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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module PDN-HEADER-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module PDN-HEADER-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module PDN-HEADER-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB PDN-HEADER-MIB:
Objects: 342 OIDS: 341 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 0 Tabulars: 0 Scalars/Other: 341
Object NameObject Identifier
pdyn pdyn
pdn-products pdn-products
paradyneNMS-products paradyneNMS-products
nms-6700-products nms-6700-products
nms-dce-products nms-dce-products
nms-gem-products nms-gem-products
gem-aac-341 gem-aac-341
nms-logical-products nms-logical-products
iso-physical iso-physical
iso-link iso-link
iso-network iso-network
access-router access-router
iso-transport iso-transport
iso-session iso-session
iso-presentation iso-presentation
iso-application iso-application
chassis-manager chassis-manager
paradyne-products paradyne-products
pdn-cellRelay-products pdn-cellRelay-products
pdn-comp-products pdn-comp-products
comp-9028 comp-9028
pdn-ptc-products pdn-ptc-products
xdsl-xdsl xdsl-xdsl
pdnDslEndpoint pdnDslEndpoint
pdn-snmp-products pdn-snmp-products
csu csu
t1-3150 t1-3150
t1-3151 t1-3151
dsu-csu dsu-csu
t1-3160 t1-3160
t1-3164 t1-3164
t1-3165 t1-3165
t1-3161 t1-3161
e1-3172 e1-3172
e1-3174 e1-3174
t1-3162 t1-3162
t1-3166 t1-3166
ntu ntu
e1-3350 e1-3350
e1-3360 e1-3360
e1-3364 e1-3364
e1-3365 e1-3365
dev9XXX dev9XXX
fr-96XX fr-96XX
fr-9620 fr-9620
fr-2slot fr-2slot
fr-naf fr-naf
fr-nac fr-nac
fr-9624 fr-9624
fr-9626 fr-9626
fr-9623 fr-9623
fr-9624-OS fr-9624-OS
isdn-9XXX isdn-9XXX
isdn-9664 isdn-9664
bonaire bonaire
bonaire-1slot bonaire-1slot
bonaire-2slot bonaire-2slot
bonaire-naf bonaire-naf
bonaire-nac bonaire-nac
t1-916X t1-916X
t1-1slot t1-1slot
t1-9162 t1-9162
t1-9165 t1-9165
t1-nac t1-nac
t1-9262 t1-9262
t1-9265 t1-9265
t1-9161 t1-9161
t1-9261 t1-9261
t1fr-912X t1fr-912X
t1fr-9121 t1fr-9121
t1fr-9124-L t1fr-9124-L
t1fr-9123 t1fr-9123
t1fr-9124-OS t1fr-9124-OS
t1fr-2slot t1fr-2slot
t1fr-naf t1fr-naf
t1fr-nac t1fr-nac
t1fr-9124 t1fr-9124
t1fr-9124-NNI t1fr-9124-NNI
t1fr-9126 t1fr-9126
t1fr-9128 t1fr-9128
t1fr-9124-II t1fr-9124-II
atm-95XX atm-95XX
atm-9580 atm-9580
msa-919X msa-919X
msa-9192 msa-9192
msa-9195 msa-9195
msa-9292 msa-9292
msa-9295 msa-9295
int-98XX int-98XX
int-9820 int-9820
int-9820-C int-9820-C
int-9820-8M int-9820-8M
int-9820-45M int-9820-45M
nni-9XXX nni-9XXX
nni-9110 nni-9110
msdsl-9XXX msdsl-9XXX
msdsl-9724 msdsl-9724
