInF rElInF
rElBadD rElBadD
rElOvRun rElOvRun
rElNoBuf rElNoBuf
rElFrOut rElFrOut
rElBcBIn rElBcBIn
rElBcFIn rElBcFIn
rElMcBIn rElMcBIn
rElMcFIn rElMcFIn
rElFDef rElFDef
rElF1Col rElF1Col
rElFMCol rElFMCol
dec2perm dec2perm
propSys propSys
propSysRun propSysRun
rTod rTod
rUIpSw rUIpSw
rUDecSw rUDecSw
rUBrSw rUBrSw
rUIpCfg rUIpCfg
rURunningVersion rURunningVersion
rUDnldAllowed rUDnldAllowed
rUInitFlash rUInitFlash
rFddiIfIndex rFddiIfIndex
rPingTable rPingTable
rPingEntry rPingEntry
rPProto rPProto
rPDest rPDest
rPTimeOut rPTimeOut
rPReply rPReply
rPState rPState
rDebugTable rDebugTable
rDebugEntry rDebugEntry
rDTaskId rDTaskId
rDDevStat rDDevStat
rDRunStat rDRunStat
rUDnld rUDnld
rURset rURset
propSysPerm propSysPerm
pULoadVersion pULoadVersion
pUDefaults pUDefaults
pUFlashTable pUFlashTable
pUFlashEntry pUFlashEntry
FlashIndex FlashIndex
FlashVersion FlashVersion
FlashState FlashState
sysPermBridgeAvailable sysPermBridgeAvailable
sysPermIpAvailable sysPermIpAvailable
sysPermDecAvailable sysPermDecAvailable
pPMibVer pPMibVer
pEepVer pEepVer
pUloadType pUloadType
pUIpSw pUIpSw
pUDecSw pUDecSw
pUBrSw pUBrSw
pUIpCfg pUIpCfg
propIp propIp
propIpRun propIpRun
rIpMaskTable rIpMaskTable
rIpMaskEntry rIpMaskEntry
rMaskNet rMaskNet
rMask rMask
rMaskState rMaskState
rRipLsnTable rRipLsnTable
rRipLsnEntry rRipLsnEntry
rLsnAddr rLsnAddr
rLsnRstAddr rLsnRstAddr
rLsnRstState rLsnRstState
rRipAnncIndTable rRipAnncIndTable
rRipAnncIndEntry rRipAnncIndEntry
rRipAnncIndNet rRipAnncIndNet
rRipAnncType rRipAnncType
rRipAnncTable rRipAnncTable
rRipAnncEntry rRipAnncEntry
rAnncNet rAnncNet
rAnncDestAddr rAnncDestAddr
rAnncRstState rAnncRstState
rRipSrcTable rRipSrcTable
rRipSrcEntry rRipSrcEntry
rSrcAddr rSrcAddr
rSrcRstGw rSrcRstGw
rSrcRstState rSrcRstState
rIpRtEvTable rIpRtEvTable
rIpRtEvEntry rIpRtEvEntry
rRtEvTskId rRtEvTskId
rRtEvCode rRtEvCode
rRtEvStatus rRtEvStatus
rIpRipStats rIpRipStats
rRipTotRef rRipTotRef
rRipTotFnd rRipTotFnd
rRipUdpRcv rRipUdpRcv
rRipUdpXmt rRipUdpXmt
rRipUdpTrig rRipUdpTrig
rRipReqRcv rRipReqRcv
rRipReqXmt rRipReqXmt
rRipInvRcv rRipInvRcv
rIpArpStats rIpArpStats
rArpInMsgs rArpInMsgs
rArpOutReq rArpOutReq
rArpOutRep rArpOutRep
rArpResReq rArpResReq
rArpInErr rArpInErr
rArpInIll rArpInIll
rArpInOpCd rArpInOpCd
rArpInReq rArpInReq
rArpInRep rArpInRep
rArpInNotMe rArpInNotMe
rArpOutMsgs rArpOutMsgs
rArpOutErr rArpOutErr
rIpPArp rIpPArp
rPArpInRep rPArpInRep
rPArpInReqSrch rPArpInReqSrch
rPArpOutReq rPArpOutReq
rPArpOutRep rPArpOutRep
rPArpOutActRep rPArpOutActRep
rPArpToutSrch rPArpToutSrch
rPArpNaiveReq rPArpNaiveReq
rIpOurAddrTable rIpOurAddrTable
rIpOurAddrEntry rIpOurAddrEntry
rAddrDbcast rAddrDbcast
rAddrRipMetric rAddrRipMetric
rAddrRipState rAddrRipState
rAddrState rAddrState
rIpIfTable rIpIfTable
rIpIfEntry rIpIfEntry
rIfArpStat rIfArpStat
rIfPArpStat rIfPArpStat
rIfBcMask rIfBcMask
rDftGw rDftGw
rIpAtTable rIpAtTable
rIpAtEntry rIpAtEntry
rAtStatic rAtStatic
rAtAge rAtAge
rIpRtTable rIpRtTable
rIpRtEntry rIpRtEntry
rRtStatic rRtStatic
rRipTrInd rRipTrInd
rRipTrustTable rRipTrustTable
rRipTrustEntry rRipTrustEntry
rTrRestGw rTrRestGw
rTrRestState rTrRestState
rRipLsnIndTable rRipLsnIndTable
rRipLsnIndEntry rRipLsnIndEntry
rRipLsnIndDest rRipLsnIndDest
rRipLsnType rRipLsnType
propIpPerm propIpPerm
pIpMaskTable pIpMaskTable
pIpMaskEntry pIpMaskEntry
pMaskNet pMaskNet
pMask pMask
pMaskState pMaskState
pIpOurAddrTable pIpOurAddrTable
pIpOurAddrEntry pIpOurAddrEntry
pAddrOurAddr pAddrOurAddr
pAddrIfIndex pAddrIfIndex
pAddrBcAddr pAddrBcAddr
pAddrDbcast pAddrDbcast
pAddrRipMetric pAddrRipMetric
pAddrState pAddrState
pAddrRipState pAddrRipState
pIpIfTable pIpIfTable
pIpIfEntry pIpIfEntry
pIfIndex pIfIndex
pIfType pIfType
pIfMtu pIfMtu
pIfArpStat pIfArpStat
pIfPArpStat pIfPArpStat
pIfAdminStat pIfAdminStat
pIfBcMask pIfBcMask
pDftGw pDftGw
pIpDefaults pIpDefaults
propFddi propFddi
fddiSmtChge fddiSmtChge
fddiMacChge fddiMacChge
fddiPortChge fddiPortChge
fddiAttachChge fddiAttachChge