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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Extreme Networks represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Extreme Networks equipment, including Extreme Networks routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 34 Extreme Networks MIB downloads in this section, containing over 2079 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Extreme Networks subtree. Some of the latest updated Extreme Networks MIBs include EXTREME-STACKING-MIB, EXTREME-ENTITY-MIB, EXTREME-DOS-MIB, EXTREME-ENH-DOS-MIB, EXTREME-WIRELESS-MIB

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Extreme Networks     Total Files: 34     Sorted By: mibname
MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
EXTREME-BASE-MIB 94  (extremenetworks)
EXTREME-CABLE-MIB 51 7/24/2000  (extremeDiagConfigGroup)
Extreme-specific Cable objects
EXTREME-DLCS-MIB 19 3/4/1999  (extremeDlcsEnable)
Extreme Dynamic-Link Context System DLCS) status objects
EXTREME-DOS-MIB 19 1/2/2004  (extremeDosProtect)
Extreme Dos protect objects information
EXTREMEdot11AP-MIB 1 11/14/2002  (extremeDot11ap)
This MIB module provides managemetn of a set of APs. It is based on the IEEE AP MIB with additions for better indexing.
EXTREMEdot11f-MIB 1 7/2/2001  (extremeDot11f)
This MIB module provides management of IAPP on a set of APs. It is functionally identical to the IAPP MIB from the IEEE with the addition of a new index.
EXTREME-EAPS-MIB 8 7/24/2000  (extremeEaps)
Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching information
EXTREME-EDP-MIB 21 10/20/1999  (extremeEdpTable)
Extreme Discovery Protocol information
EXTREME-ENH-DOS-MIB 31 1/2/2004  (extremeEnhDosProtect)
Extreme Enhanced Dos protect objects information
EXTREME-ENTITY-MIB 7 9/17/2004  (extremeEntityFRUTable)
Extreme FRU Odometer objects
EXTREME-ESRP-MIB 49 7/24/2000  (extremeEsrpTable)
Extreme Standby Routing Protocol information
EXTREME-FDB-MIB 31 10/31/2000  (extremeFdbMacFdbTable)
Extreme FDB and IP FDB tables.
EXTREME-FILETRANSFER-MIB 16 10/21/1998 4:30:00 PM  (extremeFileTransferGroup)
Extreme File transfer objects
EXTREME-NETFLOW-MIB 43 10/31/2000  (extremeNetFlowConfigPort)
Extreme NetFlow tables.
EXTREME-NP-MIB 70 7/24/2000  (extremeNPModule)
Extreme NP objects: NP card information
EXTREME-OSPF-MIB 7 6/28/2000  (extremeOspfInterfaceTable)
Extreme specific OSPF information
EXTREME-PBQOS-MIB 34 3/3/1999  (extremeNextAvailableQosRuleIndex)
Extreme QoS Policy configuration objects
EXTREME-POE-MIB 36 7/24/2000  (extremePoE)
Extreme Power over Ethernet MIB objects
EXTREME-PORT-MIB 75 7/24/2000  (extremePortLoadshareTable)
Extreme network port objects
EXTREME-POS-MIB 81 7/24/2000  (extremeAps)
Extreme POS objects: objects common to POS MIBs
EXTREME-QOS-MIB 47 7/24/2000  (extremeQosCommon)
Extreme Quality-of-Service objects
EXTREME-RTSTATS-MIB 14 6/24/1999  (extremeRtStatsTable)
Extreme real time stats related objects
EXTREME-SERVICES-MIB 43 7/24/2000  (extremeServices)
Extreme Upper layer services objects
EXTREME-SLB-MIB 12 3/8/2000  (extremeSlbRealServerTable)
Extreme Server Load Balancing information
EXTREME-SNMPV3-MIB 9 7/24/2000  (extremeTarget)
Extreme-specific SNMPv3 objects
EXTREME-STACKING-MIB 35 9/27/2004  (extremeStackable)
Extreme Stackable MIB objects
EXTREME-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB 46 7/24/2000  (extremeStpDomainTable)
Extreme STP extensions
EXTREME-SYSTEM-MIB 93 7/24/2000  (extremeSystemCommon)
Extreme System objects: objects common to all platforms
EXTREME-TRAP-MIB 15  (extremePowerSupplyFail)
EXTREME-TRAPPOLL-MIB 19 1/9/1998  (extremeSmartTrapRulesTable)
Extreme SmartTraps trap-based-polling objects
EXTREME-V2TRAP-MIB 61  (extremeCoreSCTraps)
EXTREME-VC-MIB 7 1/9/1998  (extremeVCLinkTable)
Extreme Virtual Chassis objects
EXTREME-VLAN-MIB 99 7/24/2000  (extremeVlanGroup)
Extreme Virtual LAN objects
EXTREME-WIRELESS-MIB 885 11/23/2002  (extremeWirelessPortStatusTable)
Extreme Wireless Access Tables