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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Stratacom represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Stratacom equipment, including Stratacom routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 92 Stratacom MIB downloads in this section, containing over 8396 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Stratacom subtree. Some of the latest updated Stratacom MIBs include CISCO-VISM-MODULE-MIB, CISCO-VISM-DSX1-MIB, CISCO-VISM-CONN-STAT-MIB, CISCO-WAN-AAL2-PROFILES-MIB, CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-STAT-MIB

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Stratacom     Total Files: 92     Sorted By: mibname
MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
BASIS-GENERIC-MIB 90  (cardInformation)
BASIS-MIB 72 4/4/2003  (basis)
This MIB Contains OID subtrees used in some of the MIBs under stratacom enterprise.
BASIS-ONLINE-DIAG-MIB 11 6/11/2003  (basisOnlineDiagMIB)
This MIB contains information on the online diagnostics in MGX82xxMGX8250, MGX8220, MGX8230 etc) products.
BASIS-SERIAL-MIB 16 5/3/2003  (basisSerialMIB)
The MIB module to configure serial ports in Processor Module and different Service Modulescards) in MGX8850,MGX8250 and MGX8220 ATM Edge switches.
BASIS-SHELF-MIB 51  (shelfTable)
CISCO-MGX82XX-ATM-UNI-PORT-MIB 23 4/18/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxAtmUniPortMIB)
The MIB module containing objects related to user-side of the ATM UNI Port. The mib is applicable for MGX8250 and MGX8220 products. Terminologies used: UNI : User Network Interface.
CISCO-MGX82XX-CARD-FEATURE-MIB 18 5/5/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxCardFeatureMIB)
CISCO-MGX82XX-DSX1-MIB 109 3/31/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxDsx1MIB)
The MIB module to configure DS1/E1 interface objects. This mib also contains the alarm configuration of DS1/E1 interfaces. This mib is supported in T1/E1 service modules.
CISCO-MGX82XX-DSX3-BERT-MIB 28 1/2/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxDsx3BertMIB)
The MIB Module for BERT Bit Error Rate Testing) on ds3 interfaces in some of the cards Service Modules) in MGX products. This MIB is applicable for following T3/E3 Service Modules: FRSM-2T3E3 : Frame Relay Service Module. CESM-T3E3 : Circuit Emulation Ser
CISCO-MGX82XX-DSX3-MIB 242 1/11/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxDsx3MIB)
CISCO-MGX82XX-ENVMON-MIB 22 4/17/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxEnvmonMIB)
The MIB module to describe the status of the Environmental Monitoring devices in MGX82xx products.
CISCO-MGX82XX-MODULE-RSRC-PART-MIB 15 4/18/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxModuleRsrcPartMIB)
CISCO-MGX82XX-PXM-CLOCK-MIB 32 5/27/2003  (ciscoMgx82xxPxmClockMIB)
The MIB module to describe the clock configuration in Processor Switch ModulePXM) in MGX82xx product. Back cards supported for PXM1: PXM-UI : T1 Clock port, E1 Clock Port PXM-UI-S3 : External Clock1 for T1/E1 Clock input.
CISCO-MGX82XX-RPM-CONN-MIB 48 9/8/2002  (ciscoMgx82xxRpmConnMIB)
The connection MIB module for RPMRouter Blade) service module in MGX8250/MGX8230 products. The channel and connection and connection endpoint mean same in this MIB.
CISCO-MGX82XX-RPM-RSRC-PART-MIB 22 9/17/2002  (ciscoMgx82xxRpmRsrcPartMIB)
The MIB module to manage resource partition objects. A resource partition is configured on a RPM subinterface. An administrator can partition connection related resources like VPI, VCI ranges, bandwidth and total amount of available connection entries in
CISCO-MGX82XX-RPM-SUBIF-MIB 17 9/8/2002  (ciscoMgx82xxRpmSubIfMIB)
This MIB is used to provision backplane sub-interfaces on the MGXs Route Processor Module RPM). This MIB is implemented on the MGX controller to manage the RPM. The RPM family of Router Modules run the IOS Operating System
CISCO-MGX82XX-SONET-MIB 296  (sonetConfig)
CISCO-MGX82XX-TRAPS-MIB 281  (coreCardSwitchTrap)
CISCO-MGX82XX-VIRTUAL-PORT-MIB 63 8/30/2002  (ciscoMgx82xxVirtualPortMIB)
The MIB module for configuration ond reporting statistics of virtual ports in PXM1 Service module in MGX82xx series.
