Jaguar SX IT Monitoring - Reporting

In order to properly manage your business processes it is essential to perform functions such as capacity planning or trend analysis. Normalizing gigabytes of data or poring over countless spreadsheets can be a daunting task. Jaguar removes the complexity by storing and reporting on the data for you, providing you with canned charts and reports out of the box that will easily help you to make those crucial business decisions.

Web-based UI and Reports - No console is needed, as a web-based portal can be accessed from anywhere. The web-server hosting the reporting engine can also be in a different location from the data, providing the flexibility you need as no two networks are the same.

Historical Reporting - Jaguar will allow reporting of your collected data from just about any time frame. Raw data can be stored as long as needed, at which point an automated process will crunch and normalize your data, saving your company $$$ in storage management, all while retaining critical collected business information.

Real-time reporting - Jaguar will allow you to run live, real-time reports, on the fly, for any network element in the monitoring configuration. Variables will be updated real-time on the screen, at any frequency.

Great Looking Charts - Not only does our charting library look great but it allows display of just about any type of chart from a variety of data types; easily create dashboards and custom reports.