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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Cadant Inc. represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Cadant Inc. equipment, including Cadant Inc. routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 41 Cadant Inc. MIB downloads in this section, containing over 3070 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Cadant Inc. subtree. Some of the latest updated Cadant Inc. MIBs include CADANT-CMTS-SYSTEM-MIB, CADANT-CMTS-POLICY-MIB, CADANT-SHOWCM-FORMAT-MIB, CADANT-CMTS-DHCPRA-MIB, CADANT-VIRTUAL-ROUTER-MIB

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MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
CADANT-AAA-MIB 146 6/9/2005  (cadAAA)
The MIB module describes the proprietary AAA configuration parameters used to support authentication and authorization in the C4.
CADANT-BGP-MIB 18 6/8/2004  (cadBgpMib)
The MIB module defined here represent Arris Cadant C4s enterprise specific Border Gateway Protocol MIB.
CADANT-CMTS-BPI2-MIB 8 12/18/2006  (cadBpi2Mib)
Cadant Bpi+ mib derived from the DOCS-BPI2-MIB
CADANT-CMTS-CABLEGROUP-MIB 22 4/16/2008  (cadCableGroupMib)
This Mib Module describes the concepts and data needed to configure and control and cable groups defined and implemented in within the Cadant C4 CMTS.
CADANT-CMTS-DHCPRA-MIB 80 11/16/2011  (cadDhcpRaMib)
This MIB module defines objects to help support the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Relay Agent DHCPRA) in the Cadant CMTS.
CADANT-CMTS-DNSCLIENT-MIB 15 7/14/2003  (cadDnsClientMib)
This MIB module defines objects to help support the Domain Name Server Client DNS) in the Cadant CMTS.
CADANT-CMTS-DOWNCHANNEL-MIB 31 6/10/2010  (cadDownchannelMib)
Cadant Downstream Channel
CADANT-CMTS-EQUIPMENT-MIB 212 6/21/2011  (cadEquipmentMib)
updated cardFwVersion to now display 256 bytes
CADANT-CMTS-EXPORTIMPORT-MIB 17 2/16/2004  (cadExportImportMib)
This MIB defines object which are used to control and report on the exporting and importing of MIB configuration data in the Cadant C4 CMTS.
CADANT-CMTS-IF3-MIB 64 1/18/2011  (cadCmtsIf3Mib)
This MIB module contains Cadant IF3 MIB information.
CADANT-CMTS-IP-VIDEO-MIB 27 4/20/2011  (cadCmtsIpVideoMib)
Arris C4 system IP video parameters and constants
CADANT-CMTS-LAYER2CMTS-MIB 142 3/3/2011  (cadLayer2Mib)
This MIB module contains the following information: 1) The concept of bridge groups and bridge ports 2) The policy governed the assigment of Internet Service Providers subnet addresses per bridge group 3) Support for per bridge group spanning tree
CADANT-CMTS-MAC-MIB 280 5/5/2011  (cadMacMib)
This is the Cadant version of all the tables which are really indexed by MacAddress, but are index by docsIfCmtsCmStatusIndex in the DOCS-IF-MIB
CADANT-CMTS-MULTICAST-MIB 58 7/6/2011  (cadMcastStdMib)
Cadant Multicast MIB tables
CADANT-CMTS-NOTIFICATION-MIB 15 5/3/2006  (cadNotificationMib)
This MIB defines object which are NOTIFICATION-TYPE and used to define the SNMP Traps generated from C4 CMTS.
PacketCable general-purpose management MIB. This MIB contains objects which are specific to PacketCable but not covered in any of the more-specialized MIBS.
CADANT-CMTS-PC-EVENTMSG-MIB 16 10/24/2007  (cadEvMsgMIB)
PacketCable event message MIB. This MIB contains objects for PacketCable Event Messaging between the Cadant C4 CMTS and a record keeping server or distribution function.
CADANT-CMTS-PCMM-MIB 8 6/1/2010  (cadPCMMMib)
This MIB Module supplies the management objects which are specific to the PacketCable Multimedia client of COPS. The objects for the management of the standard COPS protocol reside in RFC2940.
CADANT-CMTS-POLICY-MIB 183 12/2/2011  (cadPolicyMib)
Arris Cadant C4 CMTS policy parameters and constants
CADANT-CMTS-PROCESS-MIB 38 3/20/2011  (cadProcessMib)
This MIB module contains information on the process table and memory usage of the C4.
