IT Management Software Company Set to Release
Revolutionary SaaS Network Management Toolset

Boston based tech startup positioned to release a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) IT monitoring product.

Boston, MA., March 08, 2012 --
OiDViEW is an IT Management and network monitoring solutions company specializing in SNMP enabled network administration and testing tools. The tech startup, a relative late-comer to the IT management software industry, has already gained the attention and loyalty of thousands of companies around globe with its flagship product, OiDViEW Console - a modular SNMP Analysis Toolset and MIB Browser for network management professionals.

Now OiDViEW is changing the game. The young company will soon be launching a groundbreaking SaaS IT monitoring solution. OiDViEW SaaS is built to be a highly extensible monitoring system capable of monitoring very large numbers of devices and technologies, and also can be easily integrated into most existing monitoring systems. The program collects data by using a combination of pull and push methods.

OiDViEW SaaS allows network managers to be alerted to faults within the system, keeping users informed with network reports. The program allows monitoring for all devices or a single element in a network. Upon installation of OiDViEW SaaS, the program will discover all IT assets within minutes and begin monitoring.

Nick Saparoff, OiDViEW Founder (formerly Bytesphere Technologies) comments on the new product launch: "We took an industry that was offering stodgy, outdated programs with unwarranted price tags... [and] built a program that is as flexible and powerful as it is affordable."

The new SaaS network management software will be available initially in two options: Professional ($29/month) and Enterprise ($59/month). OiDiViEW plans on releasing the product in mid-March, with a complete network monitoring system mirroring its JaguarSX product in May 2012. According to Saparoff: "There is no other network monitoring toolset that is as close plug-and-play as we’ve built it... there’s no other comparative product on the market that is as intuitive, powerful and affordable as OiDViEW SaaS."

About OiDViEW
OiDViEW is a network management software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The tech company provides a holistic approach to IT Management, addressing NMS consolidation and removing the need for an organization to use multiple network management tools from more than one vendor. The IT management company focuses on building products that are simple, flexible, and powerful. For more information, visit or call +1 (617) 412-4359.