CISCO-MGX8800-IF-MAPPING-MIB 17 5/25/2004  (ciscoMGX8800IfMappingMIB)
This MIB module is used for getting the ifIndex values given physical location and/or logical information. The physical information includes the slot, back-card and physical line, IMA group ID, MFR Multilink Frame Relay) bundle etc. The logical informatio
CISCO-VISM-ATM-TRUNK-MIB 62 4/14/2004  (vismAal2CidGrp)
The MIB module contain the Bearer and CID Channel Identifier) connection information.
CISCO-VISM-CAS-MIB 32 7/16/2003  (ciscoVismCasMIB)
The MIB module contain the CAS backhaul feature in VISM
CISCO-VISM-CODEC-MIB 29 5/24/2005  (vismCodecCnfGrp)
The MIB module contains tables for configurating and maintaining Codec on VISM service module.
CISCO-VISM-CONN-MIB 77 5/3/2004  (vismChanCnfGrpTable)
CISCO-VISM-CONN-STAT-MIB 47 9/26/2005  (vismChanCntGrp)
The MIB module contain VISM channel counters information.
CISCO-VISM-DSX0-MIB 88 3/11/2004  (ciscoVismDsx0MIB)
This MIB module contains ds0 configuration, Status and DS0 related information on a DS1 interface supported in VISM module. VISM is a Voice Interworking Service Module supported in MGX8250 and MGX8850 and other MGX products. Terminologies used: line : Sam
CISCO-VISM-DSX1-MIB 95 9/30/2005  (dsx1AlmHistoryTable)
CISCO-VISM-MODULE-MIB 141 10/17/2005  (vismConfig)
This MIB module contains VISM Card specific attributes and call statistics information for VISM service module.
CISCO-VISM-PORT-MIB 17 10/16/2003  (ciscoVismPortMIB)
The MIB module containing Port information for VISM service module.
CISCO-VISM-RSRC-PART-MIB 19 12/9/2003  (ciscoVismRsrcPartMIB)
The MIB module containing Port Resource Partition information for VISM service module.
CISCO-VISM-TRAPS-MIB 119  (vismRtpConnAdded)
CISCO-WAN-AAL2-PROFILES-MIB 19 9/1/2005  (ciscoWanAal2ProfilesMIB)
The MIB module for configuring AAL2 profile elements. This table will be used in AAL2 switching and trunking applications.
CISCO-WAN-ANNOUNCEMENT-MIB 28 12/22/2003  (ciscoWanAnnouncementMIB)
CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-MIB 120 3/30/2003  (ciscoWanAtmConnMIB)
CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-STAT-MIB 161 8/25/2005  (ciscoWanAtmConnStatMIB)
This module contains ATM switch connection related real time statistical counter objects.
CISCO-WAN-ATM-COSB-MIB 33 3/21/2003  (ciscoWanAtmCosbMIB)
CISCO-WAN-AXIPOP-MIB 2109  (commonPort)
CISCO-WAN-BBIF-ATM-CONN-MIB 75 9/9/2002  (ciscoWanBbifAtmConnMIB)
The MIB module to configure the ATM Connections on a broad band interface in PXM1 Service module.
CISCO-WAN-BBIF-ATM-CONN-STAT-MIB 24 10/18/2002  (ciscoWanBbifAtmConnStatMIB)
CISCO-WAN-BBIF-ILMI-MIB 47 12/20/2002  (ciscoWanBbifIlmiMIB)
The MIB module for ILMI configuration and ILMI statistics for broad band interface ports in PXM1 service module. PXM1 service module is supported in MGX82xx series products. The broadband interface referred to in this mib is for ATM logical ports.
