ByteSphere Announces a Free Community Edition
of Jaguar Network Monitoring Tool

ByteSphere starts another first in the industry by releasing a free version of its mega popular Jaguar network monitoring tool. Jaguar has established itself as the primer network fault monitoring software for large to small networks.

Cambridge, MA., December 20, 2008 -- To combat to the increasingly slow economy, ByteSphere Technologies has announced a free community edition of the wildly popular Jaguar SX network fault monitoring system. This unprecedented move is the first fully functional professional IT Management system to be deployed without cost. It is scheduled to be released on January 5th 2009. Freeware has long been a standard of the internet, but mainly for applications with limited usage or limited functionality. In the case of Jaguar Community Edition, the system will support up to 2,500 monitors complete with discovery, polling, reporting, charting, alarming, and more. Similar products can cost over fifty-thousand dollars, often offering much less than the free Community Edition of Jaguar. We wanted to provide the IT community a "low to no" cost alternative to professional IT monitoring solutions in this time of economic crisis. In addition, we are giving customers who have not used a ByteSphere product before the ability to use our software for free and really understand the ease and simplicity in which it can be deployed," remarks Nick Saparoff, ByteSphere's president. "This system is robust enough to integrate even in atypical situations. Should customers need support, it is available at a cost that is substantially below the market. With ByteSphere's support option for Jaguar Community Edition, new devices, agents, and technologies are integrated and certified regardless of vendor, enterprise MIBs, or transport mechanisms, including both IPv4 and IPv6. In addition new support is guaranteed to be delivered in under thirty days, with bug fixes and enhancements to the software available at no additional cost. Originally developed for high end implementations in large corporations, the real-time scale, speed, and ease of use of Jaguar became an instant hit among network administrators. The features and advancements made in IT monitoring and fault management technology are leading the market. And now, with the community edition, small and medium size business (SMB market) will readily appreciate this free monitoring solution - it will help to ensure that their network infrastructure is performing correctly without breaking the bank. This announcement comes in a long line of industry leading advances that ByteSphere has made with their SNMP MIB Browser and network fault monitoring products. "It has been a big year for our company, with advances being made ahead of our competition on seemingly every front. We are proud of our OidView MIB Browser and Jaguar network fault monitoring software."

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ByteSphereŽ is a Boston area network management software company specializing in Global IT Management and Network Monitoring solutions and is the world's leading provider of SNMP-enabled network administration and testing tools.