The Notifier Module is a plug-in module available for OiDViEW Trap Manager.

Notifier Overview

Very often an important event will occur that you will need notification about. The OiDViEW Notifier module is a system module that enables notification without having to integrate with a third party or external Notifier application.

Alerting and Notification through the Notifier

Notification can be enabled, for example, when using the Trap Manager application. By setting up filters, alarms can be assigned a notification profile. Each notification profile can have a number of actions, including:

  • Sending EMAIL messages
  • Logging to the NT Event Log
  • Sending an SMS (SMPP)
  • Sending messages to an alphanumeric pager (SNPP)
  • Executing an external program or script
  • Sending an SNMP Trap

Status Window

The Notifier, when displayed, is a small status window. It gives a summary of the numbers and types of events that have been sent, as well as a high-level listing of event types, times, recipients, and messages sent.

OiDViEW Notifier will run on any Windows operating system.