CISCO-WAN-BBIF-PORT-MIB 51 8/30/2002  (ciscoWanBbifPortMIB)
The MIB module for configuration of ATM logical ports in PXM1 Service module in MGX82xx series. This MIB contains information on ATM Logical port statistics.
CISCO-WAN-CES-CONN-MIB 71 9/18/2002  (ciscoWanCesConnMIB)
CISCO-WAN-CES-CONN-STAT-MIB 32 12/24/2002  (ciscoWanCesConnStatMIB)
CISCO-WAN-CES-PORT-MIB 33 11/13/2002  (ciscoWanCesPortMIB)
The MIB module to configure the Circuit Emulation ServiceCES) ports.
CISCO-WAN-CES-RSRC-PART-MIB 20 9/3/2002  (ciscoWanCesRsrcPartMIB)
The mib module to configure the resource partition on Circuit Emulation ServiceCES) ports. This is applicable for service modules providing the Circuit Emulation Services.
CISCO-WAN-CODEC-GEN-PARM-MIB 17 3/17/2004  (ciscoWanCodecGenParmMIB)
This MIB provides configuration of Jitter buffer mode on a call and initial jitter delay value per Codec based. Prior to this, the configuration are specify on a Card based. The Card level objects vismJitterDelayMode and vismJitterInitialDelay in CISCO-VI
CISCO-WAN-FEEDER-MIB 28 3/27/2003  (ciscoWanFeederMIB)
CISCO-WAN-FR-CONN-CAPABILITY 3 3/27/2002  (ciscoWanFrConnCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for Frame Relay connection mib objects. - The capability cwFrConnCapabilityFrsm12V3R00 is for FRSM-12 module.
CISCO-WAN-FR-CONN-MIB 125 9/18/2002  (ciscoWanFrConnMIB)
CISCO-WAN-FR-CONN-STAT-MIB 73 10/18/2002  (ciscoWanFrConnStatMIB)
CISCO-WAN-FR-PORT-CAPABILITY 3 3/27/2002  (ciscoWanFrPortCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for Frame Relay port mib objects. - The capability cwFrPortCapabilityFrsm12V3R00 is for FRSM-12 module.
CISCO-WAN-FR-PORT-MIB 124 10/17/2002  (ciscoWanFrPortMIB)
CISCO-WAN-FR-RSRC-PART-MIB 19 9/4/2002  (ciscoWanFrRsrcPartMIB)
CISCO-WAN-FR-SIGNALING-MIB 59 3/24/2003  (ciscoWanFrSignalingMIB)
CISCO-WAN-FR-X21-MIB 63 9/19/2002  (ciscoWanFrX21MIB)
CISCO-WAN-MGC-REDUN-MIB 35 1/19/2004  (ciscoWanMgcRedunMIB)
CISCO-WAN-MG-MIB 88 5/27/2005  (ciscoWanMgMIB)
The MIB module for managing Media Gateways MGs). Terms used: MG: Media Gateway MGC: Media Gateway Controller MGCP: Media Gateway Control Protocol NE: Notified Entity RSIP: Restart In Progress MGCP standard message)
CISCO-WAN-PAR-MIB 212 9/10/2002  (ciscoWanParMIB)
CISCO-WAN-PERSISTENT-XGCP-EVENTS-MIB 14 10/20/2003  (ciscoWanPersistentXgcpEventsMIB)
The MIB module for managing CACall Agent) events.
CISCO-WAN-RPM-CONN-EXT-MIB 22 5/21/2002  (ciscoWanRpmConnExtMIB)
This MIB together with the CISCO-WAN-ATM-CONN-MIB support provisioning of PVC endpoints and SPVCs on the MGXs Route Processor Module RPM).
CISCO-WAN-RTP-CONN-MIB 49 4/12/2005  (ciscoWanRtpConnMIB)
The MIB module is defined for establishing connection between an endpoint and another endpoint on a remote VISM in the case of VoIPVoice over IP) trunking application.
