Scalable Network Monitoring Solution To Be Released
by Boston Tech Startup OiDViEW

The growing IT Monitoring Solutions company simplifies the complex nature of Network Management in a one-click installation system

Boston, MA., May 29, 2012 --
The cost of IT is an increasing concern for modern companies. Previously just a concern for larger enterprises, SMBs globally are now taking a hard look at the ways IT and technology can simplify their businesses, and the costs associated with implementing protective and proactive IT Management measures.

One of the most important assets to a company is their network and IT infrastructure. Depending on the industry, a vulnerable network or outage can mean costs in productivity, time-lost, or worse - inability to generate revenue completely.

OiDViEW, a Boston tech startup, which released its fault management solution, Trap Manager, just earlier this month has announced the that the unveiling of the newest version of its complete network monitoring solutions, JaguarSX 4.0 will be today.

A new face in Network Monitoring Solutions instead of a basic program with costly add-ons, required maintenance and consultation time like the existing offerings on the market, OiDViEW tackled the challenge of creating a network management and IT monitoring solution that would allow companies to run the platform out-of-the-box with simple set up and installation.

Simplicity, it seems, is not something that comes naturally to IT management. JaguarSX 4.0 attempts to rectify that.

For example, traditional network management systems are tied to only one type of data output. JaguarSX was designed to output data in a variety of ways out-of-the-box, including CSV, XML, and SQL. It can even be extended into pure java to output data in any way a company may want. The platform can also write data directly to an external database, allowing integration in to any existing IT infrastructure, thus preserving a companies’ investment into its current technologies.

A network management system that considers infrastructure already in place? "Rare, if not nonexistent" said OiDViEW Chairman Frank Selldorff. Selldorff is a veteran in building high-growth tech companies and comments on the lack of simple, flexible solutions out there.

"Creators of these solutions too often assume that their customers will just scrap what they currently run and go for a new monitoring system altogether. It’s unrealistic."

Selldorff continues about the many unforseen variables and costs associated with those types of software migrations. "The ‘SX’ in JaguarSX stands for scalability and extensibility for a reason... [its] inherent value is in being flexible and customizable to specific network needs and existing infrastructure."

JaguarSX allows companies with existing, but chaotic monitoring systems in place an opportunity to consolidate their Network and Performance Monitoring, Fault Management, Port Monitoring, and Application and Server monitoring into one framework.

An answer to IT Monitoring challenges with the release of its SaaS network management toolset (MIB library, MIB walker and poller in the cloud) and Trap Manager all since the start of the year, OiDViEW has been faced with difficult to decisions to push back the release of the new JaguarSX v4. But now the platform is nearing its final stages of testing and technical personnel say the exclusive set of beta companies that have been testing the software have seen their feedback incorporated. Later today, the product will be ready for trial by any visitor on the OiDViEW website.

The patent-pending design of the new network monitoring program allows for an unprecedented number of monitors on a single server, approximately 20 to 80 times that of other existing platforms. For companies faced with crucial business decision about their IT assets and servers, the savings could be significant.

"IT monitoring shouldn’t just work... it should be holistic" states OiDViEW Founder and CTO, Nick Saparoff. "It is amazing how much money is wasted with extraneous management tools in nearly every company out there... Jaguar[SX] allows an organization to simplify their infrastructure and cut costs at the same time."

About OiDViEW
OiDViEW is network management software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The tech company provides a holistic approach to IT monitoring, addressing NMS consolidation and removing the need for an organization to use multiple network management tools from more than one vendor. The IT management company focuses on building product that are simple, flexible, and powerful. For more information visit or call +1 (617) 475-5209.