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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Newbridge Networks Corporation represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Newbridge Networks Corporation equipment, including Newbridge Networks Corporation routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 35 Newbridge Networks Corporation MIB downloads in this section, containing over 2955 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Newbridge Networks Corporation subtree. Some of the latest updated Newbridge Networks Corporation MIBs include NNCEXTPVC-MIB, NNCEXTVPTTP-MIB, NNCAAL5-MIB, NNCGNI0006-MIB, NNCEXTNEINVENTORY-MIB

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Newbridge Networks Corporation     Total Files: 35     Sorted By: mibname
MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
ALARM-MIB 40 1/10/1996  (nncLegacyExtAlarm)
This module contains definitions for Newbridge extensions to alarm objects.
MULTIBRIDGE-MIB 98 3/25/1997  (nncExtMultiBridge)
Newbridges multi-BRIDGE MIB Module. for nodes which implements more than one bridge entity.
NEWBRIDGE-MIB 235  (nnciSystem)
NNCAAL5-MIB 19 6/10/1999  (nncAAL5)
This module contains definitions for monitoring and configuring AAL5 information on Newbridge ATM cards.
NNC-ATM-CONGESTIONSTATISTICS-MIB 103 7/14/1998  (nncAtmCongestionStatistics)
NNC-ATM-PROTOSTATISTICS-MIB 43 4/24/1996  (nncAtmProtoStatistics)
NNC-ATM-STATISTICS-MIB 194 7/21/1998  (nncAtmStatistics)
NNCBELLCOREGR820DS1STATISTICS-MIB 51 2/15/1999  (nncBellcoreGR820Ds1Statistics)
This module contains the definitions for the Bellcore GR820 statistics for DS1 lines.
NNCCEFILLLEVELSTATISTICS-MIB 11 8/27/1997  (nncCEFillLevelStatistics)
This module contains definitions for monitoring aal1 fill level statistics.
NNCEXTE3-MIB 50 11/25/1996  (nncExtE3)
This module contains definitions for Newbridge extensions to E3 objects. It is used as a supplement to rfc1407.
NNCEXTNEINVENTORY-MIB 25 4/15/1999  (nncExtNEInventory)
This module contains definition for monitoring the inventory of network elements in a network. The module can be used to query the information of different network elements for information such as identity, associated identity numbers, software banks, sof
NNC-EXT-PM-STATISTICS-MIB 96 10/2/1998  (nncExtPmStatistics)
NNCEXTPVC-MIB 87 1/26/2001  (nncExtPvc)
NNCEXTSPVC-MIB 223  (nncExtSpvc)
NNCEXTSVCSIGSTATS-MIB 197 3/21/1996  (nncExtSVCSigStats)
The MIB module containing management information for performance monitoring of SVC Signalling functions.
NNCEXTVPTTP-MIB 10 7/21/2000  (nncExtVpttp)
This module contains Alcatels proprietary MIB definition for configuration of VP Trail Termination Points. This support is is provided via nncCrVpTrailTerminationPointTable. Some abreviations: VCI/Vci/vci: Virtual channel identifier VCL/Vcl/vcl: Virtual c
NNCFRINTSTATISTICS-MIB 263 3/3/1998  (nncFrIntStatistics)
This module contains definitions for performance monitoring of Frame Relay Streams
NNCGNI0001-SMI 26  (newbridge)
NNCGNI0006-MIB 83 4/30/1999  (nncExtBasics)
The MIB module containing management information for basic network element functions: restart info, environmental info, box identity, etc.
NNCGNI00X1-SMI 26  (newbridge)
NNCGNI00X3-MIB 21  (nncExtNsCurrentSource)
NNCGNI00X4-MIB 29  (nncExtPositionMaxPossible)
NNCGNI00X5-MIB 76  (nncExtDs1ConfigTable)
NNCGNI00X6-MIB 49  (nncExtSysProductName)
NNCGNI00X7-MIB 20  (nncExtDeviceTable)
NNCGNI00X8-MIB 21  (nncExtRptrModuleTable)
NNCGNI00X9-MIB 18  (nncExtSdcTable)
NNC-INTERVAL-STATISTICS-TC-MIB 5 3/21/1996  (nncExtIntvlStats)
The MIB module containing type definitions common to interval statistics collection mibs.
NNC-NOTIFICATION-MIB 87 4/22/1997  (nncExtNotif)
This MIB module contains information regarding Alarm and Trouble Ticket information forwarding as Notifications.
NNC-PKT-STATISTICS-MIB 64 1/16/1998  (nncExtPktStatistics)
NNC-Service-NOTIFICATION-MIB 58 10/24/1997  (nncExtServiceNotif)
This MIB module contains information regarding Service status information forwarded as Notifications.
NNCVS-MIB 31 1/6/1999  (nncVS)
This module contains definitions for monitoring and configuring Newbridge Voiceband Services cards.
SDSL-STATS-MIB 69 9/30/1998  (nncSdslStatistics)
This module contains definitions for SDSL Ports Stats.