dev7XXX dev7XXX
dds-76XX dds-76XX
dds-7610 dds-7610
dds-7612 dds-7612
dds-7613 dds-7613
t1-71XX t1-71XX
t1-7110 t1-7110
t1-7112 t1-7112
pdn-36xx-products pdn-36xx-products
pdn-aac-products pdn-aac-products
aac-34 aac-34
aac-34X aac-34X
aac-FL aac-FL
aac-UE aac-UE
aac-FP aac-FP
aac-300 aac-300
aac-cards aac-cards
aac-frs aac-frs
aac-ipc aac-ipc
aac-atm aac-atm
aac-4X aac-4X
aac-4XFL aac-4XFL
aac-4XUE aac-4XUE
aac-4XFP aac-4XFP
aac-4X300 aac-4X300
pdn-common-products pdn-common-products
pdn-testOIDs pdn-testOIDs
pdnLoopbackTest pdnLoopbackTest
pdnBertTest pdnBertTest
pdnPingTest pdnPingTest
pdnTraceRouteTest pdnTraceRouteTest
pdn-eagle-products pdn-eagle-products
pdn-ar-products pdn-ar-products
ar-541 ar-541
ar-611 ar-611
ar-621 ar-621
ar-641 ar-641
ar-712 ar-712
ar-722 ar-722
ar-928 ar-928
ar-711 ar-711
pdn-as-products pdn-as-products
as-4 as-4
as-8 as-8
as-24 as-24
pdn-xdsl-products pdn-xdsl-products
xdsl-5100 xdsl-5100
xdsl-cards xdsl-cards
card-mcc card-mcc
card-8786 card-8786
card-8946 card-8946
card-8510 card-8510
card-8310 card-8310
card-e1-sdsl card-e1-sdsl
card-mcc2 card-mcc2
card-8785 card-8785
card-8784 card-8784
card-8312 card-8312
card-8344 card-8344
card-adsl card-adsl
card-mcc-plus card-mcc-plus
card-mcp card-mcp
card-8334 card-8334
card-xxxx card-xxxx
card-8343 card-8343
card-8333 card-8333
card-8719 card-8719
card-8747 card-8747
card-8777 card-8777
card-8779 card-8779
card-radsl card-radsl
card-8021 card-8021
card-8022 card-8022
card-8373 card-8373
card-8374 card-8374
card-8323 card-8323
card-8324 card-8324
card-8023 card-8023
card-8024 card-8024
card-8335 card-8335
card-833x card-833x
card-sdsl card-sdsl
card-833y card-833y
card-vdsl card-vdsl
card-8352 card-8352
card-8354 card-8354
card-8774 card-8774
card-8540 card-8540
card-8775 card-8775
card-8776 card-8776
xdsl-ports xdsl-ports
port-dsl port-dsl
port-mvl port-mvl
port-e10 port-e10
port-e100 port-e100
port-oc3 port-oc3
port-ds3 port-ds3
port-sar port-sar
port-hdlc port-hdlc
xdsl-slots xdsl-slots
slot-std slot-std
xdsl-components xdsl-components
comp-powerA comp-powerA
comp-powerB comp-powerB
comp-fan comp-fan
comp-mgmt comp-mgmt
comp-atm comp-atm
xdsl-unused1 xdsl-unused1
xdsl-8800-old xdsl-8800-old
xdsl-unused2 xdsl-unused2
xdsl-8600-old xdsl-8600-old
xdsl-ipc xdsl-ipc
xdsl-8100 xdsl-8100
xdsl-8200 xdsl-8200
xdsl-chassis xdsl-chassis
xdsl-8600 xdsl-8600
xdsl-8800 xdsl-8800
xdsl-8610 xdsl-8610
xdsl-8810 xdsl-8810
xdsl-8820 xdsl-8820
xdsl-8610-X xdsl-8610-X
xdsl-8810-X xdsl-8810-X
xdsl-8820-X xdsl-8820-X
xdsl-remote xdsl-remote
