Energy Management

Find out exactly where you are spending money on electricity, make adjustments, monitor for improvements, and quantify savings by realizing instant ROI. Monitor and Report on consumption not only in the datacenter, but for the entire building as well. Our scalable monitoring technology will easily allow you to manage an entire campus on a single server.

Our technology can pinpoint exactly where the hotspots are, and our consultants can advise you on what to do with them. An increasingly larger number of devices today allow for monitoring of energy consumption, but other devices in your infrastructure may need to have the appropriate instrumentation added. Do not fear - our consultants can do this as well! Additionally, we can integrate with existing Building Automation Control (BAC) systems. To get a no-risk energy audit, contact us at your earliest convenience. To get a device added to our energy management portfolio, please submit a certification request.

Managing Power Survey

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