Jaguar - Storage

Traditionally, a network management system is tied to only one type of data output. Collectors should be able to gather, normalize and then output data in more than one format. The way data is output is controlled by Jaguar's Output Engines. We decided at ByteSphere to create flexible, and customizable output-engine technology that allows Jaguar to output data in a variety of ways out-of-the-box, including CSV, XML, and SQL. These formats, especially CSV and XML, are easy to manipulate and read, by using scripts or simple text editors. Our output-engine can also be extended in pure java to output data in any other way that you may need.

Jaguar can also write data directly to an external database. We have standardized on the open-source MySQL database, but it is possible to use any SQL-capable commercial-grade database like Oracle, IBM DB2, or MS SQLServer. Using a database greatly enhances the value of a network management system allowing end-users to easily get at data and to run reports using the SQL language. Jaguar is database agnostic and allows integration into any existing network management solution, at the same time preserving investment in existing data ware-house infrastructures.