xdsl-5446 xdsl-5446
xdsl-7975 xdsl-7975
xdsl-7976 xdsl-7976
xdsl-7974 xdsl-7974
xdsl-7986 xdsl-7986
xdsl-7985 xdsl-7985
xdsl-7984 xdsl-7984
xdsl-6341 xdsl-6341
xdsl-6342 xdsl-6342
xdsl-6331 xdsl-6331
xdsl-6332 xdsl-6332
xdsl-7914 xdsl-7914
xdsl-6371 xdsl-6371
xdsl-6372 xdsl-6372
xdsl-6321 xdsl-6321
xdsl-6322 xdsl-6322
xdsl-6341r2 xdsl-6341r2
xdsl-6342r2 xdsl-6342r2
xdsl-6331r2 xdsl-6331r2
xdsl-6332r2 xdsl-6332r2
xdsl-6371r2 xdsl-6371r2
xdsl-5246 xdsl-5246
xdsl-6372r2 xdsl-6372r2
xdsl-6321r2 xdsl-6321r2
xdsl-6322r2 xdsl-6322r2
xdsl-6328 xdsl-6328
xdsl-6329 xdsl-6329
xdsl-6301 xdsl-6301
xdsl-6302 xdsl-6302
xdsl-6350 xdsl-6350
xdsl-5216 xdsl-5216
xdsl-5170 xdsl-5170
xdsl-5171 xdsl-5171
xdsl-5546 xdsl-5546
xdsl-5620 xdsl-5620
xdsl-6310 xdsl-6310
pdn-mgmt pdn-mgmt
paradyneNMS paradyneNMS
nms-6700 nms-6700
paradyne paradyne
pdn-cellRelay pdn-cellRelay
pdn-comp pdn-comp
ent-9028 ent-9028
pdn-ptc pdn-ptc
ent-ptc ent-ptc
pdn-mpe pdn-mpe
mpe-bridge mpe-bridge
mpe-domain mpe-domain
mpe-filter mpe-filter
mpe-dslam mpe-dslam
mpe-arp mpe-arp
mpe-devStats mpe-devStats
mpe-devConfig mpe-devConfig
mpe-atm mpe-atm
mpe-mib2 mpe-mib2
mpe-devHealth mpe-devHealth
pdn-experimental pdn-experimental
pdn-ietf-drafts pdn-ietf-drafts
pdn-common pdn-common
pdn-frontPanel pdn-frontPanel
pdn-control pdn-control
pdn-ipInjection pdn-ipInjection
pdn-ip pdn-ip
pdn-rmon pdn-rmon
pdn-fileXfer pdn-fileXfer
pdn-feature pdn-feature
pdn-diagnostics pdn-diagnostics
pdn-dns pdn-dns
pdn-ether pdn-ether
pdn-socket pdn-socket
pdn-chassis pdn-chassis
pdn-time pdn-time
pdn-bridge pdn-bridge
pdn-domain pdn-domain
pdn-filter pdn-filter
pdn-dslam pdn-dslam
pdn-radius pdn-radius
pdn-inet pdn-inet
pdn-arp pdn-arp
pdn-devStats pdn-devStats
pdn-dhcp pdn-dhcp
pdn-callDir pdn-callDir
pdn-nat pdn-nat
pdn-syslog pdn-syslog
pdn-dialControl pdn-dialControl
pdn-devNetTiming pdn-devNetTiming
pdn-devStatus pdn-devStatus
pdn-devID pdn-devID
pdn-interfaces pdn-interfaces
pdnAtm pdnAtm
pdnIfExt pdnIfExt
pdnSonetMIB pdnSonetMIB
pdnDs3MIB pdnDs3MIB
pdnmsdsl pdnmsdsl
pdnIsdn pdnIsdn
pdnMgmtLink pdnMgmtLink
pdnDiagPortal pdnDiagPortal
ent-ds1 ent-ds1
syncPort syncPort
crossConnect crossConnect
xdsl xdsl
pdnFrameRelay pdnFrameRelay
pdn-devConfig pdn-devConfig
pdn-security pdn-security
pdn-traps pdn-traps
pdn-snmp pdn-snmp
ent-9XXX ent-9XXX
ent-96XX ent-96XX
ent-bonaire ent-bonaire
ent-91XX ent-91XX
pdn-36xx pdn-36xx
pdn-aac pdn-aac
pdn-eagle pdn-eagle
pdn-ar pdn-ar
pdn-as pdn-as
pdn-xdsl pdn-xdsl
ent-5100 ent-5100
ent-8800 ent-8800
ent-8600 ent-8600
pdn-sle pdn-sle