Network Monitoring Software Company Releases
Enterprise-level Fault Management Solution, Accessible to SMBs

Boston-based tech startup releases network fault management program Trap Manager this month.

Boston, MA., May 17, 2012 --
OiDViEW has been a company best known for its network monitoring toolset: OiDViEW Console. In the last year, OiDViEW has taken its flagship product to the cloud, giving IT Managers and Network Administrators instant access to their growing MIB database and real-time MIB poller in a SaaS version. Now, the young tech startup is taking steps to improve their product line further, by offering Trap Manager - a complete Fault Management Solution - to all of their customers.

Trap Manager can be leveraged by companies to proactively capture, report, and act on SNMP Traps happening inside their networks. The engine behind the technology is capable of capturing and matching thousands of SNMP Traps each second and storing millions of matched and unfiltered alarms.

Trap Manager is not a new product to the Boston company. Before its official release this month, OiDViEW had been developing the program for years, but solely as a product available to large enterprises in the form of a customized solution. Now, by making the platform accessible to small and medium businesses as well as global enterprises, OiDViEW is taking a big step forward in the industry - going toe to toe with competitors such as Solarwinds and Whatís Up Gold, also based in Massachusetts.

As Nick Saparoff, Founder and CTO puts it, the new Trap Manager is "a fully featured fault management solution... the most powerful one you can get under $250,000." Cost it not the only thing that separates Trap Manager from other fault management solutions out there, OiDViEW reports: "We havenít just made it competitively priced... weíre giving our customers more functionality for less money... I donít know of any other fault management software that is ready-to-use like ours."

Saparoff is referring to the 11,000+ different events that come preconfigured in the Trap Manager program. The unique feature typically found only in custom enterprise IT Monitoring solutions, and is a step up from competitor standard offerings that force users to create SNMP event profiles from scratch for their networks. The out-of-the-box pre-defined trap filters cover vendors such Cisco, Juniper, and IBM. For more sophisticated networks, Saparoff adds, the program also allows users to create their own customized filters using condition- based rules.

About OiDViEW
OiDViEW is network management software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The tech company provides a holistic approach to IT monitoring, addressing NMS consolidation and removing the need for an organization to use multiple network management tools from more than one vendor. The IT management company focuses on building product that are simple, flexible, and powerful. For more information visit or call +1 (617) 475-5209.