CISCOWAN-SMI 4 5/24/2002  (stratacom)
The Structure of Management Information for the stratacom enterprise.
CISCO-WAN-SONET-MIB 117 5/20/2002  (ciscoWANSonetMIB)
The MIB module to describe SONET/SDH interfaces objects. This is an extension to the standard SONET MIBRFC 2558).
CISCO-WAN-SRCP-MIB 50 1/30/2004  (ciscoWanSrcpMIB)
The MIB module for managing SRCPSimple Resource Coordination Protocol) implementations. SRCP is a resource coordination protocol used between a MGCMedia Gateway Controller) and a MGMedia Gateway). SRCP MIB is applicable to both controllers SRCP clients) a
CISCO-WAN-SRM-BERT-MIB 52 8/26/2002  (ciscoWanSrmBertMIB)
The MIB Module for BERTBit Error Rate Testing) using Service Resource ModuleSRM). This MIB module is used for BERT on FRSM, AUSM, CESM, VISM modules. This module contains information on results from BERT tests using DDSDigital Data Service) pattern.
CISCO-WAN-SRM-MIB 27 8/26/2002  (ciscoWanSrmMIB)
CISCO-WAN-SVC-MIB 469 3/10/2003  (ciscoWANSvcMIB)
CISCO-WAN-T38-FAXRELAY-MIB 30 2/19/2004  (ciscoWanT38FaxRelayMIB)
The MIB module for configuring T.38 fax relay protocol parameters. This MIB will be used in VoIPVoice over IP) applications.
CISCO-WAN-TRAP-VARS-MIB 35 11/26/2002  (ciscoWanTrapVarsMIB)
This MIB module is for Supporting Varbinds used only in trap defintions. The NMS applications should not depend on the implementation of these objects.The SNMP RequestsGET,GET-NEXT) may not be valid for these objects.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-AAL2-PROFILES-CAPABILITY 3 12/18/2000  (ciscoWanVismAal2ProfilesCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-AAL2-PROFILES-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-ANNOUNCEMENT-CAPABILITY 3 12/26/2001  (cwAnnouncementCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-ANNOUNCEMENT-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-CAS-GRP-CAPABILITY 3 12/5/2000  (ciscoWanVismCasGrpCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for .
CISCO-WAN-VISM-LAPD-TRUNK-CAPABILITY 3 8/22/2001  (cwVismLapdTrunkCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-LAPD-TRUNK-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-MG-CAPABILITY 4 3/17/2000  (ciscoWanVismMgCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-MG-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-MGC-REDUN-CAPABILITY 3 8/22/2001  (ciscoWanVismMgcRedunCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-MGC-REDUN-MIB
CISCO-WAN-VISM-RTP-CONN-CAPABILITY 3 8/22/2001  (cwVismRtpConnCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-RTP-CONN-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-SRCP-CAPABILITY 4 9/8/2001  (ciscoWanVismSrcpCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-SRCP-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-T38-FAX-CAPABILITY 3 6/1/2002  (cwVismT38FaxCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-WAN-T38-FAXRELAY-MIB.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-TONE-PLAN-MIB 65 12/17/2003  (vismTonePlanGrpMIB)
The MIB module is defined to configure the programmable Tone Plan feature on VISM.
CISCO-WAN-VISM-XGCP-CAPABILITY 5 2/27/2002  (ciscoWanVismXgcpCapability)
The Agent Capabilities for XGCP-MIB.
ERR-STATUS-MIB 8  (strmErrors)
GENERICOBJECT-MIB 4  (genericObjects)
RTM-MIB 25  (rtm)
SNMP553-ALARM-MIB 10  (snmp553sTextAlarm)
SNMP553S-MGMT-MIB 86  (snmp553sAlarmData)
SRM-MIB 20  (srm3T3CnfGrp)
STRATACOM-MIB 1164  (stratacom)
VISM-LAPD-MIB 49  (vismLapdGrp)
VISM-SESSION-MIB 68  (vismSessionGrp)
VISM-XGCP-EXTENSION-MIB 37  (vismXgcpExtensionGrp)