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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module VINES-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module VINES-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module VINES-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB VINES-MIB:
Objects: 174 OIDS: 164 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 9 Tabulars: 82 Scalars/Other: 73
Object NameObject Identifier
banyan banyan
vinesmibs vinesmibs
mib1 mib1
systemsummary systemsummary
ssName ssName
ssDrops ssDrops
ssSwapAvg ssSwapAvg
ssNetid ssNetid
ssSwRev ssSwRev
ssLoadAvg1 ssLoadAvg1
ssLoadAvg5 ssLoadAvg5
ssLoadAvg15 ssLoadAvg15
ssMsgAvg1 ssMsgAvg1
ssMsgsIn ssMsgsIn
ssMsgsOut ssMsgsOut
services services
svcNumber svcNumber
svcTable svcTable
svcEntry svcEntry
svcIndex svcIndex
svcTotSess svcTotSess
svcCategory svcCategory
svcName svcName
svcStatus svcStatus
svcUpTime svcUpTime
svcMsgsIn svcMsgsIn
svcMsgsOut svcMsgsOut
svcLocIn svcLocIn
svcLocOut svcLocOut
svcActSess svcActSess
svcUserTable svcUserTable
svcUserEntry svcUserEntry
svcUserSvcIndex svcUserSvcIndex
svcUserIndex svcUserIndex
svcUserSvcName svcUserSvcName
svcUserName svcUserName
peripherals peripherals
dskNumber dskNumber
dskTable dskTable
dskEntry dskEntry
dskIndex dskIndex
dskName dskName
dskUtil dskUtil
dskDemand dskDemand
dskSizeMB dskSizeMB
dskUsedPct dskUsedPct
dskStatus dskStatus
dskNOperations dskNOperations
dskNBlocks dskNBlocks
prnNumber prnNumber
prnTable prnTable
prnEntry prnEntry
prnIndex prnIndex
prnName prnName
prnType prnType
filesystem filesystem
fsTotCache fsTotCache
fsCacheUnavail fsCacheUnavail
fsCacheBufSize fsCacheBufSize
fsMaxOpenFiles fsMaxOpenFiles
fsOpenFiles fsOpenFiles
fsMaxOpensOnFiles fsMaxOpensOnFiles
fsOpensOnFiles fsOpensOnFiles
fsRecLocks fsRecLocks
fsMaxRecLocks fsMaxRecLocks
fsPctCacheHits fsPctCacheHits
commresources commresources
commTotBufs commTotBufs
commBufUsage commBufUsage
commAllocsFailed commAllocsFailed
commSocksCfg commSocksCfg
commSocksInUse commSocksInUse
commMaxOpenSocks commMaxOpenSocks
vip vip
vipTotIn vipTotIn
vipToDodIP vipToDodIP
vipFromDodIP vipFromDodIP
vipTotOut vipTotOut
vipBad vipBad
vipRouted vipRouted
vipRoutedHWM vipRoutedHWM
vipBcast vipBcast
vipBcastHWM vipBcastHWM
vipReass vipReass
vipFrags vipFrags
vrtp vrtp
vrtpNbrNumber vrtpNbrNumber
vrtpNbrTable vrtpNbrTable
vrtpNbrEntry vrtpNbrEntry
vrtpNbrNetid vrtpNbrNetid
vrtpNbrSubNetid vrtpNbrSubNetid
vrtpNbrType vrtpNbrType
vrtpNbrIfType vrtpNbrIfType
vrtpNbrRemAddress vrtpNbrRemAddress
vrtpNbrLocAddress vrtpNbrLocAddress
vrtpNbrLocSlot vrtpNbrLocSlot
vrtpNbrLocLine vrtpNbrLocLine
vrtpNbrSvrName vrtpNbrSvrName
vrtpRtNumber vrtpRtNumber
vrtpRtTable vrtpRtTable
vrtpRtEntry vrtpRtEntry
vrtpRtNetid vrtpRtNetid
vrtpRtMetric vrtpRtMetric
vrtpRtIdle vrtpRtIdle
vrtpRtGateNetid vrtpRtGateNetid
vrtpRtSvrName vrtpRtSvrName
vrtpRtGateSvrName vrtpRtGateSvrName
vspp vspp
vsppConnsInUse vsppConnsInUse
vsppConnsCfg vsppConnsCfg
vsppMaxConns vsppMaxConns
vinterfaces vinterfaces
vifNumber vifNumber
vifTable vifTable
vifEntry vifEntry
vifSlot vifSlot
vifOutErrs vifOutErrs
vifLine vifLine
vifSession vifSession
vifType vifType
vifDescr vifDescr
vifAddress vifAddress
vifInPkts vifInPkts
vifInErrs vifInErrs
vifOutPkts vifOutPkts
vifLnkNumber vifLnkNumber
vifLnkTable vifLnkTable
vifLnkEntry vifLnkEntry
vifLnkSlot vifLnkSlot
vifLnkOvers vifLnkOvers
vifLnkFrmErrs vifLnkFrmErrs
vifLnkLine vifLnkLine
vifLnkType vifLnkType
vifLnkTotIn vifLnkTotIn
vifLnkTotOut vifLnkTotOut
vifLnkRetrans vifLnkRetrans
vifLnkCRCErrs vifLnkCRCErrs
vifLnkDrops vifLnkDrops
vifLnkUnders vifLnkUnders
vifX25VCNumber vifX25VCNumber
vifX25VCTable vifX25VCTable
vifX25VCEntry vifX25VCEntry
vifX25VCSlot vifX25VCSlot
vifX25VCBytesOut vifX25VCBytesOut
vifX25VCBytesAwaitAck vifX25VCBytesAwaitAck
vifX25VCPktsIn vifX25VCPktsIn
vifX25VCBytesIn vifX25VCBytesIn
vifX25VCResetsIn vifX25VCResetsIn
vifX25VCResetsOut vifX25VCResetsOut
vifX25VCLine vifX25VCLine
vifX25VCSession vifX25VCSession
vifX25VCTotIn vifX25VCTotIn
vifX25VCTotOut vifX25VCTotOut
vifX25VCInErrs vifX25VCInErrs
vifX25VCOutErrs vifX25VCOutErrs
vifX25VCPktsOut vifX25VCPktsOut
vifX25VCPktsAwaitAck vifX25VCPktsAwaitAck
vifStatsList vifStatsList
vifStatEntry vifStatEntry
vifStatSlot vifStatSlot
vifStatIndex vifStatIndex
vifStatDescr vifStatDescr
vifStatValue vifStatValue