We firmly believe in providing top-quality IT management and network monitoring solutions that enable your projects to succeed. Often, a custom solution is the optimal way to elevate the performance and availability level of your environment.

Our Professional Services consultants have been implementing IT Management solutions for years and have the technical skill sets to integrate with not only the most popular management frameworks, but also home-grown solutions as well. We will assess your particular situation and present you with a proposed path of action to meet those needs.

Examples of Services Offered

IT Infrastructure Management Consulting - Our industry experts have years of experience implementing IT management solutions for both large enterprises and the telecommunications industry. We can help you identify the best way to manage your infrastructure, which components you need to implement, and the optimal type of architecture. We can also help you coordinate the implementation of the target solution.

OEM and Licensing Agreements - Why build when you can buy? We can provide both tailored and turn-key OEM solutions that allow you to leverage existing, hardened technologies... helping you get to market faster, more economically, and of course with fewer headaches and bugs.

Implementation Services - Our team of network computing professionals can help you select the right architecture for our products, assist with implementation and configuration, and provide on-site instruction on how to make the best use of the implemented solution.

Integration Services - Thanks to JaguarSX and OidView open APIs we can import and export data from other IT management systems and data sources. We can also integrate your favorite tools into our interface, or help you integrate our solutions with your current management platform. Common examples: Single Sign On, data export into other management systems, integration with provisioning systems.

Custom Development - Our products are flexible and highly customizable. Our consultants are the best suited to customize a system that meets all your needs and perfectly fits into your work flow. Examples include custom data presentation, custom data import, custom analysis, etc.

Training - We can provide customized training sessions to your staff (on-site or online), to accelerate your time to value.