CADANT-CMTS-SPECTRUM-MGMT-MIB 71 2/21/2006  (cadSpMgtMib)
The MIB module describes the C4 Upstream Spectrum Management
CADANT-CMTS-SYSTEM-MIB 288 2/8/2012  (cadSystemMib)
Arris C4 system parameters and constants
CADANT-CMTS-TOPO-MIB 14 8/14/2008  (cadTopologyMib)
This MIB module contains Cadant proprietary topology MIB information.
CADANT-CMTS-UPCHANNEL-MIB 94 6/26/2008  (cadUpchannelMib)
Arris C4 Upstram Channel Configuration and Constants
CADANT-DQOS-GATE-MIB 95 10/25/2007  (cadDQoSMib)
This MIB Module supplies the management objects which are specific to the PacketCable DQoS Gate client of COPS. The objects for the management of the standard COPS protocol reside in RFC2940.
CADANT-HW-MEAS-MIB 249 2/28/2011  (cadHardwareMeasMib)
This Mib Module contains all of the counts that are associated with hardware in the ARRIS C4 CMTS. Many of these MIB variables contain the same counts as found in the standard MIBs. However, the grouping of these variables is done for the convenience of t
CADANT-IPDR-MIB 95 9/28/2009  (cadIpdrMib)
This MIB modules contains the definitions to support configuration and status for C4 IPDR implementation.
CADANT-IRDP-MIB 19 8/7/2001  (cadIrdpMib)
This MIB module defines objects to manage the ICMP Router Discovery Protocol IRDP) in the Cadant CMTS.
CADANT-L2VPN-MIB 76 8/3/2009  (cadL2vpnMIB)
This is the management MIB contains Cadant proprietary L2VPN MIB information. Copyright 2009 Arris International, Inc. All rights reserved.
CADANT-LOADBALANCING-MIB 55 4/7/2010  (cadLoadBalMib)
This MIB module contains Cadant internal data schema for CAM Load Balancing
CADANT-MAP-STATS-MIB 64 10/23/2008  (cadMapStatsMib)
This MIB contains objects to display counts and statistical information for the DOCSIS map-makers. There exists a single map-maker for each upstream channel. The map-makers hold the keys to the upstream bandwidth. Thus, one is able to gain insight into ho
CADANT-OSPF-MIB 16 11/18/2004  (cadOspf)
The MIB module to control and report on the Cadant Virtual Router implementation of the OSPF Version 2 Protocol. This MIB mirrors draft-ietf-ospf-mib-update-05.
CADANT-PRODUCTS-MIB 25 4/6/2010  (cadant)
The object identifiers of Cadant products.
CADANT-REMOTE-QUERY-MIB 26 1/20/2009  (cadCmRemoteQueryMib)
This MIB module provides the management of the Cadant C4 Cable Modem Termination Systems CMTS) Remote Query feature. This feature, implemented on a CMTS, facilitates SNMP polling of remote cable modems CMs). This MIB includes the configuration and status
CADANT-SHOWCM-FORMAT-MIB 40 12/1/2011  (cadShowCmFormatMib)
This MIB contains definitions for modifying the output of the show cable modem CLI command
CADANT-SW-MEAS-MIB 30 12/14/2006  (cadSoftwareMeasMib)
This Mib Module contains all of the soft counts associated with software in the Arris C4 CMTS.
CADANT-TC 52 1/15/2011  (cadTextualConventions)
This MIB module contains the textual conventions that are shared among multiple ARRIS MIBs.
CADANT-TIME-MIB 39 2/7/2011  (cadTimeMib)
This MIB contains objects for controlling and reporting on the various Time of Day Services in the Cadant C4 CMTS. These Time of Day services include the TOD protocol, the NTP protocol, and manual configuration.
CADANT-TRAP-LOG-MIB 37 4/20/2006  (cadTrapLogMib)
This MIB defines objects which are used to control and report on Cadant proprietary event notificaton trap) and logging operation.
CADANT-VIRTUAL-ROUTER-MIB 155 11/11/2011  (cadVirtualRouterMibModule)
The MIB module for the implementation of Virtual Router.
TACACS-CLIENT-MIB 41 10/16/2003  (tacacsClientMIB)
The MIB module for entities implementing the client side of the TACACS+ protocol.