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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Kentrox represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Kentrox equipment, including Kentrox routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 43 Kentrox MIB downloads in this section, containing over 2308 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Kentrox subtree. Some of the latest updated Kentrox MIBs include AIROSETTA-MIB, AIPERIPHERAL-MIB, AIOPENVPN-MIB, AIPERIPHDISCRETE-MIB, KTXMODULE-MIB

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MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
AI193TX-MIB 32 5/8/1995  (aiTX1Interface)
The MIB Module for Series One TCP/IP Smart Line Cards SLC)
AI194HUB-MIB 35 5/8/1995  (aiHubTwistedPairPortNumber)
The MIB Module for Ethernet hubs
AI198CLC-MIB 225 5/8/1995  (aiCLCSystem)
The MIB Module for Series 1 Common Logic Controllers CLC)
AIBRIDGE-MIB 58  (aiDot1dBridge)
AIDIALOUT-MIB 13 9/15/1999  (aiDialOut)
MIB module for Dialout Modem..
AIETHERPORT-MIB 10  (aiEtherport)
The MIB Module for Ether Port Control.
AIHUBPORT-MIB 10  (aiHubport)
The MIB Module for Hub Port Control.
AIIDEFS-MIB 1 5/16/2002 2:00:00 PM  (aii)
MIB module for top level AI module.
AIILINKTABLE-MIB 44 12/10/1999  (aiLinkTable)
The MIB module for the link table.
AIIPVCTABLE-MIB 21 9/14/1999  (aiPVCTable)
The MIB module for the PVC Table
AIISUBNET-MIB 22 9/14/1999  (aiiSubnetTable)
This MIB provides configuration and status information for IP parameters not otherwise configurable by SNMP for the AII XIRB.
AILUXCONNECT-MIB 32 4/30/2001  (aiLuxConnect)
MIB module for the AI LuxConnect.
AIMEDIATION-MIB 21 1/21/2004 10:00:00 AM  (aiMediation)
The MIB module for mediation support of AI equipment
AIMIB 131 5/10/1999  (aiTTL1)
The MIB Module for the AISpy
AIOPENVPN-MIB 17 9/12/2011 8:30:00 PM  (aiOpenVPN)
The MIB module for OpenVPN support of AI equipment
AIPERIPHDISCRETE-MIB 37 9/12/2011 8:30:00 PM  (aiPeriphDiscrete)
The MIB module for management of discrete peripheral devices
AIPERIPHERAL-MIB 69 9/12/2011 8:30:00 PM  (aiPeripheral)
The MIB module for management of peripheral devices
AIPORTVLAN-MIB 16  (aiPortVlan)
The MIB Module for port based VLAN.
AIPPP-MIB 17 9/15/1999  (aiPPP)
MIB module for PPP options not covered in the standard PPP MIBS
AIROSETTA-MIB 150 9/12/2011 8:30:00 PM  (aiRosetta)
MIB module for AI devices with Rosetta scripting technology.
AISLC1-MIB 53  (aislc1AdminLogsEnabled)
The MIB Module for Series One Smart Line Cards SLC).
AISLCALIAS-MIB 17 9/14/1999  (aiSLCAlias)
MIB module for SLCs with alias translation ability.
AISLCANALOG-MIB 53 2/18/2000  (aiSLCAnalog)
MIB module for SLCs with analog input points.
AISLCASYNC-MIB 44 9/15/1999  (aiSLCAsync)
MIB module for SLCs with asynchronous links.
AISLCDISCRETE-MIB 56 2/18/2000  (aiSLCDiscrete)
MIB module for SLCs with discrete input and output points.
AISLC-MIB 17 9/14/1999  (aislcAdminStatus)
The MIB Module for Smart Line Cards SLC)
AISLCSYSCFG-MIB 57 6/20/2000  (aiSLCSysCfg)
MIB module for SLC system parameters.
AISPY-MIB 402  (aiSPYIdent)
AISYSCFGCONFIG-MIB 13 6/22/2010 10:00:00 AM  (aiSysCfgConfig)
MIB module to describe configuration files.
AISYSCFGFAN-MIB 13 4/30/2001  (aiSCFanAgregateStatus)
MIB module for fans.
AISYSCFG-MIB 7 4/30/2001  (aii)
MIB module for Temperature Probes.
AISYSCFGPOWER-MIB 21 4/30/2001  (aiSCPowerAgregateStatus)
MIB module for Power Supplies.
AISYSCFGSOFTWARE-MIB 15 4/30/2001  (aiSCSoftwareActive)
MIB module to describe software images. Any software/firmware image/load/package should be describable by entries in aiSCSoftwareTable. The set of name, type, version, date) should uniquely identify any image loaded on an AI box.
AISYSCFGTEMP-MIB 17 4/30/2001  (aiSCTempAgregateStatus)
MIB module for Temperature Probes.
AISYSCFGTIME-MIB 13 4/30/2001  (aiSCTimeZone)
MIB module for timekeeping.
AISYSTEMINV-MIB 51 3/5/2010 10:00:00 AM  (aiSystemInv)
The MIB module for system inventory of AI equipment
AISYSTEM-MIB 67 6/30/2011 4:00:00 PM  (aiSystemSendsStatusTraps)
The System MIB Module for AI Equipment
AIX1-MIB 190  (aix1AdminGbufXoffThreshold)
AIXIRB-MIB 19 6/20/2000  (aiXirb)
SLC MIB for misc. TCP options and passive/extended link settings
ETS-MIB 51 3/13/1997  (aiEtsSystem)
This MIB provides configuration and status information for a 196IETS project.
KTXMEASUREMENT-MIB 29 6/24/2010 10:00:00 AM  (ktxMeasurement)
The MIB module for measurements taken by a device
KTXMODULE-MIB 21 7/27/2011 5:00:00 PM  (ktxModule)
The MIB module for Modules
STREAMS-MIB 121 6/28/1995  (streamsAdmnTable)
This MIB provides configuration and status information for a STREAMS subsystem.