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LICENSING 101: What is a host?

A host is any agent/machine with an IP address and less than 100 monitors. Most host agents are discovered with an average of 20-40 monitors. If a host supports more than 100 monitors, then each subsequent 100 monitors that the host supports counts as another "host". E.g. A host supporting 1000 monitors will count as 10 licensed "hosts".

   1 Host     2 Hosts  5 Hosts 10 Hosts

LICENSING 102: What is a monitor?

A monitor is a group of statistics discovered on a host device. A monitor usually supports up to 30 statistics, but can support as many as 128 and as few as 1. Examples of monitors are ethernet ports, CPUs, hard-disks, fans, etc.

Ethernet Ports on a router each count as 1 monitor.

LICENSING 103: Can I expand my license count?

Yes, to ensure your investment, license packs are always additive, and licensed per installed Jaguar node. Licenses are expandable to 1 million monitors per machine or unlimited hosts. When you purchase a license pack now, it can be added to subsequent license pack purchases in the future.

Do I get Free Tech Support?

Yes! STANDARD Maintenance is included in the first 12 months for a first time Jaguar purchase. After the initial 12 month period, maintenance must be purchased to continue to have phone and web-based access to our support staff, software updates, certifications, and license transfers.

Please call us @ 617-475-5209 for more information about licensing or other support options.