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Why you need Jaguar...

You've outgrown your current monitoring solution and it's time to upgrade. Jaguar is an ideal solution for companies that have outgrown current monitoring solutions and need something that can either scale to monitor a much larger network or has more monitoring, alerting and intelligence. Jaguar can scale to any size network and typically can monitor 20-80x what the others do on a single server.

Unparalleled Scalability

Jaguar's revolutionary patent-pending design allows for an unprecedented number of monitors on a single server. This translates to a simplification of your overall network management infrastructure, resulting in a huge cost savings for your company. If you are shopping for a network management solution for the first time, an investment in JaguarSX is an ideal choice. Jaguar is a solution that can start small and scale to any size, regardless of the type or size of your business.

Before JaguarSX

After JaguarSX

Extensible and Customizable

The versatility of a management platform is tantamount in the constantly evolving IT landscape. As new services come online and disruptive technologies emerge, your management software must continually adapt to the needs of your business. The wrong choice can be very costly, forcing you to replace your infrastructure in just a couple of years. Some of today's tools do not even support IPv6 or SNMPv3. JaguarSX supports these technologies natively and needs no middleware or proxy applications.

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